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No.  Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
151  1963 DEC  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "The Tree of Time" by Damon Knight
152  1964 JAN  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "The Tree of Time" by Damon Knight
153  1964 FEB  Gaughan, Jack  (1930-1985) cover illustrates "The House by the Crab Apple Tree" by S.S. Johnson; Gaughan did 21 covers for F&SF; working name for John Brian Francis Gaughan; born in Springfield, OH; attended Dayton Art Institute; active in sf fandom
154  1964 MAR  Hunter, Mel  8th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot painting a post-apocalypse scene as it used to be
155  1964 APR  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "Into the Shop" by Ron Goulart; Gaughan sold his 1st artwork while still in school to Fantasy Book #5 1949, & 6 1950; did freelance artwork since mid-1950s
156  1964 MAY  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "The Illuminated Man" by J.G. Ballard
157  1964 JUN  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "The Triumph of Pegasus" by F.A. Javor
158  1964 JUL  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "Cantata 140" by Philip K. Dick
159  1964 AUG  Roth, James  cover illustrates "When the Change-Winds Blow" by Fritz Leiber; Roth did 2 covers for F&SF
160  1964 SEP  Hunter, Mel  see p.90, depicts "a ship descending thru the cloud layers on the day side of Venus", one of a group of murals he's doing for the World's Fair in N.Y.C.
161  1964 OCT  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.81, depicts "three space ships pass the moon on their way to Mars," a painting from Bonestell & Ley: Beyond the Solar System
162  1964 NOV  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "The Third Coordinate" by Adam Smith
163  1964 DEC  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "Buffoon" by Edward Wellen; Gaughan's series of interior illustrations for Jack Vance's story "The Dragon Masters" in GAL 1962 AUG, vaulted him to the forefront of sf illustrators
164  1965 JAN  Hunter, Mel  "depicts three ships descending to the surface of Triton, inner satellite of Neptune," one of a group of murals done for the World's Fair at N.Y.C.
165  1965 FEB  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "Marque and Reprisal" by Poul Anderson; Gaughan became the only artist to win both the HUG for Best Professional & Best Fan artists in the same year, 1967; also won HUG, Best Artist, in 1967-1969, & was nominated 8 other times
166  1965 MAR  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth" by Roger Zelazny
167  1965 APR  Tanner, Bert  cover illustrates "Arsenal Port" by Poul Anderson; Tanner did 11 covers for F&SF; Tanner also did 6 covers for VSF; he was the Art Director for VSF for its 2nd run, 1969 MAY-1970 AUG
168  1965 MAY  Hunter, Mel  depicts a spaceship soaring over a planet
169  1965 JUN  Roth, James  cover illustrates "Admiralty" by Poul Anderson
170  1965 JUL  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "Rogue Dragon" by Avram Davidson; Gaughan was art director for GAL & IFS, 1969-72; see Biolog in ANA 1977 FEB, & biography in ASI 1979 APR; see obit by Barry B. Longyear in AMZ 1986 JAN
171  1965 AUG  Tanner, Bert  depicts a spaceship in flight over a planet; Tanner has illus., with Fred L. Wolff, the book by Martin Caidin: War for the Moon: The Inside Story of the U.S. and Soviet Lunar Probes and Man's Coming Flights to the Moon(1959)
172  1965 SEP  Tanner, Bert  cover illustrates "The Saliva Tree" by Brian W. Aldiss; Tanner was N-1973 LOC, for Best Magazine Artist
173  1965 OCT  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.98, depicts "three space ships spiralling out from Mars for the return trip to Earth," from Bonestell & Ley: Beyond the Solar System
174  1965 NOV  Morrow, Gray  (1934-2001) cover illustrates "... And Call Me Conrad" by Roger Zelazny; Morrow did 8 covers for F&SF; wn. for Dwight Graydon Morrow; born in Fort Wayne, IN; attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts; influenced by Joseph Coll, Finlay, Mitchell Hooks, Austin Briggs
175  1965 DEC  Tanner, Bert  cover illustrates "The Overworld" by Jack Vance
176  1966 JAN  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "L'Arc de Jeanne" by Robert F. Young; see biography of Gaughan in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988); he was a prolific artist for paperback & magazine covers, & interior black & white illus.
