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November/December 2013
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Coming Attractions

Here at F&SF, we try to bring you a lot of variety—stories of different sorts from a mix of writers both new and familiar.

In our next issue, we expect to publish an uncommon love story by Seth Chambers, "In Her Eyes," about a polymorph and a norm.

We've also got "The Man Who Hanged Three Times" by Charles Coleman Finlay on tap for the Jan./Feb. issue, in which we learn some of the secrets of Raw Gulch, California.

D. M. Armstrong, Katie Boyer, Oliver Buckram, Moira Crone, Pat MacEwen, and Andy Stewart have also contributed new stories, along with Albert E. Cowdrey, Bruce Jay Friedman, and Alex Irvine.

Our subscription rates have held steady since 2009 but they'll be going up with the next issue, so use the card in this issue or go online to and subscribe now—that way, you won't miss any of the goodies in store for 2014.

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