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No.  Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
400  1984 SEP  Kidd, Thomas  cover illustrates "The Blister" by Frederik Pohl; Kidd prefers realism in his paintings; he works in oils; W-2000 CHS, Artistic Achievement; see entries in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of S. F. and Fantasy Artists(1988), & pictorial article in SFAge 1995 NOV
401  1984 OCT  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "Somebody Else's Magic" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
402  1984 NOV  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "The Doors" by Barbara Owens
403  1984 DEC  Gurney, James  cover illustrates "The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule" by Lucius Shepard; in 1983 he married fellow illustrator Jeanette Lendino & got into the sf field thru the animated feature film, Fire and Ice(1983), as a background painter & designer(Weinberg)
404  1985 JAN  Di Fate, Vincent  cover illustrates "CV" by Damon Knight; Di Fate in 1976 began a column, "Sketches," on sf art in Algol magazine; he W-1979 HUG & was N 10 other times, for Best Professional Artist, thru 2001; as sf art historian, he has lectured at the Smithsonian & several colleges
405  1985 FEB  Krupowicz, R.J.  cover illustrates "White Socks" by Ian Watson; Krupowicz also painted the covers for Charles L. Grant: The Soft Whisper of the Dead(Grant, 1982), & The Dark Cry of the Moon(1985)
406  1985 MAR  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "Vestibular Man" by Felix C. Gotschalk; Shaw was N-1983-1987 HUG, & N-1981, 1983-1988, 1991-1996 LOC, for Best Professional Artist
407  1985 APR  Chadwick, Paul  cover illustrates "Collectible" by Alan Dean Foster
408  1985 MAY  Hardy, David  cover illustrates "The Tensor of Desire" by Wayne Wightman
409  1985 JUN  Hardy, David  8th of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen, with an umbrella, riding a parachuted spacecraft into the clouds of a planet; Bhen became popular, Carl Sagan buying his 1st original, & had many fans among NASA staff
410  1985 JUL  Di Fate, Vincent  cover illustrates "When Winter Ends" by Michael P. Kube-McDowell; see bio in ASI 1979 JAN, Biolog in ANA 1981 FEB 2, pictorial article in SFAge 1994 MAR, iv's in MZBFM 1997 SUM, LOC 1998 FEB, & entry in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary ...(1988)
411  1985 AUG  Krupowicz, R.J.  cover illustrates "Pira" by Brad Strickland; Krupowicz was one of many artists to illustrate the book by Stephen King & Peter Straub: The Talisman(1984)
412  1985 SEP  Lee, Pamela  cover illustrates "The Great Wall" by Wayne Wightman; her only cover for F&SF; born in Tucson, AZ; married to space scientist/author William K. Hartmann; has cover illustrates several space science books; member of NASA fine arts program; see
413  1985 OCT  Barlowe, Wayne  (1958- ) cover illustrates "Sea Wrack" by Marion Zimmer Bradley; Barlowe did 2 covers for F&SF; born in Glen Cove, NY; studied at the Art Students League, & Cooper Union; he was influenced by Zdenek Burian, a Czech dinosaur & caveman painter
414  1985 NOV  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "The Green Tent" by Ellen Gilchrist
415  1985 DEC  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "A Spanish Lesson" by Lucius Shepard
416  1986 JAN  Krupowicz, R.J.  cover illustrates "Newton Sleep" by Gregory Benford
417  1986 FEB  Lendino, G.P.  cover illustrates "Maureen Birnbaum at the Earth's Core" by George Alec Effinger; Lendino's only cover for F&SF
418  1986 MAR  Hardy, David  depicts a Stegosaurus interrupted during a swampy meal by a landing spacecraft
419  1986 APR  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "Midnight Snack" by Vance Aandahl
420  1986 MAY  Bauman, Jill  (1942- ) cover illustrates "Ex-Chameleon" by Ron Goulart; Bauman did 20 covers for F&SF; after receiving her art education at Adelphi Univ. & Queens College, she worked as a junior high school art teacher for 5 years, then as an antique dealer for 10 years
421  1986 JUN  Garland, Michael  cover illustrates "Revolution 20" by Robert F. Young; Garland has children's book, Angel Cat(1998), about a cat named Yin that dies & is missed very much by its friend & owners, but returns as an angel cat to save them from a fire
422  1986 JUL  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "The Wisdom of Having Money" by O. Niemand
423  1986 AUG  Barnard, Bryn  (1956- ) cover illustrates "Born From the Beast" by Vance Aandahl; Barnard did 11 covers for F&SF; born in Los Angeles; has 1979 BA in Studio Art & Asian Studies from UC(Berkeley); studied illustration at Art Center College of Design(Pasadena)
424  1986 SEP  Barlowe, Wayne  cover illustrates "Queenmagic, Pawnmagic" by Ian Watson; Barlowe's 1st pub. piece was for a Michael Bishop story in Cosmos SF & F Mag. 1977 MAY; has art coll. Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestials(1979; W-1980 HUG); Barlowe is married to Shawna McCarthy
