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September/October 2013
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Coming Attractions

OUR NEXT ISSUES have an interesting variety of stories, ranging from tales of the singularity to historical fantasies, war stories and love stories, humor and horror. Among the goodies in store are:
  • "Success" by Michael Blumlein, in which a brilliant man named Dr. Jim tries something never before attempted.
  • "Baba Makosh" by M. K. Hobson, in which a soldier in the Russian Civil War crosses into a world known only from folklore.
  • "Hard Stars" by Brendan DuBois, in which America finds itself under attack in the near future.

We also have stories coming soon by Oliver Buckram, Gordon Eklund, Charles Coleman Finlay, and James Patrick Kelly, to name but a few, and lots of cartoons and features as well. Subscribe now (since rates are going up in 2014) so you won't miss a thing.

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