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No.  Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
502  1993 MAR  Bauman, Jill  cover illustrates "Vermin" by Harry Turtledove
503  1993 APR  Andersen, Doug  cover illustrates "Gagrito" bu James Lawson; Andersen did two covers for F&SF; another cover, in F&SF 1996 JUL, mistakenly gives his name as Doug Anderson
504  1993 MAY  Jarmilowicz, Louise  cover illustrates "Die, Lorelei" by Michael Coney; Jarmilowicz' only cover for F&SF
505  1993 JUN  Lippincott, Gary  cover illustrates "Rising Star" by Michaelene Pendleton; Gary A. Lippincott, did 5 covers for F&SF; lives in Spencer, MA, where he & his wife own & operate a 128 acre horse farm called Seven Springs Farm; has a BFA from the Maryland Institute
506  1993 JUL  Gervais, Stephen  cover illustrates "Justice" by Elizabeth Hand
507  1993 AUG  Bauman, Jill  cover illustrates "The Siren Shoals" by R. Garcia y Robertson
508  1993 SEP  Sweat, Lynn  cover illustrates "East of the Moon" by Mike Conner; Sweat's only cover for F&SF; has cover illustrates Peggy Parish's Amelia Bedelia series of books; has children's books Cluck the Captain's Chicken(1966), Vacation and Holiday Fun(1987), Smallest Stegosaurus(1993)
509  1993 OCT/NOV  Canty, Thomas  N-1994 HUG; cover illustrates "The Little Things" by Bridget McKenna; Canty worked at Newbury Studio; 1st works pub. in late 1970s, incl. Eric Kimball: Lady Ice: An Illustrated Poem(1979); 1st sf/f mag. cover, Alternities 1981 SUM; W-1995 CHS, Artistic Achievement
511  1993 DEC  Yerka, Jacek  (1952- ) N-1994 HUG; cover inspired story "Susan" by Harlan Ellison; 1 of 30 stories inspired by paintings in their book, Mind Fields(1994); Yerka's only cover for F&SF, his name misspelled in TOC as Jerka; The Fantastic Art Of Jacek Yerka(1994)
512  1994 JAN  Meyer, Ilene  cover illustrates "Planet of the Dolphins" by Robert A. Metzger; Meyer has cover illustrates book covers for The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick(1991-1997), & anth. Marion Zimmer Bradley: Sword and Sorceress II(1985), Dennis Etchison: The Complete Masters of Darkness(1990)
513  1994 FEB  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "Busy Dying" by Brian Stableford
514  1994 MAR  Barnard, Bryn  cover illustrates "The Wild Ships of Fairny" by Carolyn Ives Gilman
515  1994 APR  Bash, Kent  cover illustrates "Wendy Darling, RFC" by R. Garcia y Robertson
516  1994 MAY  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "The Remoras" by Robert Reed
517  1994 JUN  Hardy, David A.  cover illustrates "Shepherd Moon" by Allen Steele
518  1994 JUL  Smith, Terry  cover illustrates "Jesus at the Bat" by Esther M. Friesner; Terry Smith Creations has created logos for NHL San Jose Sharks(& uniforms), Arena Football League's San Jose SaberCats, ABL Long Beach Stingrays, Chicago Condors, San Jose Lasers, WUSA CyberRays, etc.
519  1994 AUG  Gloeckner, Phoebe  cover illustrates "Last Summer at Mars Hill" by Elizabeth Hand; she W-2000 Inkpot Award, Comic Arts; has char. Minnie, in Minnie's 3rd Love(1994, in comic Twisted Sister II), & graphic coll. A Child's Life and Other Stories(1998); The Diary of a Teen-age Girl(2001)
520  1994 SEP  Hardy, David  11th of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; titled, "Bhen on Neptune's Moon Triton"
521  1994 OCT/NOV  Bauman, Jill  N-1995 HUG, for Best Original Art Work; cover illustrates "Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge" by Mike Resnick
523  1994 DEC  Barnard, Bryn  cover illustrates "Solitude" by Ursula K. Le Guin; Barnard cover illustrates ya book by Melvin Berger: Don't Believe It!: Fibs and Facts About Animals(1997)
524  1995 JAN  Lippincott, Gary  N-1996 HUG, for Best Original Art Work; cover illustrates "Tea and Hamsters" by Michael Coney; a freelance illustrator, his artwork has appeared in other sf/f mags, children's books, book jackets, textbooks, & jigsaw puzzles
525  1995 FEB  Smith, Terry  cover illustrates "Tirkiluk" by Ian R. MacLeod; Terry Smith has painted portraits(some for T-shirts) of many sports stars, such as Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O'Neal, etal; he has often painted these stars as super-heroes, or in fantasy backgrounds
526  1995 MAR  Bash, Kent  cover illustrates "Traffic" by Robert Onopa
527  1995 APR  Bauman, Jill  cover illustrates "El Hijo de Hernez" by Marcos Donnelly
528  1995 MAY  Gervais, Stephen  cover illustrates "The Noonday Pool" by Ian R. MacLeod
529  1995 JUN  Walotsky, Ron  N-1995 CHS, for Best Magazine Cover; N-1996 HUG, for Best Original Art Work; cover illustrates "The Spine Divers" by Ray Aldridge
530  1995 JUL  Shaw, Barclay  N-1996 HUG, for Best Original Art Work; cover illustrates "Gone to Glory" by R. Garcia y Robertson; see p.134 - using a computer, Shaw was able to create a 3-D image for the cover
531  1995 AUG  Gervais, Stephen  cover illustrates "The Amber Room" by Ian Watson
532  1995 SEP  Smith, Terry  cover illustrates "The Tournament" by Robert Reed; Terry Smith Creations also includes designing greeting cards, creating video game characters & action figures; they have worked on projects for Apple Computers, Adidas, Atari, Hewlett Packard, Mattel, etc.
