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Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1975 DEC  Mazey & Schell  illus. "Born of the Winds" by Brian Lumley
1955 MAY  Meltzoff, Stanley  (1917- ) depicts flight from the prison planet; his only cover for F&SF; born in NYC; grad. City College of N.Y.; served in WWII working for Stars and Stripes; see entries in Weinberg(1988) & Di Fate(1998); his article in Illustration Mag. #4 2002 AUG
1988 JUL  Meyer, Ilene  illus. "Eidolons" by Harlan Ellison; Meyer did 3 covers for F&SF; a surrealist artist, one of her work was sold for $87,000; see some of her work at; illus. story "Thursday Child" by Nina Guccione in Omni 1988 AUG
1990 MAY     cover illustrates "The Spiral Dance" by R. Garcia y Robertson; Meyer has cover illustrates book covers for Jack Williamson: The Legion of Time(1985), James Morrow: The Continent of Lies(1985), Jack Vance: Chateau D'If & Other Stories(1990)
1994 JAN     cover illustrates "Planet of the Dolphins" by Robert A. Metzger; Meyer has cover illustrates book covers for The Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick(1991-1997), & anth. Marion Zimmer Bradley: Sword and Sorceress II(1985), Dennis Etchison: The Complete Masters of Darkness(1990)
1973 OCT  Morgan, Jacqui  illus. "Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and All" by R. Bretnor; Morgan's only cover for F&SF; has BFA from Pratt Institute of Art, where she teaches watercolor; nf book, Watercolor for Illustration(1986), & Wet-in Wet Watercolor Workshop Video Series
1965 NOV  Morrow, Gray  (1934-2001) illus. "... And Call Me Conrad" by Roger Zelazny; Morrow did 8 covers for F&SF; wn. for Dwight Graydon Morrow; born in Fort Wayne, IN; attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts; influenced by Joseph Coll, Finlay, Mitchell Hooks, Austin Briggs
1966 MAR     cover illustrates "Angels Unawares" by Zenna Henderson; Morrow was a popular cover artist in the 1960s, who did over 100 covers for Ace's Perry Rhodan series; 1st cover for an sf mag. was for WOT 1964 JUN; was N-1966-1968 HUG, for Best Professional Artist
1966 AUG     cover illustrates "The Productions of Time" by John Brunner; Morrow has also done artwork for comic books, the comic strip Big Ben Bolt, the mags. National Lampoon, & Heavy Metal, among others, & on posters, filmstrips, children's books, TV animation, etc.
1967 JAN     cover illustrates "The Little People" by John Christopher; Morrow has cover illustrates the Childhood of Famous Americans Series, which incl. Carl Ben Eielson: Young Alaskan Pilot(1960), John Burroughs: Boy of Field and Stream(1964), Crispus Attucks: Boy of Valor(1965)
1967 APR     cover illustrates "Dawn" by Roger Zelazny; Morrow has book with Zelazny, The Authorized Illustrated Book of Roger Zelazny(1978); with James Lawrence, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century(1981); see his website at, & obit in LOC 2001 DEC
1967 NOV     cover illustrates "The Sword Swallower" by Ron Goulart; Morrow has ya novel with Julianne Klemm, X-Men: To Stop a Juggernaut(1993), based on TV series; see his entry in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
1968 NOV     cover illustrates "Once There Was a Giant" by Keith Laumer; Morrow has the adult comic with George Caragonne, Doc Dare Vol.1: The Spear of Destiny, in which scientist Joanna Dare in 1939 develops a serum that gives her superpowers whenever she has sex
1969 JUN     cover illustrates "Operation Changeling" by Poul Anderson; Morrow has his 1st art coll., Visionary(2001), which incl. his paintings for Perry Rhodan, Tarzan, Creepy, Eerie, sf books, pulps & digests, & from Rip Kirby, Big Ben Bolt, Flash Gordon, & Buck Rogers
1963 MAY  Mugnaini, Joe  (1912-1992) Joseph Mugnaini; Special Ray Bradbury Issue, depicts Ray Bradbury & characters & scenes from some of his famous stories; his only cover for F&SF; has done many book covers for Bradbury; born in Viareggio, Italy; see his obit LOC 1992 APR
1957 APR  Nuetzell, Albert A.  (1901-1969) depicts rocket on an alien planet; Nuetzell's only cover for F&SF; born in New Albany, IN, moved to CA & went to night art school; worked for movie studios, creating oil paintings for theatre lobbies; 1st sf cover for Science Stories 1954 FEB
1977 APR  Palladini, David  (1946- ) illus. "The Hundredth Dove" by Jane Yolen; Palladini did 2 F&SF covers; he has painted tarot card decks, 1st in 1970 The Aquarian Tarot, & book F.D. Graves: The Windows of Tarot(1973); illus. Yolen: The Hundredth Dove and Other Tales(1976)
1978 NOV     cover illustrates "Brother Hart" by Jane Yolen; Palladini cover illustrates the books by Stephen King: The Eyes of the Dragon(1987), & Drs. Julia Heiman & Joseph Lopicculo: Becoming Orgasmic(1992); has book, A Year (More or Less) in Jamaica(1992)
1957 JUN  Pederson, John  depicts rockets over Deimos with Mars in background; also did covers for F&SF as John Pederson Jr; Pederson did 3 F&SF covers; did many covers for GAL & IFS, usually astronomical scenes, between 1957-1969
1958 NOV     cover illustrates "Wildcat" by Poul Anderson; Pederson also did several covers for AMZ & FAN from 1970-1973
1963 FEB  Pederson, John Jr  see p.4, depicts "unmanned exploratory rocket on a hypothetical planet"
1973 SEP  Pohl, Carol  (1952-1982) Special Frederik Pohl Issue, cover depicts Frederik Pohl sitting cross-legged on a hillside overlooking the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico; Carol Pohl's only cover for F&SF, she is Frederik Pohl's wife; together have several anth.
