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Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1966 JUN  Castellon, H.  illus. "This Moment of the Storm" by Roger Zelazny; Castellon's only cover for F&SF; Hector Castellon
1981 MAR  Chadwick, Paul  illus. "In the Western Tradition" by Phyllis Eisenstein; Chadwick did 6 covers for F&SF; he has written under house ps. Brant House at least 13 Secret Agent X novels & novellas in the mag. Secret Agent X, 1934 FEB-1938 SEP
1982 JAN     cover illustrates "Starhaven" by Charles Platt & Shawna McCarthy; Chadwick has written under the ps. Ralph Boston & Paul Hawk; under ps. Eleanor Hammond has written stories in Love Fiction Monthly
1982 AUG     cover illustrates "Spider Rose" by Bruce Sterling; under ps. Chester Hawks, Chadwick has novella "Python Men of Lost City" in Captain Hazzard Magazine, 1938 MAY
1984 AUG     cover illustrates "Ganglion" by Wayne Wightman
1985 APR     cover illustrates "Collectible" by Alan Dean Foster
1990 NOV     cover illustrates "Four Kings and an Ace" by R. Garcia y Robertson
1959 JUL  Cobb, Ron  (1937- ) depicts discovery on the moon; Cobb's only cover for F&SF; born in L.A.; worked as animator for Disney; served in Army 1960-63, incl. Vietnam; worked as cartoonist, & in film design for movies like Star Wars, Alien, etc; see bio in Weinberg book
1953 MAY  Coggins, Jack  (1911- ) depicts rocket launching station on the moon; Coggins did 4 F&SF covers; born in London, Coggins moved to the U.S. while still a child; studied at the Grand Central School of Art, & the Art Students League
1953 AUG     depicts erecting a communication tower on Triton, Neptune in background; during WWII, Coggins served as a U.S. Army correspondent in Europe, & did many war illustrations for Life; Coggins W-1995 Pagoda Award, from Berks County, PA, where he lives
1953 SEP     depicts spaceship over base on Ariel, Uranus in background; he first specialized in marine painting; 1950s Coggins began painting sf covers; illus. books by Fletcher Pratt, Rockets, Jets, Guided Missiles and Space Ships('51), By Spaceship to the Moon('52)
1954 MAY     cover illustrates "Star Lummox" by Robert A. Heinlein; after his sf career, Coggins wrote & illustrated books on military & naval history, incl. Arms and Equipment of the Civil War(1962), Ships and Seamen of the American Revolution(1969)
1967 SEP  Corben, Richard V.  (1940- ) see p.52, depicts a three-man spaceship in search of minerals in the asteroid belt; Corben's only cover for F&SF, his 1st professional sale; born in Anderson, MO; attended Kansas City Art Institute; he's a major force in underground comic field
1976 APR  Dalzell, Bonnie & Rick Sternbach  (1944- ; 1951- ) depicts a spacecraft or probe in intergalactic space; Dalzell's only cover for F&SF, she also did GAL 1977 MAY & JUL covers; see her website at; Sternbach did 8 covers for F&SF
1998 JUN  Dashow, Michael  (1968- ) illus. "The Naked Face of God" by Sheila Finch; his only cover for F&SF; born Swampscott, MA; 1st pub. work comic book cover "Wild Kingdom," Issue 2; 1st sf/f book cover, Stanley Weinbaum: The Black Flame(1995); website
1973 APR  Davis, Don  (1952- ) illus. "Icarus Descending" by Gregory Benford; Davis did 2 covers for F&SF; grew up in San Francisco Bay area; 1970 graduated from Menlo Atherton High School; began working for the U.S. Geological Survey, Astrogeologic Studies in 1968
1973 AUG     depicts four astronauts raising an antenna on the moon; has illus. in Carl Sagan's books, The Dragons of Eden(1977), Cosmos(1980), Pale Blue Dot(1994); has illus. for NASA, Morrison & Hansen Planetariums; see websites &
1982 MAY  De Marco, Rick  illus. "Last Night on Dugan's World" by Steve Vance; De Marco's only cover for F&SF
