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No.  Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
201  1968 FEB  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "Stranger in the House" by Kate Wilhelm; after starting doing covers for F&SF, Walotsky began doing poster art(of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, etc.), covers for paperbacks & hardcovers, album covers, & covers for mainstream fiction & non-fiction
202  1968 MAR  Wilson, Gahan  (1930- ) cover illustrates "The Egg of the Glak" by Harvey Jacobs; Wilson did 4 covers for F&SF; for information on Wilson, please see his many entries in the Stories Table; has pub. over 100 cartoons, some fiction & some non-fiction columns in F&SF
203  1968 APR  Tanner, Bert  cover illustrates "Flight of Fancy" by Daniel F. Galouye
204  1968 MAY  FitzGerald, Russell  (1932-1978) cover illustrates "Lines of Power" by Samuel R. Delany; good friends with Delany, FitzGerald did 2 covers for F&SF; for info on FitzGerald, see book, Lewis Ellingham & Kevin Killian: Poet Be Like God: Jack Spicer and the San Francisco Renaissance(1998)
205  1968 JUN  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "The Consciousness Machine" by Josephine Saxton; Walotsky taught art at Sullivan County Community College(NY; 1981-2); his artwork has been widely exhibited; did a 30 ft. x 40 ft. mural for Billy Joel's video, "Until the Night Was Young"
206  1968 JUL  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "Sos the Rope" by Piers Anthony
207  1968 AUG  Wilson, Gahan  cover illustrates "The Devil and Jake O'Hara" by Brian Cleve; see biography of Wilson in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988); see interviews in Footsteps #8 1987, CMD 1993 SPR, & in LOC 1999 MAR(#458)
208  1968 SEP  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.99, "depicts the Trifid Nebula" & "a portion of a planet," with a spaceman and his shattered ship
209  1968 OCT  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "The Fangs of the Trees" by Robert Silverberg; Walotsky works (mostly) in acrylics; for book covers, he does part of the work by hand & part by air brush or a combination of the two(Weinberg); see his pictorial article in SFAge 1997 JUL
210  1968 NOV  Morrow, Gray  cover illustrates "Once There Was a Giant" by Keith Laumer; Morrow has the adult comic with George Caragonne, Doc Dare Vol.1: The Spear of Destiny, in which scientist Joanna Dare in 1939 develops a serum that gives her superpowers whenever she has sex
211  1968 DEC  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "Gadget Man" by Ron Goulart
212  1969 JAN  Wilson, Gahan  cover illustrates "Santa Claus vs. S.P.I.D.E.R." by Harlan Ellison; Wilson was writer for movie Freeway Maniac(1989; aka, Breakdown), a killer gets on the set of an sf film & begins murdering its crew & cast; was in cast for documentary Document of the Dead(1989)
213  1969 FEB  FitzGerald, Russell  cover illustrates "Pater One Pater Two" by Patrick Meadows; R.F. born in Doylestown, PA; his wife, Dora FitzGerald, used drawings of his to cover illustrates her translation of Rainer Maria Rilke's Das Marienleben(Life of the Virgin Mary), in The Capilano Review #26 1983
214  1969 MAR  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "Calliope and Gherkin and the Yankee Doodle Thing" by Evelyn E. Smith; Walotsky usually reads a manuscript, presents 1 or 2 sketches to the art editor, & then works up the sketch to 1 to 3 times the repro size (Weinberg)
215  1969 APR  Tanner, Bert  cover illustrates "Deeper Than the Darkness" by Greg Benford
216  1969 MAY  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "Operation Changeling" by Poul Anderson
217  1969 JUN  Morrow, Gray  cover illustrates "Operation Changeling" by Poul Anderson; Morrow has his 1st art coll., Visionary(2001), which incl. his paintings for Perry Rhodan, Tarzan, Creepy, Eerie, sf books, pulps & digests, & from Rip Kirby, Big Ben Bolt, Flash Gordon, & Buck Rogers
218  1969 JUL  Emsh, Ed  Special Fritz Leiber Issue, cover depicts Fritz Leiber & some characters and scenes from his most famous stories
219  1969 AUG  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "An Adventure in the Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Wilderness" by Vance Aandahl; see his entries in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988), & Vincent Di Fate: Infinite Worlds(1997)
220  1969 SEP  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.65, "depicts a view of Saturn from Titan, its largest satellite"
221  1969 OCT  Walotsky, Ronald  cover for the 20th Anniversary Issue; Walotsky had an Honorable Mention 1993 HUG, for Best Artist; see his interview in SFC 2001 JUL, where he talks about how he started doing covers for F&SF, Roger Zelazny, Robert Silverberg & Piers Anthony
      Bonestell, Chesley  2nd cover for 20th Anniversary Issue, on inside front cover (see p.43), depicts on the moon "Russian astronauts ... discover ... Americans ... already been there"
222  1969 NOV  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "A Feminine Jurisdiction" by Sterling E. Lanier
223  1969 DEC  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "Bye, Bye, Banana Bird" by Sonya Dorman
224  1970 JAN  Hunter, Mel  9th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot driving a hot rod over dunes outside the ruins of a city
225  1970 FEB  Gilbert, Michael  (1947-2000) cover illustrates "From the Moon, with Love" by Neil Shapiro; his only cover for F&SF; born in Buffalo, NY; has Bachelor's degree in Art & Illustration, Rochester Institute of Technology; N-1971 HUG, Best Fan Artist; obit & tributes in LOC 2000 SEP(#476)
226  1970 MAR  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "The Fatal Fulfillment" by Poul Anderson; after living in Hurleyville, NY, & Atlantic Beach, NJ, Walotsky moved in 1991 to Flagler Beach, FL; painted 14 cards in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series in 1999, & has done at least 19 more since then
227  1970 APR  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.46, depicts a "head-on view of the north face of our galaxy from a hypothetical planet 400,000 light years out. Our sun is indicated by a red star ..."
