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Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1970 JUN  Gaughan, Jack  illus. "The Tocsin" by D.F. Jones
1970 NOV     cover illustrates "Alpha Bets" by Sonya Dorman
1971 FEB     cover illustrates "The Faceless Man" by Jack Vance
1973 JUN     cover illustrates "The Asutra" by Jack Vance
1976 MAR     cover illustrates "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" by Richard Cowper
1980 FEB     cover illustrates "Fud Smee" by Freff
1988 MAR  Gervais, Stephen  illus. "The Sun, the Sea, and the Silent Scream" by Brian Lumley; Gervais did 11 covers for F&SF; he W-1984, & N-1987 WFA, for Best Artist
1988 DEC     cover illustrates "The Mole Field" by Ian Watson; Gervais has cover illustrates the following book covers, Peter Straub: Ghost Story(1979), George R.R. Martin(ed): Night Visions 3(1986), Terry Bisson: Talking Man(1986), F. Paul Wilson: Reborn(1990)
1990 APR     cover illustrates "The Last Feast of Harlequin" by Thomas Ligotti; Gervais has cover illustrates the book cover & interior of Theodore Roscoe: The Wonderful Lips of Thibong Linh(1981), a coll. of three horror stories
1991 JUN     cover illustrates "The Blessed/Damned Thornston Emerald" by Grania Davis; Gervais has cover illustrates the interior of the books Dean R. Koontz: Dark Rivers of the Heart(1994), Stephen King & Peter Straub: The Talisman(1984), the latter with 9 other artists
1992 APR     cover illustrates "Going Through Changes" by Pat Murphy; Gervais has cover illustrates the book cover of coll., David Morrell: Dark Evening: Tales of Dark Suspense(1999)
1993 FEB     cover illustrates "Naming the Flowers" by Kate Wilhelm
1993 JUL     cover illustrates "Justice" by Elizabeth Hand
1995 MAY     cover illustrates "The Noonday Pool" by Ian R. MacLeod
1995 AUG     cover illustrates "The Amber Room" by Ian Watson
1997 JUN     cover illustrates "Graffiti" by Robert Reed
1997 DEC     cover illustrates "In the Bleak Mid-Solstice" by David Bischoff
1952 AUG  Gibbons, George  depicts a lunar landscape; George A. Gibbons, did 3 covers for F&SF
1953 FEB     depicts looking down at a rocket base on a moon
1953 JUN     depicts the view through a spacecraft's window
1970 FEB  Gilbert, Michael  (1947-2000) illus. "From the Moon, with Love" by Neil Shapiro; his only cover for F&SF; born in Buffalo, NY; has Bachelor's degree in Art & Illustration, Rochester Institute of Technology; N-1971 HUG, Best Fan Artist; obit & tributes in LOC 2000 SEP(#476)
1992 DEC  Gloeckner, Phoebe  (1960- ) illus. "Willie" by Madeleine E. Robins; she did 2 covers for F&SF; artist, poet, & cartoonist; born in Philadelphia; lives in Montclair, CA; 1988 MS in Medical Illus. from Univ. of Texas; website
1994 AUG     cover illustrates "Last Summer at Mars Hill" by Elizabeth Hand; she W-2000 Inkpot Award, Comic Arts; has char. Minnie, in Minnie's 3rd Love(1994, in comic Twisted Sister II), & graphic coll. A Child's Life and Other Stories(1998); The Diary of a Teen-age Girl(2001)
1974 SEP  Guertin, Jeannine  illus. "Cathadonian Odyssey" by Michael Bishop; Guertin's only cover for F&SF
1983 APR  Gurney, James  (1958- ) illus. "Hurricane Claude" by Hilbert Schenck; Gurney did 7 covers for F&SF; born in Glendale, CA; has 1979 BA in Anthropology, UC(Berkeley); attended Art Center College of Design(Pasadena); see pictorial essays in SFAge 1993 JAN, RoF 1995 DEC
1984 MAR     cover illustrates "Five Mercies" by Mike Conner; in 1980 & 1981 Gurney & and artist Tom Kinkade traveled across America on freight trains, doing $2 portraits in bars & sketches which formed the basis of their book, The Artist's Guide to Sketching(1982)(Weinberg)
1984 DEC     cover illustrates "The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule" by Lucius Shepard; in 1983 he married fellow illustrator Jeanette Lendino & got into the sf field thru the animated feature film, Fire and Ice(1983), as a background painter & designer(Weinberg)
1986 NOV     cover illustrates "Face Value" by Karen Joy Fowler; in the 1980s Gurney started doing magazine & paperback covers; he considers doing paperback covers one of the last remnants of the golden age of illustration, when illustrators were considered artists(Weinberg)
1988 MAY     cover illustrates "The Color of Neanderthal Eyes" by James Tiptree Jr; Gurney was influenced by Rockwell, Cornwell, Gruger, & members of the Howard Pyle School(Weinberg); W-1993 WFA; N-1990, 1993 HUG; N-1985-86, 1990, 1993 & 1996 LOC, for Best Professional Artist
1989 MAR     cover illustrates "The Ends of the Earth" by Lucius Shepard; Gurney also works as an artist outside the sf field, most notably in the historical & mythological field for National Geographic(Weinberg); see entry in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary ...(1988)
1990 MAR     cover illustrates "Down on the Truck Farm" by Thomas A. Easton; Gurney W-1991 & 1992 CHS, for Artistic Achievement; creator of Dinotopia ser., 1st book, Dinotopia(1992; W-1993 HUG, LOC); website, entry in Di Fate: Infinite Worlds(1997)
