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March/April 2012
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Coming Attractions

OUR NEXT ISSUE will feature "Maze of Shadows," a novella in the series of stories Fred Chappell has given us about Falco, the student of the great shadow thief Astolfo. This time out, the thieves set a trap, only to find themselves caught in a web of intrigue. Don't miss it!

Also on tap for the May/June issue is "Liberty's Daughter," a sharp bit of speculation on the near future by Naomi Kritzer.

We've also got stories in inventory by Eleanor Arnason, Dale Bailey, Ken Liu, and Pat MacEwen, along with our usual columns and the results of the latest competition. Looking ahead, we've also got novellas and novelets in store by Andy Duncan, Robert Reed, and Kate Wilhelm. If you don't subscribe already, use the card in this issue or sign up for our Amazon Kindle edition.

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