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Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1979 JUL  Shaw, Barclay  illus. "Jumping the Line" by Grania Davis; Shaw worked for short periods of time with New York sculptor Joseph MacDonnell, & as a woodworker in Boston for the Charles Webb Furniture Company(Weinberg)
1980 JAN     cover illustrates "Lord Valentine's Castle" by Robert Silverberg; Shaw returned to school in 1977 at the New England School of Art and Design, & began doing sf illustrations for an ad agency, & doing freelance photoretouching (Weinberg)
1980 MAR     cover illustrates "Steele Wyoming" by Ron Goulart; one of Shaw's earliest sf assignments was for a number of illustrations for Future Life magazine; in 1980 he moved to New York where he first met sf author Harlan Ellison (Weinberg)
1980 SEP     cover illustrates "Among the Cliff-Dwellers of the San Andreas Canyon" by Felix C. Gotschalk; Shaw was Harlan Ellison's choice for a major series of his reprints by Ace Publishers, which helped establish Shaw as one of the best new sf artists(Weinberg)
1980 OCT     cover illustrates "The World SF Convention of 2080" by Ian Watson; Shaw was N-1983-1987 HUG, for Best Professional Artist; see his entry in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
1981 JUN     cover illustrates "The Desert of Stolen Dreams" by Robert Silverberg; Shaw's studio in Connecticut is equipped with the traditional artist's tools, & a complete computer graphics setup & digital recording & synthesizer systems(Di Fate)
1981 AUG     cover illustrates "Polyphemus" by Michael Shea; Shaw has art set, Barclay Shaw Metallic Storm Card Set(1995), that reproduces his art from five sf novels & anthologies, incl. The Edge of the Atom(van Vogt, 1976), World at the End of Time(Pohl, 1990)
1982 SEP     cover illustrates "The Land Where Songtrees Grow" by Scott Sanders; Shaw has book, Electric Dreams: The Art of Barclay Shaw(1995), the text written by Shaw, & with an introduction by Harlan Ellison; see pictorial article on Shaw in SFAge 1997 JAN
1983 OCT     cover illustrates "To Slay the Dragon" by P.E. Cunningham; see Shaw's entry in Vincent Di Fate: Infinite Worlds: The Fantastic Visions of Science Fiction Art(1998)
1984 APR     cover illustrates "Rosinante" by Chet Williamson; see many examples of Shaw's work at, & at his homepage at
1985 MAR     cover illustrates "Vestibular Man" by Felix C. Gotschalk; Shaw was N-1983-1987 HUG, & N-1981, 1983-1988, 1991-1996 LOC, for Best Professional Artist
1985 NOV     cover illustrates "The Green Tent" by Ellen Gilchrist
1986 OCT     cover illustrates "The Boy Who Plaited Manes" by Nancy Springer
1987 NOV     cover illustrates "Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight" by Ursula K. Le Guin
1989 JUL     cover illustrates "Purpose" by P.E. Cunningham
1994 MAY     cover illustrates "The Remoras" by Robert Reed
1995 JUL     N-1996 HUG, for Best Original Art Work; cover illustrates "Gone to Glory" by R. Garcia y Robertson; see p.134 - using a computer, Shaw was able to create a 3-D image for the cover
1996 MAR     cover illustrates "Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral" by Harlan Ellison
1997 APR     N-1997 CHS, for Best Magazine Cover; Shaw's cover art inspired three stories in this issue, "The Gelfite Fish Girl" by Mike Resnick(fantasy), "King of the Cyber Trifles" by Esther M. Friesner(sf), & "Manna" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman(horror)
1998 FEB     cover illustrates "Home Time" by Ian R. MacLeod
1999 MAR     cover illustrates "Back Door Man" by Paul J. McAuley
1956 JUN  Shelton, Dick  illus. "The Asa Rule" by Jay Williams; Shelton did 2 F&SF covers; he aslo did the cover for VSF 1957 MAR issue
1956 AUG     cover illustrates "Fear Is a Business" by Theodore Sturgeon
1989 AUG  Smith, Terry  (1960- ) illus. "Lost in Cleveland" by Vance Aandahl; Smith did 9 covers for F&SF; born in Long Beach, CA; attended Stanford Univ. on a basketball scholarship; back injury dashed dreams of playing in the NBA; graduated 1982, BA in Economics
1990 SEP     cover illustrates "All the Way to Teelee Town" by Ronald Anthony Cross; Smith's artistic talent natural & self-taught; does not use a computer for his artwork; uses a variety of techniques, from acrylics, oil paints, watercolors, airbrush to colored pencils
1991 MAY     cover illustrates "Guide Dog" by Mike Conner; in his freshman year at Stanford Univ., Smith founded a graphics design company, JRS Enterprises(named after his father); after graduating in 1982, changed its name to Terry Smith Creations, based in Mountain View, CA
1992 AUG     cover illustrates "The Vulture Maiden" by Marc Laidlaw; Terry Smith Creations produces high-profile products, such as logos for college, high school, & pro sports teams, as well as sports uniforms, sports cards, posters, portraits; primary focus is sports imagery
1994 JUL     cover illustrates "Jesus at the Bat" by Esther M. Friesner; Terry Smith Creations has created logos for NHL San Jose Sharks(& uniforms), Arena Football League's San Jose SaberCats, ABL Long Beach Stingrays, Chicago Condors, San Jose Lasers, WUSA CyberRays, etc.