1971 SEP  Di Fate, Vincent  (1945- ) illus. "A Walk on Toy" by Neal Barrett Jr; Di Fate did 5 covers for F&SF; born in Yonkers; attended the Manhattan Center of Pratt Institute in the mid-1960s; 1st worked as a TV animator for Ralph Bakshi; 1st pub. illustrations in ANA 1969 AUG
1972 SEP     cover illustrates "What Good Is a Glass Dagger?" by Larry Niven; Di Fate studied under renowned glaze painter Peter Hopkins, & modified his glaze style so his artwork would reproduce better for the paperback cover markets; see website
1985 JAN     cover illustrates "CV" by Damon Knight; Di Fate in 1976 began a column, "Sketches," on sf art in Algol magazine; he W-1979 HUG & was N 10 other times, for Best Professional Artist, thru 2001; as sf art historian, he has lectured at the Smithsonian & several colleges
1985 JUL     cover illustrates "When Winter Ends" by Michael P. Kube-McDowell; see bio in ASI 1979 JAN, Biolog in ANA 1981 FEB 2, pictorial article in SFAge 1994 MAR, iv's in MZBFM 1997 SUM, LOC 1998 FEB, & entry in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary ...(1988)
1999 SEP     cover illustrates "Ninety Percent of Everything" by Jonathan Lethem, James Patrick Kelly, & John Kessel; Di Fate N-LOC, for Best Artist 23 times thru 2001; W-1997 CHS, for Artistic Achievement; has nf book Infinite Worlds(1997; W-1997 LOC; N-1997 HUG)
1972 AUG  Dillon, Leo & Diane  (1933- ; 1933- ) illus. "Basilisk" by Harlan Ellison; the Dillons did 2 covers for F&SF; they met while attending the Parsons School of Design & Visual Arts(grad. in 1956); decided to work together to avoid any professional jealousy; married in 1957
1973 MAR     cover illustrates "The Deathbird" by Harlan Ellison; they've done book covers, interior cover illustrates in sf/f field, & for children's books, posters; have W-1971 HUG, Best Professional Artists, & N twice; see articles in WotF anth. #XV(1999), RoF 2000 JUN, iv LOC 2000 APR
1974 JUN  Dixon, Don  depicts Pioneer spacecraft approaching the planet Saturn; Dixon did 2 covers for F&SF; Dixon illus. the books by T.A. Heppenheimer: Colonies in Space(1977), & Toward Distant Suns(1979); art director of Griffin Observatory in Los Angeles
1977 SEP     depicts a bleak landscape illuminated by a single star; Dixon has nf book Universe(1981), which describes the history of the universe thru the Voyager missions, incl. NASA images & the author's paintings; has website; member of IAAA
1957 NOV  Dollens, Morris Scott  (1920-1994) depicts approaching the space station; Dollens only cover for F&SF; born in Indiana; moved to California in 1940s, working for MGM studios; an sf fan & semi-pro fan artist, he sold his paintings at sf coventions beginning in the early 1950s
1982 MAR  Eagleson, Duncan  illus. "Documents in the Case of Elizabeth Akeley" by Richard A. Lupoff; Eagleson did 4 covers for F&SF
1983 MAR     cover illustrates "Welcome to Coventry" by Richard Mueller
1984 JUL     cover illustrates "The Greening of Bed-Stuy" by Frederik Pohl
1987 JUN     cover illustrates "The Giant, the Colleen, and the Twenty-one Cows" by Robert F. Young
1991 SEP  Eggleton, Bob  (1960- ) illus. "Oh, Miranda!" by Charles Pellegrino & George Zebrowski; Eggleton did 7 covers for F&SF; born in Concord, MA; attended Rhode Island College; was influenced by Ron Cobb, Ralph McQuarrie, Syd Mead, & comic artist Mobius(Weinberg)
1992 SEP     cover illustrates "Seeing" by Andrew Weiner; Eggleton W-1988 Gaughan, Best Emerging Artist; he W-1994, 1996-99, & N-1988-89, 1991-93, 1995, 2000-01 HUG; W-2001, & N-1988-2000 LOC; N-1995-96, 1999-2000 WFA; all for Best Professional Artist
1995 OCT/NOV     N-1996 HUG, for Best Original Art Work; cover illustrates "Dankden" by Marc Laidlaw; Eggleton W-1998 CHS; N-1995, for Artistic Achievement; W-1995, 1997 SFC; N-1994, for Best Pro Artist; he lives in Providence, RI; see website
