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Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1966 NOV  Tanner, Bert  illus. "The Manor of Roses" by Thomas Burnett Swann
1967 JUN     cover illustrates "Death and the Executioner" by Roger Zelazny; Walotsky has book, Inner Visions: The Art of Ron Walotsky(2000)
1968 APR     cover illustrates "Flight of Fancy" by Daniel F. Galouye
1969 APR     cover illustrates "Deeper Than the Darkness" by Greg Benford
1970 AUG     cover illustrates "The Goat Without Horns" by Thomas Burnett Swann
1972 FEB     cover illustrates "Painwise" by James Tiptree Jr
1973 FEB     cover illustrates "The Problem of Pain" by Poul Anderson
1989 OCT  Teensma, Hans  cover design for the 40th Anniversary Issue; Teensma's only cover for F&SF; Teensma redesigned F&SF inside & out for the 1987 OCT issue; has book with Dan Klein: Where's Elvis?: Documented Sightings Prove That He Lives(1997)
1996 AUG  Thole, Cathleen  illus. "White Guys in Space" by Ray Vukcevich; Thole's only cover for F&SF; has illus. cover for Piers Anthony's Companion of Xanth(1993); illus. some trading cards, incl. 1995 Ultra X-Men, 1995 Star Wars Galaxy Three, 1995 Spider-Man Ultra, etc.
1991 FEB  Vance, Steve  (1952- ) illus. "Mairzy Doats" by Paul Di Filippo; Vance's only cover for F&SF; has story "Last Night on Dugan's World" in F&SF 1982 MAY, and sf & horror novels The Hyde Effect(1986), The Abyss(1989), The Asgard Run(1990), Spook(1990), Shapes(1991)
1957 AUG  Waldman, Barry  depicts a rocket spotter, 1992; Waldman did 2 F&SF covers; has BFA from Pratt Institute; taught there & Fairfield Univ. in 1980s, & at Famous Artsits Schools(Westport, CT); influenced by Vermeer, Degas, Magritte, Hopper, & Rockwell
1958 JUL     cover illustrates "The Katy Dialogues" by Ron Goulart; Waldman founded Visual Pad Art Studios, Launching Pad Studios, Life-Like Portrait Studios, Planogram Plus, & Cyber Portraits; lectures world-wide on computer graphics; see his website,
1972 JAN  Walotsky, Ron  illus. "McGillahee's Brat" by Ray Bradbury; also did covers for F&SF as Ronald Walotsky; he was N-1972-1973, 1975, 1980-1982, & 2001 LOC, for Best Professional Artist; W-1987 Frank R. Paul Award; N-1999 CHS, for Artistic Achievement
1972 JUN     cover illustrates "Son of the Morning" by Phyllis Gotlieb; has cover illustrates YA books(text by Richard M. Wainwright, The Crystal Palace of Adamas(1995; W-Ben Franklin Award), Nana, Grandpa & Tecumseh(1997), & Messengers(2000)
1972 JUL     cover illustrates "The Brave Free Men" by Jack Vance; his influences incl. the artists Rembrandt, John Singer Sargent, Franz Hals, & René Magritte; see his obit & appreciations in LOC 2002 SEP(#500), SFC 2002 OCT(#229)
1972 DEC     cover illustrates "Doctor Dominoe's Dancing Doll" by Hal R. Moore
1973 NOV     cover illustrates "Closed Sicilian" by Barry N. Malzberg
1973 DEC     cover illustrates "Not a Red Cent" by Robin Scott Wilson
1974 MAR     cover illustrates "The Star of Stars" by Robert F. Young
1974 JUL     cover illustrates "A Father's Tale" by Sterling E. Lanier
1974 DEC     cover illustrates "Venus on the Half-Shell" by Kilgore Trout
1975 JUN     cover illustrates "The Black Hole Passes" by John Varley
1976 FEB     cover illustrates "The Samurai and the Willows" by Michael Bishop
1976 DEC     cover illustrates "Ghost of a Crown" by Sterling E. Lanier
1977 JAN     cover illustrates "The Pale Brown Thing" by Fritz Leiber
1977 DEC     cover illustrates "Assassins" by Ron Goulart
1978 JUL     cover illustrates "The Syndicated Time" by Sterling E. Lanier
1979 JAN     cover illustrates "Palely Loitering" by Christopher Priest
1979 SEP     cover illustrates "The Extraordinary Voyages of Amelie Bertrand" by Joanna Russ; at his website,, he says he considers this cover to be an homage to one of his favorite artists, Rene Magritte
1979 NOV     cover illustrates "Lord Valentine's Castle" by Robert Silverberg
1980 DEC     cover illustrates "The Autopsy" by Michael Shea
1981 FEB     cover illustrates "Ménage Outré" by Lee Killough
1981 MAY     cover illustrates "The Thermals of August" by Edward Bryant
1981 DEC     cover illustrates "The Tehama" by Bob Leman
1982 JUN     cover illustrates "The Devil of Malkirk" by Charles Sheffield
1983 FEB     cover illustrates "Grunt-12 Test Drive" by Michael Shea
1984 FEB     cover illustrates "With a Little Help From Her Friends" by Michael Bishop
1984 OCT     cover illustrates "Somebody Else's Magic" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
1984 NOV     cover illustrates "The Doors" by Barbara Owens
1985 DEC     cover illustrates "A Spanish Lesson" by Lucius Shepard
1986 APR     cover illustrates "Midnight Snack" by Vance Aandahl
1986 JUL     cover illustrates "The Wisdom of Having Money" by O. Niemand
1987 FEB     cover illustrates "Saving Time" by Russell Griffin
1988 SEP     cover illustrates "The Son of Walks Through Fire" by P.E. Cunningham
1990 FEB     cover illustrates "The Cold Cage" by Ray Aldridge
1990 JUL     cover illustrates "Dr. Pak's Preschool" by David Brin
1991 APR     cover illustrates "Gate of Faces" by Ray Aldridge
1992 MAR     cover illustrates "Tree of Life, Book of Death" by Grania Davis
1992 OCT/NOV     N-1993 HUG, Best Original Artwork; cover illustrates "Bridges" by Charles de Lint
1994 FEB     cover illustrates "Busy Dying" by Brian Stableford

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