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No.  Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
350  1980 JUL  Mattingly, David  (1956- ) cover illustrates "Call for the Dead" by Glen Cook; Mattingly's only cover for F&SF; born in Fort Collins, CO; lives in NYC; worked as matte artist for Disney films; 1st pub. art album cover "The Commodores Greatest Hits"; see article in SFAge 1995 JUL
351  1980 AUG  Wilson, Gahan  cover illustrates "The Brave Little Toaster" by Thomas M. Disch; Wilson has book review column in RoF 1994 OCT- present; for Best Artist he W-1996, & N-1981 & 1995 WFA; N-1998 IHG; N-1972-75 LOC; he was also N-1994 CHS, for Artistic Achievement
352  1980 SEP  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "Among the Cliff-Dwellers of the San Andreas Canyon" by Felix C. Gotschalk; Shaw was Harlan Ellison's choice for a major series of his reprints by Ace Publishers, which helped establish Shaw as one of the best new sf artists(Weinberg)
353  1980 OCT  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "The World SF Convention of 2080" by Ian Watson; Shaw was N-1983-1987 HUG, for Best Professional Artist; see his entry in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
354  1980 NOV  Bash, Kent  (1946- ) cover illustrates "All the Lies That Are My Life" by Harlan Ellison; Bash did 9 covers for F&SF; born in Culver City, CA; has book with Michael Karl Witzel: Cruisin'(1997)
355  1980 DEC  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "The Autopsy" by Michael Shea
356  1981 JAN  Schomburg, Alex  cover illustrates "Santa Claws" by Maureen Exter; Schomburg N-1962 HUG, Best SF Artist; W-1989 HUG, Lifetime Achievement Award; see his entries in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988), & Di Fate: Infinite Worlds(1998)
357  1981 FEB  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "Ménage Outré" by Lee Killough
358  1981 MAR  Chadwick, Paul  cover illustrates "In the Western Tradition" by Phyllis Eisenstein; Chadwick did 6 covers for F&SF; he has written under house ps. Brant House at least 13 Secret Agent X novels & novellas in the mag. Secret Agent X, 1934 FEB-1938 SEP
359  1981 APR  Hardy, David  cover illustrates "Murder on Lupozny Station" by Michael Bishop & Gerald W. Page
360  1981 MAY  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "The Thermals of August" by Edward Bryant
361  1981 JUN  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "The Desert of Stolen Dreams" by Robert Silverberg; Shaw's studio in Connecticut is equipped with the traditional artist's tools, & a complete computer graphics setup & digital recording & synthesizer systems(Di Fate)
362  1981 JUL  Bash, Kent  cover illustrates "Werewind" by J. Michael Reaves; see short piece in this issue, "About the Artist," by William Whitten, about Bash, on p.101; Bash has book with Michael Karl Witzel: Hit the Road: American Car Culture on the Move(1999)
363  1981 AUG  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "Polyphemus" by Michael Shea; Shaw has art set, Barclay Shaw Metallic Storm Card Set(1995), that reproduces his art from five sf novels & anthologies, incl. The Edge of the Atom(van Vogt, 1976), World at the End of Time(Pohl, 1990)
364  1981 SEP  Berger, Barbara  cover illustrates "Mythago Wood" by Robert Holdstock; Berger's only cover for F&SF
365  1981 OCT  Hardy, David  see p.69, an artist's depiction of what the Voyager 1 & 2 probes found; painting titled The Volcanoes of Io
366  1981 NOV  Garland, Michael  cover illustrates "Talisman" by Larry Niven & Dian Girard; Garland did 8 covers for F&SF; illustrator of children's books, has books My Cousin Katie(1989), Circus Girl(1993); Dinner at Magritte's(1995), about a youth who meets artists René Magritte & Salvador Dali
367  1981 DEC  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "The Tehama" by Bob Leman
368  1982 JAN  Chadwick, Paul  cover illustrates "Starhaven" by Charles Platt & Shawna McCarthy; Chadwick has written under the ps. Ralph Boston & Paul Hawk; under ps. Eleanor Hammond has written stories in Love Fiction Monthly
369  1982 FEB  Hardy, David  cover illustrates "High Steel" by Jack C. Haldeman II & Jack Dann
370  1982 MAR  Eagleson, Duncan  cover illustrates "Documents in the Case of Elizabeth Akeley" by Richard A. Lupoff; Eagleson did 4 covers for F&SF
371  1982 APR  Lundgren, Carl  (1947- ) cover illustrates "Swarm" by Bruce Sterling; Lundgren's only F&SF cover; born in Detroit, MI; worked on underground films, founded Tales from the Ozone comics; 1st sf cover To Die in Italbar(1974) for DAW; see entries in Weinberg(1988), & in Di Fate(1998)
372  1982 MAY  De Marco, Rick  cover illustrates "Last Night on Dugan's World" by Steve Vance; De Marco's only cover for F&SF
373  1982 JUN  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "The Devil of Malkirk" by Charles Sheffield
374  1982 JUL  Hardy, David  cover illustrates "The Lion in His Attic" by Larry Niven
