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October/November 2010
Book Reviews
Charles de Lint
Elizabeth Hand
Michelle West
James Sallis
Chris Moriarty
Plumage from Pegasus
Off On a Tangent: F&SF Style
Kathi Maio
Lucius Shepard
Gregory Benford
Pat Murphy & Paul Doherty
Coming Attractions
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"Pick Me Up"

IN OUR previous competition, we asked readers to turn the head (or heads) of an otherwordly being with a snappy pick-up line. The good news is, if you ever meet a tall, green stranger, you'll be ready for your close encounter. The bad news is, these lines probably won't get you very far, even on Beta Pictoris.


Is your name Cthulhu? Because your looks are driving me insane!
—Rodello Santos
Yonkers, NY


"I, Robot, think Earth Is Room Enough for us to get together after Nightfall to build a Foundation before we see The Naked Sun."
—Neal H. Krape
York, PA


While this asteroid lacks an atmosphere, you are what really makes me breathless.
—Brian Mueller
Bellevue, NE

Of course we've met—It was at the 2020 Democratic Convention!
—Bill Skidmore
Helena, MT

I'd really like to split your atoms, 'cause you are the BOMB!
—Janie Mcrary
Granite Falls, NC


A mermaid pick-up line:
Do you like sushi?
—Chad Arthur Holste
Terminal Island, CA

F&SF Competition #81: REALITY SHOW

Pitch a reality TV show based on your favorite fantasy or science fiction story. Describe the plot in no more than fifty words. You have six attempts to make this producer greenlight your show.


"Survivor: Tatooine

"Players compete against each other, the elements, and Tusken Raiders. The person who farms the most moisture wins. The winner gets a ticket off this rock."

If you don't include your mailing address and phone number, I will go mad, mad I say.  


Send entries to Competition Editor, F&SF, 240 West 73rd St. #1201, New York, NY 10023-2794,
email entries to carol [a-t] cybrid [d-o-t] net.

Be sure to include your contact information. Entries must be received by January 15, 2011. Judges are the editors of F&SF, and their decision is final. All entries become the property of F&SF.


PRIZES: First prize will receive a hardcover copy of Detour to Otherness by Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore (published by Haffner Press).
Second prize will receive advance reading copies of three forthcoming novels.
Any runners-up will receive one-year subscriptions to F&SF.

Results of Competition #81 will appear in the May/June 2011 issue.

To contact us, send an email to Fantasy & Science Fiction.
If you find any errors, typos or anything else worth mentioning, please send it to

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