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March/April 2020
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Coming Attractions

In our previous Coming Attractions we promised you something new from Rebecca Zahabi, who made her F&SF debut last November with the disturbing and memorable story "It Never Snows in Snowtown," but when we put the table of contents together for this issue her "Birds Without Wings" had taken flight and landed in May/June instead. It will be joined there by a remarkable variety of fiction penned by both newcomers and familiar names.

The fantasy begins with "Byzantine," a novella of djinns and secret magic and the fall of Constantinople, written by novelist Holly Messinger in her first appearance in these pages. Richard Bowes returns after too long an absence with "In the Eyes of Jack Saul," another piece of historical fantasy, this one set in the age of Oscar Wilde. Joseph Bruchac is back with "Indian Love Call," a contemporary misadventure that happens along the trail where our world touches myth. And Leah Cypess's fairy-tale inspired "Stepsister" will be joined M. Rickert, who has simply given us "Another F*cken Fairy Tale."

The science fiction half of our masthead brings you Tom Cool and Bruce Sterling, who offer us a near future thriller with "Hornet and Butterfly." Robert Reed returns to his Great Ship universe to reveal "Who Carries the World." Rich Larson trades in some cold equations for "Warm Math." And Ray Nayler makes his F&SF debut with a team of explorers on a farflung planet who must always be aware of the "Eyes of the Forest."

In the months ahead, we have additional work already lined up by Stephanie Feldman, David Gerrold, John Kessel, James Morrow, David Erik Nelson, M. Rickert, Madeleine E. Robins, Natalia Theodoridou, and many more. Renew your subscription now, and don't miss any great stories.

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