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November/December 2019
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Coming Attractions

The new year begins with a generous helping of fantasy. In our next issue, Alex Irvine offers us "Chisel and Chime," a novella about art, power, and the price of ambition. Melissa Marr introduces us to "The Nameless" in a story that is equal parts Herland and Red Riding Hood. Wizard's henchman Baldemar breathes the "Air of the Overworld" in another adventure by Matthew Hughes, while Auston Habershaw shows up with a fairy tale and "Three Gowns for Clara."

On the science fiction side, Essa Hansen makes her debut with a world-ending plague and a desperate ark in "Save, Salve, Shelter." Michael Cassutt brings us "Banshee," a story about space travel, posthumanism, and family. Julianna Baggott gives us "The Key to Composing Human Skin" while Rahul Kanakia describes "The Leader Principle." Plus we're still working on a few surprises. Renew your subscription now and don't miss a single issue.

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