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November/December 2014
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Coming Attractions

AS WE TURN the calendar page and head into 2015, we have lots of great stories ahead.

Our next issue will include Bud Webster's first story in F&SF. "Farewell Blues" takes us down to the Louisiana Bayou where there's music in the air…and strange things afoot.

Dale Bailey will also be on hand to regale us with "Lightning Jack's Last Ride," a first-hand account of the times to come when anarchy rules the roads.

We also have new stories coming soon from familiar names like Eleanor Arnason, Amy Sterling Casil, Naomi Kritzer, and Matthew Hughes, as well as works from writers you might not know, including Alan Baxter, Gregor Hartman, and Eric Schwitzgebel. Plus we have our regular mix of cartoons and columns rounding out each issue. If you don't subscribe already, get thee to or use the subscription card in this issue and sign up now!

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