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No.  Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
51  1955 AUG  Emsh  Emsh' interior black & white work was done on scratchboard using india ink with both pen and knife, as well as using photographic techniques & some zipatone
52  1955 SEP  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts rocket base on a moon; Bonestell won many art awards, incl. the 1974 HUG for Lifetime Achievement; see his biography in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
53  1955 OCT  Hunter, Mel  1st cover of Last Man, or Robot, series; depicts the robot watering a rose outside of an irradiated city; Hunter was N-1960-1962 HUG, for Best Professional Artist; N-1972 LOC, for Best Magazine Artist
54  1955 NOV  Emsh  cover illustrates "The [Widget], the [Wadget], and Boff" by Theodore Sturgeon; see a biography of Emsh, as well as a discussion of his techniques & work habits in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
55  1955 DEC  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts a sun becoming a nova; see books, Melvin H. Schuetz: A Chesley Bonestell Art Chronology(1999), and Ron Miller & Frederick C. Durant III: The Art of Chesley Bonestell(2001; W-2002 HUG), latter a major retrospective of his life, art & career
56  1956 JAN  Solovioff, Nick 
57  1956 FEB  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts spaceships above the Earth; from "The Exploration of Mars", a book by Werner von Braun, Willy Ley & Chesley Bonestell; see website for The Bonestell Space Art
58  1956 MAR  Solovioff, Nick  cover illustrates "Superstition" by Poul Anderson
59  1956 APR  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts a dust storm on Mars; from "The Exploration of Mars"; see websites for The Chesley Bonestell Archives, & for The Chesley Bonestell Interactive Art Gallery
60  1956 MAY  Emsh  Emsh also painted, in addition to his sf work, fine artwork in the style of abstract expressionism, & began to take an interest in making short 16mm films in the late 1950s, his first being Dance Chromatic(1959)
61  1956 JUN  Shelton, Dick  cover illustrates "The Asa Rule" by Jay Williams; Shelton did 2 F&SF covers; he aslo did the cover for VSF 1957 MAR issue
62  1956 JUL  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts the pulling of a rocket into an upright position for takeoff; from "The Exploration of Mars"; see Roger D. Launius & Howard E. McCurdy: Imagining Space: Achievements, Predictions, Possibilities 1950-2050(2001), which begins with Bonestell's work
63  1956 AUG  Shelton, Dick  cover illustrates "Fear Is a Business" by Theodore Sturgeon
64  1956 SEP  Freas, Kelly  cover illustrates "Operation Afreet" by Poul Anderson; Freas studied engineering at Cooper Union, premed at Georgetown Univ.; served in air force in WWII, the Pacific Theater, as a photographer; see his entry in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of SF/ F Artists
65  1956 OCT  Freas, Kelly  cover illustrates "The Door Into Summer" by Robert A. Heinlein; after WWII Freas studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh & worked as a freelance artist; his 1st pub. painting was the cover for WRT 1950 NOV
66  1956 NOV  Freas, Kelly  cover illustrates "The Door Into Summer" by Robert A. Heinlein; besides his sf work, Freas also was a frequent contributor, incl. covers, to Mad magazine from 1955-1962, & is credited with doing the first Alfred E. Neuman illustration
67  1956 DEC  Freas, Kelly  cover illustrates "The Door Into Summer" by Robert A. Heinlein; Freas W-1955-56, 1958-59, 1970, 1972-76, HUG, & nominated 12 other times thru 2001, for Best S.F. Artist; W-1972-75 LOC, & nominated 19 times thru 2001, for Best Artist Magazine Artist
