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December 2009
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Coming Attractions

THE YEAR 2009 was a bit bumpy around here, as we switched to our current bimonthly schedule and celebrated our sixtieth anniversary. We're hoping for smooth sailing in 2010. (By the way, you sharp-eyed readers have probably noticed already that this issue is listed as being only the December issue. We did that just to get our schedule in line with the calendar. Our next issue will be the Jan./Feb. 2010 issue.)

To kick off the new year, we're going to bring you "Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance" by Paul Park. This astonishing novella is partly a family memoir and partly a work of speculative fiction. It's definitely not like many other stories we've published.

We've also got several new fairy tale concoctions in the pipeline, including "The Frog Comrade" by Benjamin Rosenbaum and "The Secret Lives of Fairy Tales" by Steven Popkes.

Other stories in our near future include Richard Chwedyk's new "saur" story, Marc Laidlaw's latest adventure of the bard Gorlen, Albert Cowdrey's new look at the history of the South, and works by newcomers Lokiko Hall and Alexandra Duncan. Use the card in this issue or go to to subscribe so you won't miss any issues in the coming year!

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