375  1982 AUG  Chadwick, Paul  cover illustrates "Spider Rose" by Bruce Sterling; under ps. Chester Hawks, Chadwick has novella "Python Men of Lost City" in Captain Hazzard Magazine, 1938 MAY
376  1982 SEP  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "The Land Where Songtrees Grow" by Scott Sanders; Shaw has book, Electric Dreams: The Art of Barclay Shaw(1995), the text written by Shaw, & with an introduction by Harlan Ellison; see pictorial article on Shaw in SFAge 1997 JAN
377  1982 OCT  Hardy, David  depicts a spaceship approaching the Moon & Earth system
378  1982 NOV  Buckley, Daniel  cover illustrates "To Leave a Mark" by Kim Stanley Robinson; Buckley's only cover for F&SF
379  1982 DEC  Garland, Michael  cover illustrates "Condemned, a Kiss, and Sleep" by Wayne Wightman; Garland has illustrated the children's books, Max Lucado: Alabaster's Song: Christmas Through the Eyes of an Angel(1996), & Washington Irving: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow(1997)
380  1983 JAN  Maitz, Don  (1953- ) see p.65, painting titled "The Wizard"; Donald Maitz, his only cover for F&SF; see interview in The Leading Edge #7 1984, pictorial articles in RoF 1995 APR, & in SFAge 1998 MAR, & entry in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary ...(1988)
381  1983 FEB  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "Grunt-12 Test Drive" by Michael Shea
382  1983 MAR  Eagleson, Duncan  cover illustrates "Welcome to Coventry" by Richard Mueller
383  1983 APR  Gurney, James  (1958- ) cover illustrates "Hurricane Claude" by Hilbert Schenck; Gurney did 7 covers for F&SF; born in Glendale, CA; has 1979 BA in Anthropology, UC(Berkeley); attended Art Center College of Design(Pasadena); see pictorial essays in SFAge 1993 JAN, RoF 1995 DEC
384  1983 MAY  Hardy, David  7th of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen resting on a satellite's solar panels; Bhen's name comes from 'benevolent', as his wide smile suggests, & is 8 feet tall, as he is drawn to scale in all these covers(from Hardyware)
385  1983 JUN  Garland, Michael  cover illustrates "Slow Birds" by Ian Watson; Garland has the children's books, The Mouse Before Christmas(1997), about a mouse's encounter with Santa; Elf for Christmas(1999); cover illustrates ya book, Diana Wynne Jones: The Time of the Ghost(1997)
386  1983 JUL  Probert, Andrew  cover illustrates "A Day in the Life of Justin Argento Morrel" by Greg Frost; Probert's only cover for F&SF; attended Chouinard Art Institute(L.A.) in 1968, Art Center College of Design(Pasadena) in 1979; best known for Star Trek work, he is now a conceptual artist
387  1983 AUG  Berndt, Gabriele  cover illustrates "What We Did That Night in the Ruins" by Warren Brown; Berndt's only cover for F&SF
388  1983 SEP  Krupowicz, R.J.  cover illustrates "Solitario's Eyes" by Lucius Shepard; Krupowicz did 5 covers for F&SF; she was N-1983 WFA, for Best Artist
389  1983 OCT  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "To Slay the Dragon" by P.E. Cunningham; see Shaw's entry in Vincent Di Fate: Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art(1998)
390  1983 NOV  Hardy, David  cover illustrates "The Black Current" by Ian Watson
391  1983 DEC  Hardy, David  see p.116, "Terraformed Mars ... from a future base on Phobos ...," from his book, Atlas of the Solar System(1982)
392  1984 JAN  Kidd, Thomas  (1955- ) cover illustrates "Friend" by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel; Kidd did 2 covers for F&SF; born in Tampa, FL; lives in NY; 1st sf cover for Berkley Books, tho he primarily works for TOR; N-1985, 1987-88, 1990 HUG, for Best Professional Artist
393  1984 FEB  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "With a Little Help From Her Friends" by Michael Bishop
394  1984 MAR  Gurney, James  cover illustrates "Five Mercies" by Mike Conner; in 1980 & 1981 Gurney & and artist Tom Kinkade traveled across America on freight trains, doing $2 portraits in bars & sketches which formed the basis of their book, The Artist's Guide to Sketching(1982)(Weinberg)
395  1984 APR  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "Rosinante" by Chet Williamson; see many examples of Shaw's work at, & at his homepage at
396  1984 MAY  Hardy, David  depicts a volcano & molten lava, with a sun appearing in a break in the clouds
397  1984 JUN  Krupowicz, R.J.  cover illustrates "The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet" by Stephen King; Krupowicz was a cover artist for publisher Donald M. Grant circa 1982-1985, painting the covers for Clark Ashton Smith: As It Is Written(1982), David Stuart Schiff(ed): Whispers V(1985)
398  1984 JUL  Eagleson, Duncan  cover illustrates "The Greening of Bed-Stuy" by Frederik Pohl
399  1984 AUG  Chadwick, Paul  cover illustrates "Ganglion" by Wayne Wightman

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