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July/August 2019
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Coming Attractions

IN OCTOBER 1949, when publisher Lawrence E. Spivak launched the first issue of The Magazine of Fantasy with Anthony Boucher and J. Francis McComas as editors, its future was anything but certain. Initial sales didn't meet expectations, so for the second issue they added and Science Fiction to the masthead to better reflect the balance of stories. That time it did well enough that they decided to leap forward with a regular publishing schedule.

Seventy years, thousands of stories, and hundreds of awards and nominations later, here we are, celebrating another anniversary.

And wow is it going to be some celebration. A SFWA Grand Master makes his first appearance in these pages, one of the genre's giants offers us his poignant final tale, and our usual mix of acclaimed names and upcoming talents deliver a wide range of stories. Here's some of what's on tap:

     •  Paolo Bacigalupi skewers the news machine in "American Gold Mine."

     •  Elizabeth Bear picks up a fountain pen and then must "Erase, Erase, Erase."

     •  Gardner Dozois's last story, sent to us just before he passed away in 2018, provides an aged wizard with his final "Homecoming."

     •  Esther Friesner visits an amusement park and tangles with "The Wrong Badger."

     •  Kelly Link breaks us up with "The White Cat's Divorce."

     •  Ken Liu gets meta about the future of fiction with "BookSavr."

     •  Maureen McHugh attends a magical university located "Under the Hill."

     •  Michael Moorcock makes his F&SF debut with "Kabul," a story about love and loss in a war-torn future.

     •  Y. M. Pang invites us on a wuxia adventure that starts in a "Little Inn on the Jianghu."

     •  Nick Wolven travels to another world to show us "The Light on Eldoreth."

There will also be our regular columns, some special columns, plus cartoons and poetry. We say it all the time, but visit us at and renew your subscription now so we can keep bringing you these kinds of stories and features issue after issue…

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