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July/August 2014
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Coming Attractions

OUR NEXT ISSUE will see the return of Alaric, the bard of Phyllis Eisenstein's stories who made his first appearance in F&SF back in 1971. His next story (the ninth to appear here) finds the bard crossing the desert in "The Caravan to Nowhere."

We also expect to have another series character returning, this one being Matthew Hughes's cutpurse, Raffalon, as he gets more than he expected when he attempts to swindle some gem dealers in "Avianca's Bezel."

Anyone worrying that the issue will consist only of fantasy series stories, should take comfort in knowing we'll have "The Rider" by Jérôme Cigut in the Sept./Oct. issue. This caper concerning a man and his AI is likely to win lots of new fans to this new writer.

Our pipeline is gushing with lots of great stories, including new ones by Scott Baker, Amy Sterling Casil, Paul Di Filippo, David Gerrold, Rand B. Lee, and newcomers like Alan Baxter and Tom Underberg as well. Be sure to subscribe (either online at or use the card in this issue) to make sure you'll get every great issue that lies ahead!


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