177  1966 FEB  Salter, George  cover illustrates "The Gadge System" by R. Bretnor
178  1966 MAR  Morrow, Gray  cover illustrates "Angels Unawares" by Zenna Henderson; Morrow was a popular cover artist in the 1960s, who did over 100 covers for Ace's Perry Rhodan series; 1st cover for an sf mag. was for WOT 1964 JUN; was N-1966-1968 HUG, for Best Professional Artist
179  1966 APR  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "The Sorcerer Pharesm" by Jack Vance; Gaughan N-1971, for Best Fan Cartoonist; N-1972-1977, & 1979-1980, for Best Magazine Artist; to honor the memory of Gaughan, the Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist was created in 1986
180  1966 MAY  Hunter, Mel  depicts spaceships flying up out of a planetary chasm
181  1966 JUN  Castellon, H.  cover illustrates "This Moment of the Storm" by Roger Zelazny; Castellon's only cover for F&SF; Hector Castellon
182  1966 JUL  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.77, depicts "a planet with its life at an early stage of cultural development," around the double star Beta Lyrae
183  1966 AUG  Morrow, Gray  cover illustrates "The Productions of Time" by John Brunner; Morrow has also done artwork for comic books, the comic strip Big Ben Bolt, the mags. National Lampoon, & Heavy Metal, among others, & on posters, filmstrips, children's books, TV animation, etc.
184  1966 SEP  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "The Productions of Time" by John Brunner; see Gaughan's entry in Vincent Di Fate: Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art(1998)
185  1966 OCT  Emsh  Special Isaac Asimov & 17th Anniversary Issue, cover depicts Isaac Asimov & some characters and scenes from his most famous stories
186  1966 NOV  Tanner, Bert  cover illustrates "The Manor of Roses" by Thomas Burnett Swann
187  1966 DEC  Purcell, Howard  (1919?-1981) cover illustrates "Bumberboom" by Avram Davidson; note on p.95, says cover painting was flipped in printing, so left arm is uplifted; Purcell's only cover for F&SF; Purcell was a well-known artist for DC Comics
188  1967 JAN  Morrow, Gray  cover illustrates "The Little People" by John Christopher; Morrow has cover illustrates the Childhood of Famous Americans Series, which incl. Carl Ben Eielson: Young Alaskan Pilot(1960), John Burroughs: Boy of Field and Stream(1964), Crispus Attucks: Boy of Valor(1965)
189  1967 FEB  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.39, "depicts Zeta Aurigae, a giant red star ... and its smaller hot blue companion"
190  1967 MAR  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "The Little People" by John Christopher
191  1967 APR  Morrow, Gray  cover illustrates "Dawn" by Roger Zelazny; Morrow has book with Zelazny, The Authorized Illustrated Book of Roger Zelazny(1978); with James Lawrence, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century(1981); see his website at, & obit in LOC 2001 DEC
192  1967 MAY  Walotsky, Ronald  (1943-2002) cover illustrates "Planetoid Idiot" by Phyllis Gotlieb; this cover his 1st commission; Walotsky also did covers for F&SF as Ron Walotsky, he did 56 covers for F&SF; born in Brooklyn, graduated from the School of Visual Arts in N.Y.C. in 1966
193  1967 JUN  Tanner, Bert  cover illustrates "Death and the Executioner" by Roger Zelazny; Walotsky has book, Inner Visions: The Art of Ron Walotsky(2000)
194  1967 JUL  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "The Day Before Forever" by Keith Laumer
195  1967 AUG  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "Reduction in Arms" by Tom Purdom; Walotsky was interested in surrealistic art & got into sf cover illustrates "because it was the closest way for me to paint the type of work I enjoyed and get paid for it"(Weinberg)
196  1967 SEP  Corben, Richard V.  (1940- ) see p.52, depicts a three-man spaceship in search of minerals in the asteroid belt; Corben's only cover for F&SF, his 1st professional sale; born in Anderson, MO; attended Kansas City Art Institute; he's a major force in underground comic field
197  1967 OCT  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.46, depicts the grave of an astronaut along the edge of a huge crater on Mars
198  1967 NOV  Morrow, Gray  cover illustrates "The Sword Swallower" by Ron Goulart; Morrow has ya novel with Julianne Klemm, X-Men: To Stop a Juggernaut(1993), based on TV series; see his entry in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
199  1967 DEC  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "The Cloud-Sculptors of Coral D" by J.G. Ballard
200  1968 JAN  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "They Are Not Robbed" by Richard McKenna

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