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October/November 2008
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Coming Attractions

WE HOPE YOU have enjoyed our Fifty-ninth Anniversary Issue.

We've decided our big Six-Oh deserves more than just one special issue—we're going to celebrate throughout the year. So starting next month, we're going to run a classic reprint in each issue. These stories are going to be selected and introduced by various F&SF editors and staffers from our history. Which story will we run next month? Tune in and see!

We also conducted a little competition for the cover of our anniversary issue and let artists submit their best work. The winners from this competition will run throughout the year. Next month we'll have a fine entry from Bob Eggleton.

All these festivities have left the actual lineup for our December issue in flux, but we know for certain that we'll have a new story by John Langan next month. In "How the Day Runs Down," Mr. Langan gives us another literary take on one of the great themes of horror fiction—in this case, it's zombies.

Other stories coming soon include Jerry Oltion's "All in Fun," Eugene Mirabelli's "Falling Angel," and "The Minutemen's Witch" by Charles Coleman Finlay. Subscribe now and you'll get these stories and many more great tales throughout the year.

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