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July/August 2010
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Coming Attractions

IN OUR NEXT ISSUE, we'll celebrate our sixty-first anniversary in fine style.

Richard Chwedyk returns—has it really been six years?—with a new story concerning the saurs Agnes, Tibor, Axel, and the late Diogenes, whom readers might remember from "In Tibor's Cardboard Castle" and "Bronte's Egg." It has been too long since these saurs graced our pages; fortunately, the new story is worth the wait.

And speaking of long times between visits, we'll also be running a new tale by Richard Matheson, whose last new story in F&SF appeared in 1963. Appropriately enough, "The Window of Time" is a walk down the memory lane.

We've also got Ken Liu's "The Literomancer" on tap for next issue, an affecting story of magic and politics in China in the early 1960s.

What's more, we've got new stories by Terry Bisson, David Gerrold, John Kessel, Michael Swanwick, and Kate Wilhelm coming soon. Use the reply card in this issue or go to and subscribe now and you'll get these stories and lots more.

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