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Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1962 JAN  Hunter, Mel  7th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot in a Santa Claus suit
1962 MAR     depicts figures of men (with details of their circulatory system) falling toward a galaxy
1962 JUL     depicts a scene on the moon during an eclipse of the sun by the Earth
1964 MAR     8th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot painting a post-apocalypse scene as it used to be
1964 SEP     see p.90, depicts "a ship descending thru the cloud layers on the day side of Venus", one of a group of murals he's doing for the World's Fair in N.Y.C.
1965 JAN     "depicts three ships descending to the surface of Triton, inner satellite of Neptune," one of a group of murals done for the World's Fair at N.Y.C.
1965 MAY     depicts a spaceship soaring over a planet
1966 MAY     depicts spaceships flying up out of a planetary chasm
1970 JAN     9th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot driving a hot rod over dunes outside the ruins of a city
1970 MAY     10th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot reading F&SF magazines in a sandy wasteland
1970 SEP     11th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot with his hands on his hips at a sandy crosswalk, looking up and waiting for the 'Walk' sign to turn green
1970 DEC     12th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot rowing a rowboat in a sea of sand
1971 MAR     13th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot sitting at a broken vanity table & mirror, applying 'oil makeup'
1971 OCT     14th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot taking batting practice in the desert outside a ruined city
1971 DEC     15th & last cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot tangled up with Punch & Judy marionettes outside a ruined city; his 15 Last Man, or Robot Series, are available in full color 5 X 7 notecards with envelopes in 2001 from
1987 MAR  Hyman, Trina Schart  (1939- ) illus. "The Quality of Murphy" by John Morressy; Hyman did 2 covers for F&SF; born in Philadelphia; attended Philadelphia Museum College of Art, 1960 grad. Boston Museum School of Fine ; children's book illustrator, has illus. over 120 books
1988 AUG     cover illustrates "Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall" by John Morressy; Hyman lives in Lyme, NH; cover illustrates her 1st children's book in 1961 in Sweden; art director of Cricket Mag. 1971-9; won 4 Caldecott Awards; see
1993 MAY  Jarmilowicz, Louise  illus. "Die, Lorelei" by Michael Coney; Jarmilowicz' only cover for F&SF
1974 MAY  Jones, Eddie  (1935- ) illus. "The Dawn Rider" by Lester del Rey; Jones' only cover for F&SF; working name for Edward Jones, prolific British artist; N-1970-1971 HUG, Best Pro Artist; see biography in SFM v.1 #6 1974, & interview in Vortex 1977 MAY, & Weinberg's book
1984 JAN  Kidd, Thomas  (1955- ) illus. "Friend" by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel; Kidd did 2 covers for F&SF; born in Tampa, FL; lives in NY; 1st sf cover for Berkley Books, tho he primarily works for TOR; N-1985, 1987-88, 1990 HUG, for Best Professional Artist
1984 SEP     cover illustrates "The Blister" by Frederik Pohl; Kidd prefers realism in his paintings; he works in oils; W-2000 CHS, Artistic Achievement; see entries in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of S. F. and Fantasy Artists(1988), & pictorial article in SFAge 1995 NOV
1954 JAN  Kirberger, Fred  illus. "One in a Thousand" by J.T. McIntosh; Kirberger did 4 F&SF covers, & did interior illustrations for F&SF in 1954; a wildlife artist, see an example of his work at
1954 MAR     cover illustrates "5,271,009" by Alfred Bester
1954 JUN     cover illustrates "Star Lummox" by Robert A. Heinlein
1954 JUL     cover illustrates "Star Lummox" by Robert A. Heinlein
1983 SEP  Krupowicz, R.J.  illus. "Solitario's Eyes" by Lucius Shepard; Krupowicz did 5 covers for F&SF; she was N-1983 WFA, for Best Artist
1984 JUN     cover illustrates "The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet" by Stephen King; Krupowicz was a cover artist for publisher Donald M. Grant circa 1982-1985, painting the covers for Clark Ashton Smith: As It Is Written(1982), David Stuart Schiff(ed): Whispers V(1985)
