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May/June 2012
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Coming Attractions

IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE 2012 is half over already—from our publishing standpoint, that is. Fortunately, we've got a lot of great things planned for the rest of this year.

In our July/August issue, we'll bring you a new novella by Kate Wilhelm. "The Fullness of Time" is classic Kate Wilhelm, a twisty thriller with a host of interesting characters and a mystery at its core.

We've also got a new novelet by Rachel Pollack on tap. In "Jack Shade in the Forest of Souls," we get a fast-paced tour of a world beyond this one, led by a guide who'd rather not revisit that world.

In the coming months, we'll also bring you new stories by Albert E. Cowdrey, Andy Duncan, Jeffrey Ford, and Ken Liu, as well as a new novella by Robert Reed and tales by writers whose names might not yet be familiar to F&SF readers, including Matthew Johnson, Michaele Jordan, and Lynda Rucker. We've also got our usual assortment of columns, including reviews by Charles de Lint and Michelle West and lots of hands-on science by Paul Doherty and Pat Murphy.

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