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January/February 2010
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Coming Attractions

OUR CHRONOVISOR is currently being repaired so we can't give you the contents of our next issue with complete certainty, but here are some of the stories we're bringing you soon:

  • "Blue Fire" by Bruce McAllister, in which we'll meet Boniface XII, aka "the Child Pope," and his nemesis.
  • Albert E. Cowdrey will give us a bit of Southern history in "Fort Clay, Louisiana."
  • "Amor Fugit," a lovely tale of time from Alexandra Duncan.
  • "Epidapheles and the Insufficiently Affectionate Ocelot"—there's lots to say about this story, but for now we'll let the title speak for itself.
We'll also have a new story by Tim Sullivan that follows his "Planetisimal Dawn," and Fred Chappell is due to return soon to the world of shadow trading.

With all these stories and more in the works, now is a good time to go to to subscribe for the coming year.

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