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July/August 2012
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Coming Attractions

IN OUR NEXT ISSUE, we'll take you back in time to that strange era known as the late Seventies. No no, don't panic, there's no disco music involved—just discs. Saucers, that is. It's the story of a man who saw an Unidentified Flying Object years before and it changed his life. "Close Encounters" is Andy Duncan's first story to appear in F&SF and it's a memorable one.

We also plan to bring you stories in our next issues from other writers who are new to F&SF, including Richard Butner and Lynda E. Rucker. Along with their tales, we'll have lots of new stories from familiar names like Albert E. Cowdrey, Grania Davis, Alan Dean Foster, Alex Irvine, Ken Liu, Steven Popkes, and Robert Reed. We've got tales of vampires and gods, little people and giants, aliens and ghosts, the uploaded and the long-lived.

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