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May/June 2011
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Coming Attractions

IN OUR NEXT ISSUE, we'll be welcoming back our old friend Peter S. Beagle—and he'll be bringing another friend with him. "The Way It Works Out and All" features one of F&SF's previous editors as its protagonist. That means it could only be one of half a dozen people, right? We'll tell you that it's not Joseph Ferman or J. Francis McComas, but you'll have to wait to find out just who it is.

Also on tap for the July/August issue is "The Ants of Flanders" by Robert Reed. In this novella, a young man with an unusual trait encounters something from space. To say more would be to ruin the fun.

Our inventory also has stories by Richard Bowes, Rob Chilson, M. Rickert, and Michaela Roessner, and lots more. Subscribe now and make certain you won't miss an issue.

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