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July/August 2011
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Coming Attractions

READERS OFTEN COMMENT that they like to read F&SF for the mix of new writers and veterans that we provide. In that regard, our next few issues should be very pleasing.

In coming issues, we'll have:

  • "Aisle 1047" by Jon Armstrong, an edgy look at the future of retail.
  • "The Corpse Painter's Masterpiece," a lyrical and unsettling tale by M. Rickert.
  • Comic madness by Esther Friesner in the form of "Rutger and Baby Do Jutenheim."
We also have stories in inventory by Karl Bunker, Albert Cowdrey, Chris DeVito, Ron Goulart, Sarah Langan, John G. McDaid, Donald Mead, Michaela Roessner, Alan Ryan, and Tim Sullivan. Subscribe now and you'll get all these stories and lots more.

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