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July/August 2017
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Coming Attractions

OUR NEXT ISSUE marks the 68th anniversary of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and we have some extraordinary stories and writers in store to help us celebrate. If this issue leaned toward newer authors and fantasy, the September/October issue will include an abundance of science fiction and many familiar names. Michael Swanwick will have the cover story with "Starlight Express" but he'll be joined inside by "The Hermit of Houston," Samuel R. Delany's first new story for F&SF in four decades, while Lisa Mason brings us a "Riddle" and Naomi Kritzer offers us an "Evil Opposite." And that's just scratching the surface—we're working on several more surprises for you. Future issues will also deliver brand new stories by Charlotte Ashley, Peter S. Beagle, Tina Connolly, Matthew Hughes, Rahul Kanakia, Marc Laidlaw, and many more, so if you haven't renewed your subscription recently there's no better time to do it than now.

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