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No.  Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
51  Carr, Terry  Who Sups With the Devil  1962 MAY  ss  (1937-1987) his 1st pub. story
52  Anderson, Karen  Landscape With Sphinxes  1962 NOV  vi  her 1st pub. story
53  Friedberg, Gertrude  Short and Happy Death of George Frumkin, The  1963 APR  ss  (1908-1989) her 1st pub. sf story
54  Webb, Ron (Sharon Lynn Webb)  Atomic Reaction  1963 MAY  pm  (1936- ) her 1st pub. sf; ps. for Sharon Lynn Webb
55  Wells, John Jay (Juanita Coulson)  Another Rib  1963 JUN  ss  (1933- ) her 1st pub. story; ps. for Juanita Coulson; story written with co-author Marion Zimmer Bradley
56  Nelson, Ray  Turn Off the Sky  1963 AUG  nv  (1931- ) his 1st pub. story
57  Jesby, Edward  Sea Wrack  1964 MAY  nv  his 1st pub. sf story
58  Lamb, Toni Heller  Happy Place, The  1964 JUL  vi  her 1st pub. story
59  Webb, Sharon Lynn  Girl With the 100 Proof Eyes, The  1964 JUL  ss  her 1st pub. story, as by her ps. Ron Webb
60  Beauclerk, Jane (M.J. Engh)  We Serve the Star of Freedom  1964 JUL  ss  (1933- ) her 1st sale of a story; ps. for M(ary) J(ane) Engh
61  Tushnet, Leonard  In the Calendar of Saints  1964 AUG  ss  (1908-1973) his 1st pub. story
62  Kurland, Michael  Elementary  1964 SEP  ss  (1938- ) his 1st pub. sf story, as is a novel with Chester Anderson, Ten Years to Doomsday(1964)
63  Ginsburg, Mirra  Fatal Eggs, The  1964 DEC  na  (1909 or 1919-2000) her translation from the Russian of the work by Mikhail Bulgakov, & her 1st professional sale; this story expanded in The Fatal Eggs and Other Stories
64  Schutz, J.W.  Maiden Voyage  1965 MAR  nv  (1912-1984) his 1st pub. sf; N-1965 Nebula, best novelette; working name for Joseph Willard Schutz
65  Leman, Bob  Bait  1967 JAN  ss  (1922- ) his 1st pub. story
66  Walotsky, Ronald    1967 MAY  cover art  (1943- ) his 1st commission; illus. "Planetoid Idiot" by Phyllis Gotlieb; Walotsky speaks of his assoc. with F&SF in his book, Inner Visions(2000), & in his interview in SFC 2001 JUL
67  Koontz, Dean R.  Soft Come the Dragons  1967 AUG  ss  (1945- ) his 1st pub. sf story
68  Corben, Richard V.  (cover art)  1967 SEP  art  (1940- ) his cover painting for this issue was his 1st professional sale
69  Collyn, George  Out of Time, Out of Place  1967 SEP  ss  a young British writer, his 1st story to be pub. in the U.S.
70  Grant, Charles L.  House of Evil, The  1968 DEC  ss  (1942- ) his 1st pub. story, as by C.L. Grant
71  Harrison, M. John  London Melancholy  1969 MAY  ss  (1945- ) U.K. writer from London, his 1st pub. story in the U.S.
72  Elgin, Suzette Haden (Patricia Anne Suzette Wilkins Elgin)  For the Sake of Grace  1969 MAY  nv  (1936- ) her 1st pub. story, it became part of novel At the Seventh Level(1972), & is part of her Coyote Jones series; ps. for Patricia Anne Suzette Wilkins Elgin
73  Lucas, Jon  Repeat Business  1969 JUN  ss  his 1st pub. story
74  Pronzini, Bill  Screwiest Job in the World, The  1969 SEP  ss  (1943- ) his 1st pub. fantasy story; working name for William John Pronzini, well-known in the mystery field
75  Norden, Eric  Final Quarry, The  1970 MAY  nv  his 1st pub. story
76  Walling, William  Rings on Her Fingers  1970 SEP  ss  (1926- ) his 1st pub. story
77  Sargent, Pamela  Landed Minority  1970 SEP  ss  (1948- ) her 1st pub. story
78  Effinger, George Alec  Free Pass to the Carnival, A  1971 MAY  ss  (1947-2002) his 1st pub. story
79  Morressy, John  Accuracy  1971 DEC  ss  (1930- ) his 1st pub. sf story
80  Berman, Ruth  3-OK  1972 JUL  ss  (1942- ) her 1st or 2nd pub. sf story
81  Stearns, Barbara  Having It  1973 JUL  ss  (1940- ) her 1st pub. story
82  Varley, John  Picnic on Nearside  1974 AUG  nv  (1947- ) his 1st pub. sf story
83  Reamy, Tom  Twilla  1974 SEP  nv  (1935-1977) his 1st pub. story; N-1974 NEB
84  Cowper, Richard (John Middleton Murry Jr)  Custodians, The  1975 OCT  nv  (1926- ) his 1st appearance in any sf magazine; ps. for John Middleton Murry Jr
85  Bourne, J.R.  System, The  1976 DEC  ss  (1945- ) his 1st pub. fiction; James R. Bourne
86  Bullock, Jeffrey  Hall of the Mountain King, The  1977 NOV  ss  (1950?- ) his 1st pub. fiction
87  Quinn, James  Smoke Gets in Your Eyes  1977 DEC  ss  (1955?- ) his 1st fiction sale
88  Donaldson, Stephen R.  Lady in White, The  1978 FEB  nv  (1947- ) his 1st pub. short story
89  Mendelsohn, M.  Little Goethe  1978 NOV  nv  his 1st pub. fiction; a univ. professor in England
90  Kessel, John  Just Like a Cretin Dog  1979 JAN  nv  (1950- ) his 1st pub. fiction
91  Hoetker, James  Sorcerese  1979 FEB  vi  his 1st fiction sale; Prof. of English Education at Florida State Univ.
92  Shaw, Barclay    1979 MAR  cover art  (1949- ) his 1st cover art; illus. "Broken Stairways, Walls of Time" by Lee Killough
93  O'Donohoe, Nick  To Dust You Will Return  1979 JUN  ss  (1952- ) his 1st sale
94  Petrey, Susan C.  Spareen Among the Tartars  1979 SEP  ss  (1945-1980) her 1st fiction sale, 1st story in her Spareen the Varkela series
95  Brax, Coleman (M. Coleman Eastman)  Superflare  1980 JAN  ss  (1942- ) his 1st pub. sf story; ps. for M(alcolm) Coleman Eastman
96  Sanders, Scott  Terrarium  1980 APR  ss  (1945- ) his 1st pub. sf story, which was expanded into a novel, same name, & pub. in 1985
97  Allen, Lori  And Mercy Mild  1980 AUG  ss  (1939- ) her 1st pub. work
98  Hughes, Edward P.  In the Name of the Father  1980 SEP  ss  his 1st pub. story; 1st & only story in F&SF in his Liam McGrath series; series pub. in Master of the Fist(1989)
99  Aikin, Jim  Lilith, The  1981 FEB  nv  (1948- ) his 1st fiction sale; working name for James Douglas Aikin
100  Brown, Warren  Last Song of the Voiceless Man  1981 MAR  ss  (1948?- ) his 1st pub. story

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