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April/May 2009
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Coming Attractions

IN OUR JUNE/JULY ISSUE, Albert Cowdrey will take us deep into space with a murder mystery adventure story called "Paradiso Lost." This tale is vintage Cowdrey, a page-turner that hearkens back to science fiction's golden age.

Back on Earth, we'll have a tale of adolescents and astronauts in Mike O'Driscoll's "The Spaceman" and a story from Eastern Europe in John Kessel's "The Motorman's Coat." New stories by Ron Goulart, Rand B. Lee, Yoon Ha Lee, and Charles Oberndorf are also in the offing.

Our Sixtieth Anniversary issue is simmering on the back burner, too, with new stories by Elizabeth Hand, Lucius Shepard, and Robert Silverberg in the pot. Go to and subscribe now so you won't miss an issue.

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