68  1957 JAN  Blaisdell, Paul  (1930-1983) depicts alien spaceship on a planet of a double star; his only cover for F&SF; see bio's in Other Worlds #4 1991,& book Randy Palmer: Paul Blaisdell, Monster Maker: A Biography of the B Movie Makeup and Special Effects Artist(1997)
69  1957 FEB  Emsh  depicts disintegration of a field-force; in 1964, Emsh received a grant from the Ford Foundation to make a short film, titled Relativity(1966); he soon stopped painting SF, except for favors, to concentrate on making experimental & documentary films
70  1957 MAR  Freas, Kelly  cover illustrates "Visit to a Small Planet" by Gore Vidal; Freas designed the shoulder patch for the astronauts on Skylab I; he also designed 5 very popular posters for NASA; Freas W-1993, 2000 &2001 CHS, for Artistic Achievement
71  1957 APR  Nuetzell, Albert A.  (1901-1969) depicts rocket on an alien planet; Nuetzell's only cover for F&SF; born in New Albany, IN, moved to CA & went to night art school; worked for movie studios, creating oil paintings for theatre lobbies; 1st sf cover for Science Stories 1954 FEB
72  1957 MAY  Freas, Kelly  cover illustrates "Adjustment" by Ward Moore; Freas works primarily in acrylics for his paintings, though he has done some in watercolors; he doesn't use oils due to an allergic reaction; his wife Laura Brodian Freas, also an artist, runs the Kelly Freas Studios
73  1957 JUN  Pederson, John  depicts rockets over Deimos with Mars in background; also did covers for F&SF as John Pederson Jr; Pederson did 3 F&SF covers; did many covers for GAL & IFS, usually astronomical scenes, between 1957-1969
74  1957 JUL  Hunter, Mel  2nd cover of Last Man series; depicts the robot looking thru mail order catalogs; Hunter has book, The Year After Tomorrow(1954); he worked for major magazines such as Life, and National Geographic
75  1957 AUG  Waldman, Barry  depicts a rocket spotter, 1992; Waldman did 2 F&SF covers; has BFA from Pratt Institute; taught there & Fairfield Univ. in 1980s, & at Famous Artsits Schools(Westport, CT); influenced by Vermeer, Degas, Magritte, Hopper, & Rockwell
76  1957 SEP  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts Mercury near terminator; after his death, in 1986, the Chesley Award(abbrev. CHS) was begun in his honor, to award artists for best hardback cover, paperback cover, mag. cover, interior illus., artistic achievement, etal
77  1957 OCT  Emsh  cover illustrates "The Big Trek" by Fritz Leiber; Emsh's experimental films incl. Lifelines(1960), Time of the Heathen(1961), Thanatopsis(1962), Totem(1963), Film With Three Dancers(1970), Scape-mates(1972), Sunstone(1979), Skin Matrix(1984), Hungers(1988)
78  1957 NOV  Dollens, Morris Scott  (1920-1994) depicts approaching the space station; Dollens only cover for F&SF; born in Indiana; moved to California in 1940s, working for MGM studios; an sf fan & semi-pro fan artist, he sold his paintings at sf coventions beginning in the early 1950s
79  1957 DEC  Freas, Kelly  cover illustrates the effect of the Viceroy's flare in "Stepping Stone" by William Morrison & Frederik Pohl; Freas's black & white interior illustrations are done in a variety of styles, primarily w. india ink line worl on white illustration board
80  1958 JAN  Hunter, Mel  depicts Vanguard satellite; Hunter had a short story, "Or Darwin, If You Prefer", in FUN 1954 SEP; see biography, "Appreciation", in Fantasy Reader #2 1974, & in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
81  1958 FEB  Emsh  cover illustrates his wife's story "Baby", by Carol Emshwiller; Emsh's experimental film, Carol(1970), stars his wife; see info on it & his other fims at website, & at
82  1958 MAR  Hunter, Mel  depicts Vanguard rocket and satellite; Hunter has illus. Don Herbert's Beginning Science With Mr. Wizard series in the early 1960s; has nf book, The Missilemen(1960), which tells the story of the space race, and launchings from Cape Canaveral
