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Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1957 JAN  Blaisdell, Paul  (1930-1983) depicts alien spaceship on a planet of a double star; his only cover for F&SF; see bio's in Other Worlds #4 1991,& book Randy Palmer: Paul Blaisdell, Monster Maker: A Biography of the B Movie Makeup and Special Effects Artist(1997)
1972 APR  Blish, Judith  see p.144, Special James Blish Issue, cover depicts James Blish among characters and scenes from some of his most popular stories; Judith Blish's only cover for F&SF, she is James Blish's wife
1971 JAN  Bodé, Vaughn  (1941-1975) illus. "The Human Operators" by Harlan Ellison & A.E. van Vogt; his only cover for F&SF; N-1969-70 HUG, & N-1972-73 LOC, for Best Professional Artist; W-1969 HUG, for Best Fan Artist; adult cartoonist, has Cheech Wizard, Cartoon Messiah series
1963 NOV  Bok, Hannes  (1914-1964) illus. "A Rose for Ecclesiastes" by Roger Zelazny; ps. for Wayne Woodward, his only cover for F&SF, it was his last piece of commercial art; born in Duluth, MN; active in fandom in Seattle & L.A.; 1st pub. painting, cover for WRT 1939 DEC
1950 DEC  Bonestell, Chesley  (1888-1986) depicts rocket taking off from one of Saturn's moons; Bonestell's space paintings were used for 39 F&SF covers(& did the '2nd cover' for the 20th Anniversary 1969 OCT issue)
1951 AUG     depicts space ship in trouble with meteor swarm; Bonestell, born in San Francisco, was a survivor of the 1906 earthquake; attended St. Ignatius College & George Bates Univ.(both in San Francisco), & Hopkins Art Institute
1952 FEB     depicts exploring the moon; Bonestell studied architecture at Columbia Univ.(N.Y.), was among those who helped design the Golden Gate Bridge, & the Chrysler Building; worked for the Illustrated London News in the 1920s, for the film industry after 1938
1952 OCT     depicts Saturn as seen from Dione; Bonestell painted a series of space illustrations that were published in Life in the early 1940s; he illus. a very popular series of articles for Collier's beginning in 1952, starting popular support for space travel
1952 DEC     depicts Little America being established on one of Jupiter's largest satellites; Bonestell illustrated 10 books on space science betw. 1949 & 1972, incl. The Conquest of Space(1949), Across the Space Frontier(1952)
1953 MAR     depicts the fleet leaves Mars' inner satellite to land on the planet; Bonestell also illus. the space science books The Complete Book of Outer Space(1953), Conquest of the Moon(1953), The Solar System & Rocket to the Moon(1955)
1954 FEB     depicts spaceship leaving the moon for Earth's artificial satellite; Bonestell also illus. the space science books The Exploration of Mars(1956), Beyond the Solar System(1964); Man and the Moon(1961), & Mars(1964), last two with Robert S. Richardson
1954 OCT     depicts rocket-testing base on the moon; Bonestell also illus. the science books Beyond Jupiter(1972, with Arthur C. Clarke), & The World We Live In(1955); many of his paintings from these books also were printed as sf mag. covers
1954 NOV     depicts planet lit by Antares and companion star; Bonestell was a matte artist for movies The Hunchback of Notre Dame(1939), Only Angels Have Wings(1939), Citizen Kane(1941), The Magnificent Ambersons(1942), & The Fountainhead(1949)
1954 DEC     depicts exploring Mars; Bonestell worked on the background for the sf movies Destination Moon(1950), When Worlds Collide(1951), War of the Worlds(1953), & The Conquest of Space(1953)
1955 APR     depicts surveying Mars; Bonestell painted a number of huge murals for major institutions(incl. the Smithsonian), depicting outer space scenes; was N-1968 HUG, for Best Professional Artist; N-1972 LOC, for Best Magazine Artist
1955 SEP     depicts rocket base on a moon; Bonestell won many art awards, incl. the 1974 HUG for Lifetime Achievement; see his biography in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
1955 DEC     depicts a sun becoming a nova; see books, Melvin H. Schuetz: A Chesley Bonestell Art Chronology(1999), and Ron Miller & Frederick C. Durant III: The Art of Chesley Bonestell(2001; W-2002 HUG), latter a major retrospective of his life, art & career
1956 FEB     depicts spaceships above the Earth; from "The Exploration of Mars", a book by Werner von Braun, Willy Ley & Chesley Bonestell; see website for The Bonestell Space Art
1956 APR     depicts a dust storm on Mars; from "The Exploration of Mars"; see websites for The Chesley Bonestell Archives, & for The Chesley Bonestell Interactive Art Gallery