425  1986 OCT  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "The Boy Who Plaited Manes" by Nancy Springer
426  1986 NOV  Gurney, James  cover illustrates "Face Value" by Karen Joy Fowler; in the 1980s Gurney started doing magazine & paperback covers; he considers doing paperback covers one of the last remnants of the golden age of illustration, when illustrators were considered artists(Weinberg)
427  1986 DEC  Wolfe, Corey  (1953- ) cover illustrates "Spirits From the Vasty Deep" by John Morressy; his only cover for F&SF; lives near Portland, OR; 1st art job in 1978; wide range of artwork, works traditionally & digitally; works freelance for Disney, etal; website
428  1987 JAN  Hardy, David  cover illustrates "Salvage Rites" by Ian Watson
429  1987 FEB  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "Saving Time" by Russell Griffin
430  1987 MAR  Hyman, Trina Schart  (1939- ) cover illustrates "The Quality of Murphy" by John Morressy; Hyman did 2 covers for F&SF; born in Philadelphia; attended Philadelphia Museum College of Art, 1960 grad. Boston Museum School of Fine ; children's book illustrator, has cover illustrates over 120 books
431  1987 APR  Barnard, Bryn  cover illustrates "Cage 37" by Wayne Wightman; Barnard lived for five years in Southeast Asia, incl. two as a fellow of the Crane-Rogers Foundation; he can speak Malay/Indonesian
432  1987 MAY  Hardy, David  cover illustrates "Spelling God With the Wrong Blocks" by James Morrow
433  1987 JUN  Eagleson, Duncan  cover illustrates "The Giant, the Colleen, and the Twenty-one Cows" by Robert F. Young
434  1987 JUL  Bauman, Jill  cover illustrates "Deathmatch in Disneyland" by Vance Aandahl; Bauman became artist/illustrator Walter Velez's agent, & in turn he helped her with her art; she is now considered one of the best fantasy artists(Weinberg)
435  1987 AUG  Barnard, Bryn  cover illustrates "Going to Meet the Alien" by Andrew Weiner; Barnard has been a freelance illustrator since 1984, working in publishing, advertising & film
436  1987 SEP  Garland, Michael  cover illustrates "Lumisland" by Mary Caraker
437  1987 OCT  Kunz, Anita  (1956- ) cover illustrates "The Maid on the Shore" by Delia Sherman; Kunz did 2 covers for F&SF; born in Toronto, she lives there & in NYC; has cover illustrates worldwide & for Time, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, The New York Times, GQ, Sony Music & Random House
438  1987 NOV  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight" by Ursula K. Le Guin
439  1987 DEC  Gabor, Tim  (1958- ) cover illustrates "The Cobbler" by Roger Robert Lovin; Gabor did 3 covers for F&SF; born in Lexington, OH; lives in Seattle; freelance illustrator/designer since 1985
440  1988 JAN  Bauman, Jill  cover illustrates "The Hero of the Night" by Bradley Denton; Bauman has also done artwork for the magazines Heavy Metal, Epic, High Times, & Scholastics, as well as advertising work, album covers, & cover art for mystery games
441  1988 FEB  Hardy, David  cover illustrates "Sentry" by Jack Dann & Jack C. Haldeman II
442  1988 MAR  Gervais, Stephen  cover illustrates "The Sun, the Sea, and the Silent Scream" by Brian Lumley; Gervais did 11 covers for F&SF; he W-1984, & N-1987 WFA, for Best Artist
443  1988 APR  Bartholomew, Caty  cover illustrates "The Touch of the Hook" by Ray Aldridge; Bartholomew's only cover for F&SF; Caty has 1983 BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute(Brooklyn); instructor at Parsons School of Design since 1992; see website at
444  1988 MAY  Gurney, James  cover illustrates "The Color of Neanderthal Eyes" by James Tiptree Jr; Gurney was influenced by Rockwell, Cornwell, Gruger, & members of the Howard Pyle School(Weinberg); W-1993 WFA; N-1990, 1993 HUG; N-1985-86, 1990, 1993 & 1996 LOC, for Best Professional Artist
445  1988 JUN  Hardy, David  see p.138, titled "Saturn Seen from an Iceteroid," depicts Saturn & its rings as viewed from an ice asteroid or cometary nucleus
446  1988 JUL  Meyer, Ilene  cover illustrates "Eidolons" by Harlan Ellison; Meyer did 3 covers for F&SF; a surrealist artist, one of her work was sold for $87,000; see some of her work at; cover illustrates story "Thursday Child" by Nina Guccione in Omni 1988 AUG
447  1988 AUG  Hyman, Trina Schart  cover illustrates "Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall" by John Morressy; Hyman lives in Lyme, NH; cover illustrates her 1st children's book in 1961 in Sweden; art director of Cricket Mag. 1971-9; won 4 Caldecott Awards; see
448  1988 SEP  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "The Son of Walks Through Fire" by P.E. Cunningham
449  1988 OCT  Shannon, David  cover illustrates "The Country Store" by Ronald Anthony Cross; his only F&SF cover; grad. Art Center College of Design; lives in L.A.; has children's book, No, David!(1998; W-Caldecott Honor), sequel David Goes to School(1999); see homepage at

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