533  1995 OCT/NOV  Eggleton, Bob  N-1996 HUG, for Best Original Art Work; cover illustrates "Dankden" by Marc Laidlaw; Eggleton W-1998 CHS; N-1995, for Artistic Achievement; W-1995, 1997 SFC; N-1994, for Best Pro Artist; he lives in Providence, RI; see website
535  1995 DEC  Bauman, Jill  cover illustrates "Happy Hunting Ground" by R. Garcia y Robertson
536  1996 JAN  Lippincott, Gary  cover illustrates "Bulldog Drummond and the Grim Reaper" by Michael Coney; has exhibited his artwork at Arts Worcester, Univ. of Massachusetts Medical, Bush Galleries, Cambridge Gallery, Northampton Center for the Arts, etc.
537  1996 FEB  Hardy, David  cover illustrates "Locusts" by Adam-Troy Castro; this cover was produced both digitally & by using a method called gouache; says Hardy, "I'm a technophile. I've always taken advantage of any new technology & will continue to do so"(Hardyware)
538  1996 MAR  Shaw, Barclay  cover illustrates "Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral" by Harlan Ellison
539  1996 APR  Smith, Terry  cover illustrates "The Refuge" by Alan Brennert; Smith's "first love is the animation, the cartoons"; published a 48-page comic book around 1991, Terry Smith Creations Special; had 2 year contract with Universal Studios to develop characters for animated features
540  1996 MAY  Eggleton, Bob  W-1996 CHS, for Best Magazine Cover; cover illustrates "Airborn" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman; Eggleton has art colls. Alien Horizons: The Fantastic Art of Bob Eggleton(1995; N-1996 HUG, LOC), The Book of Sea Monsters(1998), both with texts by Nigel Suckling
541  1996 JUN  Bash, Kent  cover illustrates "The Aushwitz Circus" by Matthew Wells
542  1996 JUL  Andersen, Doug  cover illustrates "The Moon Maid" by R. Garcia y Robertson; in TOC, his name is mistakenly given as Doug Anderson; has one other cover, in F&SF 1993 APR
543  1996 AUG  Thole, Cathleen  cover illustrates "White Guys in Space" by Ray Vukcevich; Thole's only cover for F&SF; has cover illustrates cover for Piers Anthony's Companion of Xanth(1993); cover illustrates some trading cards, incl. 1995 Ultra X-Men, 1995 Star Wars Galaxy Three, 1995 Spider-Man Ultra, etc.
544  1996 SEP  Barnard, Bryn  cover illustrates "Gone" by John Crowley; Barnard cover illustrates the book by Chris Eboch: The Well of Sacrifice(1999), a ya adventure story of a young girl living in a Mayan city in the 9th century AD
545  1996 OCT/NOV  Walotsky, Ron  cover illustrates "Candle in a Bottle" by Carolyn Ives Gilman
546  1996 DEC  Bauman, Jill  cover illustrates "Out of the Mouths" by Sheila Finch
547  1997 JAN  Bauman, Jill  cover illustrates "No Planets Strike" by Gene Wolfe
548  1997 FEB  Bash, Kent  cover illustrates "The Dragons of Springplace" by Robert Reed
549  1997 MAR  Garland, Michael  cover illustrates "The Familiar" by Albert E. Cowdrey
550  1997 APR  Shaw, Barclay  N-1997 CHS, for Best Magazine Cover; Shaw's cover art inspired three stories in this issue, "The Gelfite Fish Girl" by Mike Resnick(fantasy), "King of the Cyber Trifles" by Esther M. Friesner(sf), & "Manna" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman(horror)
551  1997 MAY  Lippincott, Gary A.  cover illustrates "The Last Beast Out of the Box" by Ian Watson; also listed as Gary Lippincott
552  1997 JUN  Gervais, Stephen  cover illustrates "Graffiti" by Robert Reed
553  1997 JUL  Eggleton, Bob  cover illustrates "The Funeral March of the Marionettes" by Adam-Troy Castro; Eggleton has art coll. Greetings from Earth: The Art of Bob Eggleton(2000; W-2001 HUG), themed around the idea of sending aliens visions of Earth, text by Nigel Suckling
554  1997 AUG  Canty, Thomas  cover illustrates "Monstrosity" by Mary Soon Lee; watercolorist before turning to oil paints; has fantasy/horror poem, A Monster at Christmas(1985), cover illustrates by Phil Hale; was art director for publisher Donald M. Grant; see website

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