1956 JUL     depicts the pulling of a rocket into an upright position for takeoff; from "The Exploration of Mars"; see Roger D. Launius & Howard E. McCurdy: Imagining Space: Achievements, Predictions, Possibilities 1950-2050(2001), which begins with Bonestell's work
1957 SEP     depicts Mercury near terminator; after his death, in 1986, the Chesley Award(abbrev. CHS) was begun in his honor, to award artists for best hardback cover, paperback cover, mag. cover, interior illus., artistic achievement, etal
1959 FEB     depicts under the surface of Jupiter's red spot; Bonestell's art, among others, helped define a new genre of art, space art, & was the impetus for a group of artists to form the International Association of Astronomical Artists in 1986; see
1960 OCT     depicts "Unloading empty fuel tanks on the moon"; Bonestell's final project reproduces 22 full-page color paintings for the book, Paul Johnson: The Golden Era of the Missions, 1769-1834(1974)
1961 OCT     depicts "Landing on the moon"
1962 DEC     see p.56, depicts "a binary star found in the constellation Perseus"; will appear in a new book by Bonestell & Willy Ley: Beyond the Solar System
1963 OCT     see p.23, depicts "a binary star found in the constellation Sagittarius, the star known as U Sagittae", from Bonestell & Ley: Beyond the Solar System (1964)
1964 OCT     see p.81, depicts "three space ships pass the moon on their way to Mars," a painting from Bonestell & Ley: Beyond the Solar System
1965 OCT     see p.98, depicts "three space ships spiralling out from Mars for the return trip to Earth," from Bonestell & Ley: Beyond the Solar System
1966 JUL     see p.77, depicts "a planet with its life at an early stage of cultural development," around the double star Beta Lyrae
1967 FEB     see p.39, "depicts Zeta Aurigae, a giant red star ... and its smaller hot blue companion"
1967 OCT     see p.46, depicts the grave of an astronaut along the edge of a huge crater on Mars
1968 SEP     see p.99, "depicts the Trifid Nebula" & "a portion of a planet," with a spaceman and his shattered ship
1969 SEP     see p.65, "depicts a view of Saturn from Titan, its largest satellite"
1969 OCT     2nd cover for 20th Anniversary Issue, on inside front cover (see p.43), depicts on the moon "Russian astronauts ... discover ... Americans ... already been there"
1970 APR     see p.46, depicts a "head-on view of the north face of our galaxy from a hypothetical planet 400,000 light years out. Our sun is indicated by a red star ..."
1970 OCT     see p.43, depicts a view of the Milky Way galaxy from a planet 400,000 light years away
1971 NOV     see p.17, depicts "Looking down on the north pole of Saturn"
1972 MAR     see p.67, "depicts a globular cluster 500 light-years distant from an airless planet" with two satellites
1974 AUG     see p.58, depicts "a meteroid 2 miles in diameter hits the Pacific at 20 miles per second"
1975 MAR     see p.79, "depicts the Viking Orbiter passing Phobos on its approach to Mars - scheduled for 1976"
1976 OCT     painting titled "Mariner 10 Approaching Mercury"
1977 OCT     depicts a spacecraft flyby of Saturn
1978 MAR     depicts a coastline with 3 pyrimidal structures, 2 dinosaurs & 1 human skeleton
1999 OCT/NOV     titled "Saturn from Mimas," the 50th Anniversary Issue; designed by Rob Catalano
1982 NOV  Buckley, Daniel  illus. "To Leave a Mark" by Kim Stanley Robinson; Buckley's only cover for F&SF
1975 MAY  Campanile, Dario  (1948- ) illus. "Croatoan" by Harlan Ellison; Camponile did 2 covers for F&SF; born in Rome, he now lives in California; at age 14 he met & received encouragement & technical advice from his major influences, artists Salvador Dali & Georgia de Chirico
1978 FEB     cover illustrates "Stone" by Edward Bryant; the story was inspired by the cover painting; many major art galeries & sellers have websites that display his art, incl., &
1992 JUN  Canty, Thomas  (1952- ) illus. "The Twelve Swans" by Lois Tilton; he did 3 F&SF covers; see pictorial essays in American Fantasy 1987 SPR, & in RoF 1995 AUG; he W-1986, 1990 WFA; N-WFA 9 times; W-1990 SFC; N-1982-3 BRG; 1989-1998 HUG; 1982, 1986-2001 LOC, Best Artist
1993 OCT/NOV     N-1994 HUG; cover illustrates "The Little Things" by Bridget McKenna; Canty worked at Newbury Studio; 1st works pub. in late 1970s, incl. Eric Kimball: Lady Ice: An Illustrated Poem(1979); 1st sf/f mag. cover, Alternities 1981 SUM; W-1995 CHS, Artistic Achievement
1997 AUG     cover illustrates "Monstrosity" by Mary Soon Lee; watercolorist before turning to oil paints; has fantasy/horror poem, A Monster at Christmas(1985), cover illustrates by Phil Hale; was art director for publisher Donald M. Grant; see website

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