83  1958 APR  Freas, Kelly  cover illustrates "A Deskful of Girls" by Fritz Leiber; Freas has colls. of his best work, Frank Kelly Freas—The Art of Science Fiction(1977), & Frank Kelly Freas: A Separate Star(1984), & Frank Kelly Freas: As He Sees It(2000; N-2001 LOC)
84  1958 MAY  Emsh  cover illustrates "The Prize of Peril" by Robert Sheckley; see information on Emsh's groundbreaking computer film Sunstone(1984) at sunstone.html, & moy.calarts/edu/emshwiller.html; info on short film Hungers(1988) at
85  1958 JUN  Hunter, Mel  depicts a satellite, third stage of a rocket; Hunter has illus. children's nf book, Barbara Goodheart: A Year on the Desert(1969); has nf series which incl. How the Earth Began(1972), How Plants Began(1972), & How Man Began(1972)
86  1958 JUL  Waldman, Barry  cover illustrates "The Katy Dialogues" by Ron Goulart; Waldman founded Visual Pad Art Studios, Launching Pad Studios, Life-Like Portrait Studios, Planogram Plus, & Cyber Portraits; lectures world-wide on computer graphics; see his website,
87  1958 AUG  Emsh  cover illustrates "Have Spacesuit Will Travel" by Robert A. Heinlein; Emsh produced or collab. on a number of multimedia productions at the Lincoln Center, Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum, & the Los Angeles Film Festival
88  1958 SEP  Emsh  cover illustrates "Have Spacesuit Will Travel" by Robert A. Heinlein; he taught at Yale, Cornell & UC(Berkeley), & after 1979, Emsh moved to Newhall, CA, to become dean & later provost at the School of Film and Video at the California of the Arts, in Valencia, CA
89  1958 OCT  Emsh  for the 10th Anniversary Issue; see Emsh's obits, & biographies at the California of the Arts webpage,, at the Spacelight website, & in LOC 1990 SEP(#356)
90  1958 NOV  Pederson, John  cover illustrates "Wildcat" by Poul Anderson; Pederson also did several covers for AMZ & FAN from 1970-1973
91  1958 DEC  Emsh  cover illustrates "Dream Girl" by Ron Goulart; see Emsh's entry in Vincent Di Fate's nf book, Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Worlds of Science Fiction Art(1997); see his obit in Locus 1990 SEP(#356)
92  1959 JAN  Emsh  cover illustrates "The Silver Eggheads" by Fritz Leiber; Emshwiller had pictorial pieces in the men's magazine Escapade, as by Ed Alexander, betw. 1960 FEB-1963 OCT; a typical title was "So-o-o-o Good on a Safari with Busty Sally Douglas" in 1961 FEB
93  1959 FEB  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts under the surface of Jupiter's red spot; Bonestell's art, among others, helped define a new genre of art, space art, & was the impetus for a group of artists to form the International Association of Astronomical Artists in 1986; see
94  1959 MAR  Emsh 
95  1959 APR  Emsh  cover illustrates "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes
96  1959 MAY  Ross  cover illustrates "The Man Who Could Not Stop" by A. Bertram Chandler; no other information, other than this last name (supplied by Edward L. Ferman), available on the cover artist, his only cover for F&SF
97  1959 JUN  Emsh  cover illustrates "The Alley Man" by Philip Jose Farmer
98  1959 JUL  Cobb, Ron  (1937- ) depicts discovery on the moon; Cobb's only cover for F&SF; born in L.A.; worked as animator for Disney; served in Army 1960-63, incl. Vietnam; worked as cartoonist, & in film design for movies like Star Wars, Alien, etc; see bio in Weinberg book
99  1959 AUG  Emsh  cover illustrates "Day at the Beach" by Carol Emshwiller
100  1959 SEP  Hunter, Mel  depicts Project Vega, the 2nd stage of the Atlas ICBM; see Hunter's entry in Vincent Di Fate: Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art(1998)

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