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September/October 2010
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Coming Attractions

A QUIRK IN our scheduling (we get a lot of those, don't we? Well, we're a quirky magazine) means that next issue's lineup isn't definite as we go to press. But most likely we'll have Robert Reed's novella "Dead Man's Run" in the Nov/Dec. issue. This story takes us into the future with a murder mystery in a running club.

Other stories slated to appear soon include:

  • "Free Elections" by Alan Dean Foster, a new Mad Amos tale, this one concerning a fella who just wants to sit for a spell.
  • "The Whirlwind" by Jim Young, in which life in the virtual world takes some troubling twists.
  • "Christmas at Hostage Canyon," a chilling holiday story by James Stoddard.
We also have stories in the works from Albert E. Cowdrey, Alex Jablokov, John Kessel, Michaela Roessner, and Kate Wilhelm. Subscribe now and lock in two years of F&SF at our current rates.

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