228  1970 MAY  Hunter, Mel  10th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot reading F&SF magazines in a sandy wasteland
229  1970 JUN  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "The Tocsin" by D.F. Jones
230  1970 JUL  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "Making Titan" by Barry N. Malzberg; Walotsky has retrospective collection, Inner Visions(2000), incl. a bibliography & tributes from various authors, artists, & from F&SF editors/publishers Edward L. Ferman & Gordon Van Gelder
231  1970 AUG  Tanner, Bert  cover illustrates "The Goat Without Horns" by Thomas Burnett Swann
232  1970 SEP  Hunter, Mel  11th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot with his hands on his hips at a sandy crosswalk, looking up and waiting for the 'Walk' sign to turn green
233  1970 OCT  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.43, depicts a view of the Milky Way galaxy from a planet 400,000 light years away
234  1970 NOV  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "Alpha Bets" by Sonya Dorman
235  1970 DEC  Hunter, Mel  12th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot rowing a rowboat in a sea of sand
236  1971 JAN  Bodé, Vaughn  (1941-1975) cover illustrates "The Human Operators" by Harlan Ellison & A.E. van Vogt; his only cover for F&SF; N-1969-70 HUG, & N-1972-73 LOC, for Best Professional Artist; W-1969 HUG, for Best Fan Artist; adult cartoonist, has Cheech Wizard, Cartoon Messiah series
237  1971 FEB  Gaughan, Jack  cover illustrates "The Faceless Man" by Jack Vance
238  1971 MAR  Hunter, Mel  13th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot sitting at a broken vanity table & mirror, applying 'oil makeup'
239  1971 APR  Freas, Kelly  see p.51, Special Poul Anderson Issue, cover depicts Poul Anderson & some of the characters he has created in his fiction; see his entry in Vincent Di Fate: Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art(1998)
240  1971 MAY  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "The Bear with the Knot on His Tail" by Stephen Tall; see Walotsky's website at, where you can see his 3-D artwork, the Horseshoe Crab Masks, "Ancient Warriors of Lost Civilizations," which were N-1995 CHS, for 3-D Art
241  1971 JUN  Hardy, David A.  (1936- ) see p.74, cover titled "Enigma", depicts astronauts discovering a statue of the Sphinx on Titan, Saturn's 7th moon; also did covers for F&SF as David Hardy, he did 52 covers for F&SF; born in Birmingham, England
242  1971 JUL  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "Jack of Shadows" by Roger Zelazny; at his website, is an interview, Ron Walotsky: The Fine Art of Covers, where he discusses how he works, his influences, & about his Horseshoe Crab Masks
243  1971 AUG  Walotsky, Ronald  cover illustrates "Jack of Shadows" by Roger Zelazny; late 1990s Walotsky began painting the "Children" series where children move thru an abstract space to convey their interactions & apprehensions of the unknown; can be seen at his website & in Inner Visions(2000)
244  1971 SEP  Di Fate, Vincent  (1945- ) cover illustrates "A Walk on Toy" by Neal Barrett Jr; Di Fate did 5 covers for F&SF; born in Yonkers; attended the Manhattan Center of Pratt Institute in the mid-1960s; 1st worked as a TV animator for Ralph Bakshi; 1st pub. illustrations in ANA 1969 AUG
245  1971 OCT  Hunter, Mel  14th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot taking batting practice in the desert outside a ruined city
246  1971 NOV  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.17, depicts "Looking down on the north pole of Saturn"
247  1971 DEC  Hunter, Mel  15th & last cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot tangled up with Punch & Judy marionettes outside a ruined city; his 15 Last Man, or Robot Series, are available in full color 5 X 7 notecards with envelopes in 2001 from
248  1972 JAN  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "McGillahee's Brat" by Ray Bradbury; also did covers for F&SF as Ronald Walotsky; he was N-1972-1973, 1975, 1980-1982, & 2001 LOC, for Best Professional Artist; W-1987 Frank R. Paul Award; N-1999 CHS, for Artistic Achievement
249  1972 FEB  Tanner, Bert  cover illustrates "Painwise" by James Tiptree Jr

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