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November/December 2015
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Coming Attractions

THIS MONTH'S COVER features Bhen, the cheerful green alien that artist David Hardy created forty years ago to help spark interest in NASA. Bhen's first appearance, grinning at the Viking Lander on Mars, was on the November 1975 issue of F&SF. He's appeared on about a dozen covers over the past four decades. In honor of Bhen's anniversary, we'll be doing some posts this month on the F&SF blog, including a gallery of covers and an interview with the alien himself. Look for them online in early November at We'll also be linking to the blog posts if you follow us on Twitter (@fandsf) or on Facebook, where you can find our page by searching for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

The new year will bring many new stories and new writers to the pages of F&SF. The early months of 2016 will include a classic Martian landscape cover by Bob Eggleton, and we've lined up some fantastic stories to accompany it. And sometime early in the new year, Marc Laidlaw will return to these pages with "The Ghost Penny Post," a twisty Victorian adventure. Plus we'll have new stories from Charlotte Ashley, James Cambias, Ted Kosmatka, Nancy Kress, Cat Rambo, Robert Reed, E. Lily Yu, and many other writers.

When Fantasy & Science Fiction launched in 1949, you could get the magazine at the newsstand, find it at the library, or have it dropped in your mailbox. These days, you can still do all those things, but we can also deliver it electronically direct to the device you're holding in your hand. More options makes it easier to find the right format for you. Visit our webpage to explore your choices:

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