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Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1978 OCT  Hardy, David  5th of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen on the space telescope, thumbing a ride from a passing space shuttle; Hardy's artwork for F&SF, & Bhen, are discussed in his book Hardyware: The Art of David A. Hardy(2001)
1978 DEC     cover illustrates "Quiet Sea" by Glen Cook; Hardy has worked with Patrick Moore, since 1957, on the longest running TV series in the U.K., still running, the monthly astronomical programme, The Sky at Night
1979 APR     see p.41, sequel to 1978 JAN cover, this time depicting Uranus with rings & without Bhen; Uranus was found to have rings a short time ago, which was pointed out by 12-year old Paul Jones in a 1978 AUG letter, who asked for accuracy in cover art
1979 MAY     depicts an asteroid-turned-spaceship orbiting a planet
1979 AUG     cover illustrates "Out There Where the Big Ships Go" by Richard Cowper
1979 DEC     see p.23, depicts a spacecraft undergoing repairs by a robot, on a planetoid near a black hole; from Hardy & Moore: The New Challenge of the Stars(1977)
1980 MAY     cover illustrates "The Merry Men of Methane" by Stephen Tall
1980 JUN     6th of his Bhen the Green Alien ser. of covers; depicts Bhen riding a satellite in orbit around the Earth; Bhen was 1st conceived by Hardy & friend Anthony Naylor, & was intended to be the central character of a children's book that was never written
1981 APR     cover illustrates "Murder on Lupozny Station" by Michael Bishop & Gerald W. Page
1981 OCT     see p.69, an artist's depiction of what the Voyager 1 & 2 probes found; painting titled The Volcanoes of Io
1982 FEB     cover illustrates "High Steel" by Jack C. Haldeman II & Jack Dann
1982 JUL     cover illustrates "The Lion in His Attic" by Larry Niven
1982 OCT     depicts a spaceship approaching the Moon & Earth system
1983 MAY     7th of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen resting on a satellite's solar panels; Bhen's name comes from 'benevolent', as his wide smile suggests, & is 8 feet tall, as he is drawn to scale in all these covers(from Hardyware)
1983 NOV     cover illustrates "The Black Current" by Ian Watson
1983 DEC     see p.116, "Terraformed Mars ... from a future base on Phobos ...," from his book, Atlas of the Solar System(1982)
1984 MAY     depicts a volcano & molten lava, with a sun appearing in a break in the clouds
1985 MAY     cover illustrates "The Tensor of Desire" by Wayne Wightman
1985 JUN     8th of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen, with an umbrella, riding a parachuted spacecraft into the clouds of a planet; Bhen became popular, Carl Sagan buying his 1st original, & had many fans among NASA staff
1986 MAR     depicts a Stegosaurus interrupted during a swampy meal by a landing spacecraft
1987 JAN     cover illustrates "Salvage Rites" by Ian Watson
1987 MAY     cover illustrates "Spelling God With the Wrong Blocks" by James Morrow
1988 FEB     cover illustrates "Sentry" by Jack Dann & Jack C. Haldeman II
1988 JUN     see p.138, titled "Saturn Seen from an Iceteroid," depicts Saturn & its rings as viewed from an ice asteroid or cometary nucleus
1989 JUN     9th of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen climbing the rock face of a moon, its ringed planet in the background
1990 AUG     cover illustrates "In the Upper Cretaceous With the Summerfire Brigade" by Ian Watson
1992 JAN     10th of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; depicts Bhen skiingthe icy slopes of a satellite of Jupiter(?)
1992 MAY     cover illustrates "Far-Off Things" by Rob Chilson
1994 SEP     11th of his Bhen the Green Alien series of covers; titled, "Bhen on Neptune's Moon Triton"
1996 FEB     cover illustrates "Locusts" by Adam-Troy Castro; this cover was produced both digitally & by using a method called gouache; says Hardy, "I'm a technophile. I've always taken advantage of any new technology & will continue to do so"(Hardyware)
1971 JUN  Hardy, David A.  (1936- ) see p.74, cover titled "Enigma", depicts astronauts discovering a statue of the Sphinx on Titan, Saturn's 7th moon; also did covers for F&SF as David Hardy, he did 52 covers for F&SF; born in Birmingham, England
1973 MAY     see p.134, depicts binary star "Zeta Aurigae casts bi-colored shadows on the surface of a hypothetical planet"; from Hardy & Moore: Challenge of the Stars(1972); Hardy studied at the Margaret Street College of Art, Birmingham, England
1994 JUN     cover illustrates "Shepherd Moon" by Allen Steele
1998 OCT/NOV     cover illustrates "All the Birds of Hell" by Tanith Lee; this cover was Hardy's 1st cover for F&SF that was completely digitally produced; his 1st digitally produced cover for ANA was for its 2001 JAN issue; great fan of AppleMacs computers
1953 NOV  Hunter, Mel  (1929- ) depicts an eclipse of the sun by the earth, as seen from the moon; Hunter did 31 F&SF covers; Hunter had no formal art training, but had a background in advertising copy writing & production engineering
1954 AUG     depicts exploring a green star system; Hunter's 1st commission was for the cover of GAL 1953 FEB, & then painted many mag. covers in the 1950s & exclusively for F&SF after 1961 JUN; was art director for IFS 1955 DEC-1957 DEC
1955 OCT     1st cover of Last Man, or Robot, series; depicts the robot watering a rose outside of an irradiated city; Hunter was N-1960-1962 HUG, for Best Professional Artist; N-1972 LOC, for Best Magazine Artist
1957 JUL     2nd cover of Last Man series; depicts the robot looking thru mail order catalogs; Hunter has book, The Year After Tomorrow(1954); he worked for major magazines such as Life, and National Geographic
1958 JAN     depicts Vanguard satellite; Hunter had a short story, "Or Darwin, If You Prefer", in FUN 1954 SEP; see biography, "Appreciation", in Fantasy Reader #2 1974, & in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
1958 MAR     depicts Vanguard rocket and satellite; Hunter has illus. Don Herbert's Beginning Science With Mr. Wizard series in the early 1960s; has nf book, The Missilemen(1960), which tells the story of the space race, and launchings from Cape Canaveral
1958 JUN     depicts a satellite, third stage of a rocket; Hunter has illus. children's nf book, Barbara Goodheart: A Year on the Desert(1969); has nf series which incl. How the Earth Began(1972), How Plants Began(1972), & How Man Began(1972)
1959 SEP     depicts Project Vega, the 2nd stage of the Atlas ICBM; see Hunter's entry in Vincent Di Fate: Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art(1998)
1959 DEC     3rd cover of Last Man series; depicts the robot making a grim discovery in the desert
1960 MAR     depicts two methods to land on the moon (a wrap-around cover)
1960 MAY     4th cover of Last Man series; titled "Music to Watch the Moon Rise"
1960 JUL     depicts "Moon landscape"
1960 DEC     5th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot winding up wind-up toy men
1961 MAR     depicts astronauts leaving their spaceship & exploring Mars
1961 JUN     depicts "a drawing of flight paths in space, showing motion of a lunar probe from Earth to the Moon, ... "
1961 AUG     6th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot coming across a sculpture of a robot by Dali in the ruins of a museum

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