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June/July 2009
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Coming Attractions

IN OUR NEXT ISSUE, Sean McMullen returns to F&SF with "The Art of the Dragon," the story of an unusual person with an unusual problem. That problem concerns a dragon. A dragon that considers the Eiffel Tower appetizing. Keep an eye out for this one.

We've also got a new story by Bruce Sterling slated for our Aug./Sept. issue. "Esoteric City" is a tribute to the Italian city of Turin and a bit of a descent into the underworld. It's a wild ride.

We have lots more in the works, including new stories by Lawrence C. Connolly, Harvey Jacobs, Alex Irvine, Charles Oberndorf, Melinda M. Snodgrass, Nancy Springer, and a classic reprint selected by Harlan Ellison.

Our Sixtieth Anniversary issue is just two issues away and it's shaping up nicely, with new stories by Joe Haldeman, M. Rickert, and Lucius Shepard scheduled to appear in it (to name but a few). With newsstand distribution going through upheavals, now is a good time to subscribe—use the reply card in this issue or go to and enter your sub. now so you won't miss an issue!

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