1998 AUG  Harden, Laurie  illus. "On the Penal Colony" by Kit Reed; Harden's only cover for F&SF; she has had many interior illus. in ASI since 1991, & in children's books, incl. Claire H. Blatchford: Nick's Secret(2000), & in coll. Barbara G. Walker: Feminist Fairytales(1996)
1972 MAY  Hardy, David  see p.32, depicts a radio telescope to be used to search for extraterrestrial life; cover painting to be pub. in David A. Hardy & Patrick Moore: Challenge of the Stars(1972); also did covers for F&SF as David A. Hardy
1972 OCT     see p.130, depicts the artist's conception of the planet Pluto: a scene from inside a cave on the surface with a view of a lake of liquid methane; from Hardy & Moore: Challenge of the Stars(1972); illus. his 1st book with Moore: Sun, Myths, and Men(1954)
1973 JAN     see p.39, depicts "a group of cylindrical units which could be used as a space station in Earth or Lunar orbit, or be landed, as here, by a ... 'space tug'"; from Hardy & Moore: Challenge of the Stars(1972; vt rev. New Challenge to the Stars, 1978)
1973 JUL     see p.134, "painting shows astronauts exploring a small crater in the polar region of Mars"; from Hardy & Moore: Challenge of the Stars(1972); Hardy illus. books The Stars(1965), The Universe(1967), The Earth Tells Its Story(1967), The Earth(1967)
1974 JAN     cover illustrates "The Initiation of Akasa" by Michael G. Coney; Hardy also cover illustrates Patrick Moore book, Mars: The Red World(1971); his 1st sf mag. cover was for Vision of Tomorrow (VoT) 1970 MAR, a U.K. sf magazine
1975 FEB     depicts Stegosuarus & astronaut on a moon of Jupiter; Hardy has art pictorial series in VoT 1970 APR, MAY, JUN, JUL, & SEP; he was N-1979 HUG, for Best Professional Artist; N-1973-74, 1976, 1979-82, 1987 LOC, for Best Artist
1975 APR     depicts a spaceship above a lava flow & eruption, amidst a lightning storm; see article about Hardy, "Neverending Visions of Space," in INZ 1993 MAR; see article "The Artist in Science Fiction: David A. Hardy" in SFM v.1 #4 1974, & Biolog in ANA 1987 APR
1975 AUG     cover illustrates "Earthset and Evening Star" by Isaac Asimov; Hardy wrote & cover illustrates books Energy and the Future(1979), Atlas of the Solar System(1981), Galactic Tours(1981), the latter with Bob Shaw; worked on the movie The Neverending Story(1984)
1975 NOV     1st of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen looking at a Mariner spacecraft digging dirt samples for analysis; Hardy wrote & illus. children's books The Solar System(1975), Rockets and Satellites(1976), Air and Weather(1977)
1976 JAN     cover illustrates "Doctor Rivet and Supercon Sal" by Gary K. Wolf; Hardy wrote & illus children's book Light and Sight(1977); cover illustrates 3 children's books by Stephen Attmore: Dinosaurs(1988), Animals from the Dawn of Time(1988), 4000 Million Years Ago(1989)
1976 MAY     2nd of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen riding in the moon buggy that the astronauts left behind on the moon; Hardy has book, Visions of Space: An Artist's Journey Through the Cosmos(1990)
1976 JUN     see p.129, depicts "the sole occupant of a scout ship (who) has managed to escape (crash landing) on a planet of the binary star VV Cephei"; art also used for German mag. Delta cover; has book The Fires Within: Volcanoes on Earth and Other Planets(1991)
1976 SEP     3rd of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen riding on the Pioneer II spacecraft; painting titled "Hitch on Pioneer II"; see Hardy's website at, which gives an overview of his life & his artwork
1977 MAY     cover illustrates "The Big Fans" by Keith Roberts; Hardy was President of the International Association of Astronomical Artists(IAAA) from 1996-2000; see the IAAA's website at
1977 NOV     cover illustrates "Wolfhead" by Charles L. Harness; see his book Hardyware: The Art of David A. Hardy(2001), which follows "Hardy's development as an artist before & during the early days of space travel"(Karen Haber, in LOC 2001 NOV)
1978 JAN     4th of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen making a snow alien & snowball on a moon of Uranus; see letter from a 12-year old boy in 1978 AUG; cover redone for 1979 APR issue with ring around Uranus & minus Bhen
1978 APR     see p.29, Special All British Issue, cover artist is British, too; depicts a War of the Worlds scene, it is from Hardy & Moore: The New Challenge of the Stars(1977); see Hardy entry in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of S. F. and Fantasy Artists(1988)
1978 JUN     cover illustrates "Points of Contact" by Gordon Eklund; Hardy began doing book cover art in 1972, on reissues of books by Arthur C. Clarke; He has also did LP & CD cover art for music groups such as Hawkwind, Moody Blues, & Pink Floyd(Dark Side of the Moon)

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