1995 FEB     cover illustrates "Tirkiluk" by Ian R. MacLeod; Terry Smith has painted portraits(some for T-shirts) of many sports stars, such as Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O'Neal, etal; he has often painted these stars as super-heroes, or in fantasy backgrounds
1995 SEP     cover illustrates "The Tournament" by Robert Reed; Terry Smith Creations also includes designing greeting cards, creating video game characters & action figures; they have worked on projects for Apple Computers, Adidas, Atari, Hewlett Packard, Mattel, etc.
1996 APR     cover illustrates "The Refuge" by Alan Brennert; Smith's "first love is the animation, the cartoons"; published a 48-page comic book around 1991, Terry Smith Creations Special; had 2 year contract with Universal Studios to develop characters for animated features
1999 MAY     cover illustrates "Game of the Century" by Robert Reed; Smith 1st approached by Ed Ferman to do covers for sports stories; he says, "I've produced the covers on the side to try to help support up & coming writers ... I know how hard it is to break into the business"
1954 SEP  Solovioff, Nick  illus. "One Too Many" by J.T.McIntosh; Solovioff did 6 F&SF covers, and did interior illustrations for F&SF in 1954
1955 JAN     cover illustrates "The Tournament" by William Sansom
1955 MAR     depicts a hostile planet
1955 JUL     cover illustrates "Father" by Philip Jose Farmer
1956 JAN    
1956 MAR     cover illustrates "Superstition" by Poul Anderson
1974 FEB  Sternbach, Richard  (1951- ) illus. "A Star Is Born" by Joseph Green; Richard Michael Sternbach did 8 covers for F&SF, includes one with Bonnie Dalzell; born in Bridgeport, CT; attended Univ. of Connecticut; also did F&SF covers as Rick Sternbach
1976 JUL  Sternbach, Rick  illus. "The Anvil of Jove" by Gregory Benford & Gordon Eklund; Sternbach's 1st pub. art was in ANA 1973 OCT; he W-1977-1978 HUG, & N-1975-1976, for Best Professional Artist; also did F&SF covers as Richard Sternbach
1977 FEB     cover illustrates "In the Hall of the Martian Kings" by John Varley; Sternbach worked for Disney before going to Hollywood to work on a Star Trek film, & on Carl Sagan's Cosmos series; he was a founder in 1976 of the Assoc. of Science Fiction/Fantasy Artists(ASFA)
1977 JUN     cover illustrates "The Star Eel" by Robert F. Young; Sternbach works mainly with the air brush, but also uses ordinary brushes; see his entry in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988)
1977 AUG     cover illustrates "A Snark in the Night" by Gregory Benford; Sternbach won an Emmy in 1980 for his work on Carl Sagan's documentary science series, Cosmos(Di Fate); has book with Michael Okuda, Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual(1991)
1978 MAY     cover illustrates "King Frog" by Richard Olin; Sternbach has book, Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Blueprints(1996); he W-1976-77, & N-1975, 1979-83 LOC, for Best Professional Artist; W-1986 CHS, for Artistic Achievement
1978 SEP     cover illustrates "In Alien Flesh" by Gregory Benford; Sternbach has book, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual(1998); he is a 1983 founding member of the IAAA, the International Association of Astronomical Artists
1993 SEP  Sweat, Lynn  illus. "East of the Moon" by Mike Conner; Sweat's only cover for F&SF; has illus. Peggy Parish's Amelia Bedelia series of books; has children's books Cluck the Captain's Chicken(1966), Vacation and Holiday Fun(1987), Smallest Stegosaurus(1993)
1965 APR  Tanner, Bert  illus. "Arsenal Port" by Poul Anderson; Tanner did 11 covers for F&SF; Tanner also did 6 covers for VSF; he was the Art Director for VSF for its 2nd run, 1969 MAY-1970 AUG
1965 AUG     depicts a spaceship in flight over a planet; Tanner has illus., with Fred L. Wolff, the book by Martin Caidin: War for the Moon: The Inside Story of the U.S. and Soviet Lunar Probes and Man's Coming Flights to the Moon(1959)
1965 SEP     cover illustrates "The Saliva Tree" by Brian W. Aldiss; Tanner was N-1973 LOC, for Best Magazine Artist
1965 DEC     cover illustrates "The Overworld" by Jack Vance

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