1983 JUL  Probert, Andrew  illus. "A Day in the Life of Justin Argento Morrel" by Greg Frost; Probert's only cover for F&SF; attended Chouinard Art Institute(L.A.) in 1968, Art Center College of Design(Pasadena) in 1979; best known for Star Trek work, he is now a conceptual artist
1966 DEC  Purcell, Howard  (1919?-1981) illus. "Bumberboom" by Avram Davidson; note on p.95, says cover painting was flipped in printing, so left arm is uplifted; Purcell's only cover for F&SF; Purcell was a well-known artist for DC Comics
1991 JUL  Rapnicka, Malgorzata  illus. "Autumn Mist" by Nancy Springer; Rapnicka's only cover for F&SF; info on artist on p.69; born in Poland, graduated from the School of Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; paints landscapes, still lifes & portraits, she lives in Paris
1959 MAY  Ross  illus. "The Man Who Could Not Stop" by A. Bertram Chandler; no other information, other than this last name (supplied by Edward L. Ferman), available on the cover artist, his only cover for F&SF
1964 AUG  Roth, James  illus. "When the Change-Winds Blow" by Fritz Leiber; Roth did 2 covers for F&SF
1965 JUN     cover illustrates "Admiralty" by Poul Anderson
1950 WIN/SPR  Salter, George  (1897-1967) art director for Mercury Publications since 1938, & for F&SF in particular until 1958, & for VSF's 1st run 1957 JAN-1958 JUL
1950 SUM     Salter was born in Bremen, W. Germany, & went to art school, worked in stage and costume design, & in commercial art; he did his 1st book jacket in Berlin in 1927; he moved to the U.S. in 1934
1950 FLL     Salter's work for Mercury Publications incl. designing the covers, lettering, logos & typography for all the magazines they published, which incl. F&SF; Salter was a highly regarded book designer
1951 FEB     Salter was known primarily in the art field as a great calligrapher; he taught classes in calligraphy, book design & illustration at Cooper Union in N.Y. from 1937 through 1967
1951 APR     see biography of Salter in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988), from which much info in the comments section of this table is taken from
1951 JUN     see information on Salter at
1951 OCT    
1952 APR    
1955 JUN    
1966 FEB     cover illustrates "The Gadge System" by R. Bretnor
1949 FLL  Salter, George & Bill Stone  illus. "A Bride for the Devil" by Stuart Palmer; photograph & artwork combination, 1 of only 2 for F&SF; see Ferman's intro to his anth. The Magazine of F&SF: A 30 Year Retrospective, for cover info; Salter did 12 F&SF covers; Stone's only cover for F&SF
1951 DEC  Salter, George & Dirone Photography  2nd of 2 covers for F&SF that are a combination of photography & artwork
1953 JAN  Schomburg, Alex  (1905-1998) depicts Earth's artificial satellite (space station); Schomburg did 7 F&SF covers; born in Puerto Rico into a European merchant family; opened an art agency with his brothers in NYC in 1923
1977 MAR     cover illustrates "Twilight Reign" by Gerald Pearce; after a chance meeting with Hugo Gernsback in 1925, he did covers for Gernsback's earliest mags., Science & Invention, Electrical Experimenter, & Radio Craft!; Schomburg N-1962 HUG, for Best Professional Artist
1978 AUG     cover illustrates "Smasher" by Fred Saberhagen; after closing his art atudio in 1930, Schomburg worked for a NY film company, doing mag. art on the side, & covers for Timely Comics(later Marvel), for superheroes incl. Captain America, the Human Torch, etc.
1979 JUN     cover illustrates "The Battle of the Abaco Reefs" by Hilbert Schenck; 1950s were Schomburg's most prolific period in sf art, doing many mag. & book covers; retired from sf art in mid-1960s when the field narrowed, returning in the 1970s
1980 APR     cover illustrates "Dangerous Games" by Marta Randall; Schomburg was production designer for movie 2001: A Space Odyssey; see biographies of Schomburg in ANA 1978 JAN(biolog), ASI 1979 AUG(by Shawna McCarthy), & F&SF 1989 DEC(book review by Algis Budrys)
1981 JAN     cover illustrates "Santa Claws" by Maureen Exter; Schomburg N-1962 HUG, Best SF Artist; W-1989 HUG, Lifetime Achievement Award; see his entries in Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988), & Di Fate: Infinite Worlds(1998)
1990 OCT     illus. the spaceship 'SS Orion' approaching a planet; Schomburg W-1986 CHS, for Artistic Achievement; has book Chroma: The Art of Alex Schomburg(1986); see obits & appreciations in LOC 1998 MAY(#448), & SFC 1998 JUN(#197)
1989 SEP  Scott, Greg  illus. "Steel Dogs" by Ray Aldridge; Scott's only cover for F&SF; born in 1951; graduated from University of Nebraska; worked for such firms as Rolling Stone, The New York Times; did illustrations for 4 Blue Oyster Cult releases
1988 OCT  Shannon, David  illus. "The Country Store" by Ronald Anthony Cross; his only F&SF cover; grad. Art Center College of Design; lives in L.A.; has children's book, No, David!(1998; W-Caldecott Honor), sequel David Goes to School(1999); see homepage at
1979 MAR  Shaw, Barclay  (1949- ) illus. "Broken Stairways, Walls of Time" by Lee Killough; his 1st cover art; Shaw did 22 covers for F&SF; born in Bronxville, NY; attended Trinity College in Hartford, CT; earned a BA in philosophy of religion from Univ. of Connecticut in 1972

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