1996 MAY     W-1996 CHS, for Best Magazine Cover; cover illustrates "Airborn" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman; Eggleton has art colls. Alien Horizons: The Fantastic Art of Bob Eggleton(1995; N-1996 HUG, LOC), The Book of Sea Monsters(1998), both with texts by Nigel Suckling
1997 JUL     cover illustrates "The Funeral March of the Marionettes" by Adam-Troy Castro; Eggleton has art coll. Greetings from Earth: The Art of Bob Eggleton(2000; W-2001 HUG), themed around the idea of sending aliens visions of Earth, text by Nigel Suckling
1998 MAY     W-1998 CHS, for Best Magazine Cover; cover illustrates "The Allies" by Mark S. Geston; see Eggleton interview in LOC 2001 AUG(#487), in which he says he was influenced by the artists Ferdinand Delacrcroix, John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, Frederic Church
1999 AUG     W-1999 CHS, for Best Magazine Cover; cover illustrates "Strongbow" by R. Garcia y Robertson; Eggleton says other influences for him were Albert Bierstadt, Gustave Moreau & Gustave Doré; worked on animated sf movie Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius(2001)
1952 JUN  Emsh  (1925-1990) illus. "Love" by Richard Wilson; working name for Ed(mund) Emshwiller, & also did covers in F&SF as such, & as Ed Emsh; Emsh did 71 F&SF covers, & 1954 & 1957 interior illus.; born in Lansing, MI; 1949 degree in Design from Univ. of Michigan
1952 SEP     cover illustrates "Mother" by Alfred Coppel; Emsh was born in Lansing, MI; served in the army 1943-46; earned bachelor of design degree from the Univ. of Michigan in 1949; studied art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts(with his wife, Carol), & Art Students League
1952 NOV     cover illustrates "Bring the Jubilee" by Ward Moore; Emsh sold his 1st sf illustration to GAL, in 1951, & did more than 400 sf covers over the next 13 years(incl. mags., paperbacks & hardcovers)
1953 APR     cover illustrates "Beggars All" by J.T. M'Intosh; Emsh married fellow artist Carol Fries in 1949, who stopped painting & started writing sf in 1955(as Carol Emshwiller); their son, Peter, is also a genre writer, & was a managing editor at TWZ
1953 JUL     cover illustrates "Hypnoglyph" by John Anthony; Emshwiller did so much work in so many styles he used many ps., incl. Emsh, Ed Emsler, Ed Alexander, Ed Emsch, EAE, Ensh, Harry Gars, & Willer
1953 OCT     cover illustrates "Letter to a Tiger" by Kay Rogers; Emsh W-1960-1962, & 1964 HUG, & N-1959 & 1965, for Best Professional Artist; N-1973 LOC, for Best Magazine Artist; Emsh painted quickly, often finishing a painting in a day or two
1953 DEC     depicts marooned on an asteroid; Emsh would sometimes make a cover paintingwhich editors would assign an author to write a story about; for some mags., esp. GAL, his covers had no yie-ins to stories in the issue, the painting telling a story themselves
1954 APR     depicts rocket launch pad explosion; Emsh did his color work in Gouache, , casine, or designer colors, occasionally using dyes, colored inks, pastels, photographs, or air brush
1955 AUG     Emsh' interior black & white work was done on scratchboard using india ink with both pen and knife, as well as using photographic techniques & some zipatone
1955 NOV     cover illustrates "The [Widget], the [Wadget], and Boff" by Theodore Sturgeon; see a biography of Emsh, as well as a discussion of his techniques & work habits in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
1956 MAY     Emsh also painted, in addition to his sf work, fine artwork in the style of abstract expressionism, & began to take an interest in making short 16mm films in the late 1950s, his first being Dance Chromatic(1959)

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