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March/April 2016
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Coming Attractions

WITH THIS ISSUE, we start the second year under Fantasy & Science Fiction's new editor. The first one went by so fast! The coming year will deliver an exciting mix of stories, with familiar authors and favorite characters alongside writers new to these pages and stories unlike any you've ever seen before. Let us know what you think of the stories and issues. F&SF can be found in all the places you might expect online—Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and our own webpage forum at In the spirit of Marc Laidlaw's story at the beginning of this issue, we also still happily accept and read your letters.

Our May/June issue will feature "The Stone War," a compelling adventure by Ted Kosmatka. Charlotte Ashley, who debuted in these pages last year with "La Héron," will return with "More Heat Than Light," a historical fantasy set on the Canadian frontier during the French Revolution. We'll also bring you "The Secret Mirror of Moriyama House" by Yukimi Ogawa, a young writer from Japan.

In the months ahead, we'll share two new stories by Peter S. Beagle, including "The Green-Eyed Boy" set in the world of The Last Unicorn. Phyllis Eisenstein's first tale of Alaric the Minstrel appeared in F&SF in 1971, but we have a new story for you that shows there are surprises yet to be discovered in Alaric's world. Gregor Hartmann returns to the planet Zephyr ("The Man From X," "Into the Fiery Planet") for a new adventure. Plus we have novelets coming by Geoff Ryman, Robert Reed, David Prill, and Esther Friesner. And this September marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first episode of Star Trek—we'll celebrate the occasion with a Special Author issue. We're glad to have you with us for every entertaining, exciting, amusing, and thought-provoking story.

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