1985 FEB     cover illustrates "White Socks" by Ian Watson; Krupowicz also painted the covers for Charles L. Grant: The Soft Whisper of the Dead(Grant, 1982), & The Dark Cry of the Moon(1985)
1985 AUG     cover illustrates "Pira" by Brad Strickland; Krupowicz was one of many artists to illustrate the book by Stephen King & Peter Straub: The Talisman(1984)
1986 JAN     cover illustrates "Newton Sleep" by Gregory Benford
1987 OCT  Kunz, Anita  (1956- ) illus. "The Maid on the Shore" by Delia Sherman; Kunz did 2 covers for F&SF; born in Toronto, she lives there & in NYC; has illus. worldwide & for Time, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, The New York Times, GQ, Sony Music & Random House
1990 DEC     depicts Stephen King for this the Stephen King Special Issue; Kunz grad. 1978 from The Ontario College of Arts; has illus. over 50 books; gives workshops & lectures at univ. & the Smithsonian; permanent coll. at Library of Congress; see
1985 SEP  Lee, Pamela  illus. "The Great Wall" by Wayne Wightman; her only cover for F&SF; born in Tucson, AZ; married to space scientist/author William K. Hartmann; has illus. several space science books; member of NASA fine arts program; see
1989 MAY  Leister, Bryan  illus. "Hermes and the Magic Helmet" by Ronald Anthony Cross; Leister did 3 covers for F&SF; has 1985 BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University; lives in Alexandria, VA; has illus. for Atlantic Monthly, New Republic, Harvard Mag., Wall Street Journal
1989 DEC     cover illustrates "The Old School" by Ramsey Campbell; Leister has cover illustrates children's book by Nancy Willard: Gutenberg's Gift: A Book Lover's Pop-Up Book(1995), & books Jane Yolen: Hobby: The Young Merlin Trilogy(1996), Henrietta Branford: Fire, Bed & Bone(1998)
1991 DEC     cover illustrates "The Man Who Loved Kites" by Dean Whitlock; artist's name incorrectly given in TOC as Brian Leister; in 1999 with Randy Lyhus, developed website to help other artists to build websites & to sell their works
1986 FEB  Lendino, G.P.  illus. "Maureen Birnbaum at the Earth's Core" by George Alec Effinger; Lendino's only cover for F&SF
1993 JUN  Lippincott, Gary  illus. "Rising Star" by Michaelene Pendleton; Gary A. Lippincott, did 5 covers for F&SF; lives in Spencer, MA, where he & his wife own & operate a 128 acre horse farm called Seven Springs Farm; has a BFA from the Maryland Institute
1995 JAN     N-1996 HUG, for Best Original Art Work; cover illustrates "Tea and Hamsters" by Michael Coney; a freelance illustrator, his artwork has appeared in other sf/f mags, children's books, book jackets, textbooks, & jigsaw puzzles
1996 JAN     cover illustrates "Bulldog Drummond and the Grim Reaper" by Michael Coney; has exhibited his artwork at Arts Worcester, Univ. of Massachusetts Medical, Bush Galleries, Cambridge Gallery, Northampton Center for the Arts, etc.
1999 JAN     cover illustrates "How to Make Unicorn Pie" by Esther M. Friesner
1997 MAY  Lippincott, Gary A.  illus. "The Last Beast Out of the Box" by Ian Watson; also listed as Gary Lippincott
1982 APR  Lundgren, Carl  (1947- ) illus. "Swarm" by Bruce Sterling; Lundgren's only F&SF cover; born in Detroit, MI; worked on underground films, founded Tales from the Ozone comics; 1st sf cover To Die in Italbar(1974) for DAW; see entries in Weinberg(1988), & in Di Fate(1998)
1983 JAN  Maitz, Don  (1953- ) see p.65, painting titled "The Wizard"; Donald Maitz, his only cover for F&SF; see interview in The Leading Edge #7 1984, pictorial articles in RoF 1995 APR, & in SFAge 1998 MAR, & entry in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary ...(1988)
1980 JUL  Mattingly, David  (1956- ) illus. "Call for the Dead" by Glen Cook; Mattingly's only cover for F&SF; born in Fort Collins, CO; lives in NYC; worked as matte artist for Disney films; 1st pub. art album cover "The Commodores Greatest Hits"; see article in SFAge 1995 JUL
1974 NOV  Mazey & Schell  illus. "Mushroom World" by Stephen Tall; Mazey & Schell did 6 covers for F&SF; they sell patterned cotton throws & blankets online at
1975 JAN     cover illustrates "Sanity Clause" by Edward Wellen
1975 JUL     cover illustrates "Deadpan" by Edward Wellen
1975 SEP     cover illustrates "The Final Fighting of Fion Mac Cumhaill" by Randall Garrett
1975 OCT     graphic design for 26th Anniversary Issue

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