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February 2008
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Coming Attractions

"OH, I WISH I WAS in the land of cotton," goes the song "Dixie's Land." "Old times there are not forgotten." But you won't want to look away from Albert Cowdrey's "The Overseer" unless you want to miss a historical fantasy of the finest caliber. Next month's cover story gives us a wonderful perspective on the unsavory, rough-and-tumble world of Louisiana in the decades after the Civil War. Don't miss this one.

On a lighter note, we also have a fractured fairy tale slated to run in our March issue, compliments of Nancy Springer. "Rumple What?" revisits one of the the more familiar tales of the Brothers Grimm (need we say which one?) with very interesting results.

We've also got stories coming soon from Alexander Jablokov, Rand B. Lee, Rachel Pollack, M. Rickert, and Kate Wilhelm, along with plenty of reviews and columns. If you haven't already subscribed, do so now and make sure you won't miss any of the goodies we have in store!

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