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September/October 2012
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Coming Attractions

IN THIS ISSUE, we've brought you UFOs and trolls, robot and spirits and virtual mountains. Next time out, we aim to bring you vampires and wee folk, aliens and angels, and maybe an apocalypse or two for good measure.

Our cover story (assuming the trains all run on time) will be "Katabasis" by Robert Reed, an inventive story about an excursion on a distant planet. This adventure is a good one.

We'll also see Mad Amos Malone return, thanks to the imagination of Alan Dean Foster. In "Claim Blame," the West gets a little wilder until the big man and his bigger horse bring some semblance of order.

We've also got new stories in the works by Dale Bailey, Ron Goulart, Matthew Hughes, Naomi Kritzer, Steven Popkes, and several writers whose names are not likely to be familiar to our readers. Subscribe now—rates are going up next year.

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