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March/April 2014
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Coming Attractions

F&SF has two separate series of fantasy stories about bards that have both been running for decades—Phyllis Eisenstein's Alaric stories and Marc Laidlaw's tales of Gorlen Vizinfirthe. It happens that we have new stories about both bards in inventory now. If they both appear in the same issue, will the bards hold a singing competition?

Such considerations are just idle (idol?) speculation, of course. What matters here is the fact that the bard with the gargoyle's hand will appear in our next issue, accompanied by the gargoyle with the human's hand. The duo encounter a brotherhood of knights we think you'll remember for a long time.

Switching from fantasy to science fiction, we have another popular series character slated to return in our next issue. In Naomi Kritzer's "Containment Zone," Beck Garrison must deal with an outbreak of a dangerous virus on the Seastead.

We also have stories in inventory by Scott Baker, Rand B. Lee, Tim Sullivan, Ray Vukcevich, and many others. We've also got a bit of a surprise in store for later this year. Subscribe now and you won't miss any of the great issues we have in store!

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