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Author  Issue Date  Comments
Ellis, Phoebe W.  1975 APR  protest of Philip K. Dick's story "The Pre-Persons", in 1974 OCT, & his "vitriolic anti-feminism"
Ellison, Harlan  1976 APR  a 3-page reply to Chauvin letter(#74) in 1976 JAN, about why Ellison "(doesn't) care to be called a 'science fiction' writer ... Why don't I have the right to reject a label?"
Emmons, Ms. Paula  1976 APR  inaccuracy of Algis Budrys's br remarks in 1975 NOV on Pamela Sargent's book, Women of Wonder; "science fiction needs to be written from female as well as male points of view"
Ferman, Edward L.  1976 JAN  reply to criticisms of F&SF's book reviewers, asking readers to see Algis Budrys's comments on this issue in 1975 NOV; gives 3 arguments against "book reports"
   1981 JAN  reply to Gibson letter(#150) concerning the distribution policies of the magazine world, in particular that of F&SF
   1981 SEP  most letters "not of enough interest to publish ... the ideal letter is ... either entertaining or stimulating, or it offers some reasoned praise or criticism of a story or article"
Fitzgerald, Edward R.  1990 AUG  New York, NY; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY; thanks the "Good Doctor" for his essay; "maybe for every ten letters you receive, one person will have been started on the road to clear thinking"
Foster, Linda  1977 JUL  praise for the work of John Varley, especially for his stories "In the Hall of the Martian Kings" in 1977 FEB, & "The Funhouse Effect" in 1976 DEC; his stories are "refreshing, exciting, fantastic ..."
Frederick, Don  1964 MAY  New York; Hannes Bok cover art, 1963 NOV, praise
Friedman, Stanton T.  1975 MAY  a nuclear physicist, "since 1970 ... the only space scientist .. devoting full time to Ufology"; complaint about Isaac Asimov's science essay "The Rocketing Dutchman" in 1975 FEB & his views on UFOs
Frishkoff, Bruce  1982 MAY  Ghent, NY; praise for Joanna Russ story "Souls" in 1982 JAN; "an excellent story for our time"
Fuller, Andrea  1963 NOV  San Jose, CA; Heinlein's "Glory Road" in 1963 JUL-SEP, in "bad taste"
Futch, C. Gregory  1981 JAN  Tampa, FL; praise for Thomas M. Disch's "The Brave Little Toaster" in 1980 AUG, & the cover for that issue by Gahan Wilson
Gambino, Amy  1983 FEB  Princeton, NJ; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; "young people are not reading as much as they used to. ... But ... don't blame video games."; blame TV, & "blame the schools themselves"
Gibbons, Peggy  1980 APR  Baltimore, MD; praise for the 1979 DEC issue; "Over the years my sole complaint about F&SF has been a paucity of material relating to women's humanitarian issues"; found Schimmelhorn stories particularly offensive
Gibson, Ursula T.  1981 JAN  Tujunga, CA; praise for Karen G. Jollie's "Bunny-Eyes" in 1980 MAY; asks about publishing & distribution policies in the magazine publishing world(F&SF in particular)
Gilden, Mel  1978 AUG  correction of a line in his story "The Green Dog" in 1978 MAY; on p.99 line "Probably some gay ..." should read "goy"
Glover, Carl  1977 JUL  criticism of John Clute br's, "... I am completely unable to extract a shred of sense or understanding from (his) reviews"
Gottlieb, Sherry M.  1982 SEP  owner of A Change of Hobbit bookstore, Santa Monica, CA; comments on Ferman editorial, 1982 JUL, on the F&SF reader poll; "I regret to inform you that the Youth ... are not reading at all"
Gurley, Jack  1964 NOV  Memphis, TN; "Euthenics is the inspiring word of today & tomorrow"; reply by A.D.
Gygax, E. Gary  1963 AUG  Chicago, IL; disappointed by editor Avram Davidson, will not renew subscription
Hahn, Ken  1977 NOV  praise for the 1977 JUL Special Harlan Ellison Issue
Hamilton, G.S. Jr  1963 AUG  Seaside, CA; tired of stories "heavy with'style' but weakly plotted"
Hamlin, Robert  1977 JUL  praise for Algis Budrys br in 1976 DEC; his br's are better than those in F&SF's competitors
Hampton, Elaine  1981 JAN  Burbank, CA; praise for Zenna Henderson's "Tell Us a Story" & Isaac Asimov's "Death of a Foy" in 1980 OCT
Hanrahan, James P.  1979 JUL  criticism of Joanna Russ's book review in 1979 FEB; "we are dealing not with criticism, but with personal idiosyncrasies"
   1980 APR  Stamford, CT; response to Russ essay "In Defense of Criticism" in her br in 1979 NOV; "Russ has misinterpreted the nature of the complaints voiced against her ... Russ is a bad critic, & her essay has done more harm ... than good"
Hardy, Jason G.  1980 JUL  praise for the 1980 FEB & APR issues; "F&SF continues to publish the highest quality SF & Fantasy stories around"
   1981 MAY  praise for the 1980 NOV issue, especially the stories by Harlan Ellison, "All the Lies That Are My Life," & by Charles Sheffield, "The Marriage of True Minds," & the book review by Malzberg & the film review by Searles
Harrison, Harry  1972 AUG  there were many errors in Alexei & Cory Panshin's book review, in 1972 MAR, of anthologies edited by Harrison(Best SF: 1970, w. Brian W. Aldiss, & SF: Author's Choice 3)
Harwood, James V.  1964 MAY  Patrick AFB, FL; errors in Robert F. Young's "The Eternal Lovers" in 1963 DEC
Hassler, Donald M.  1975 APR  support for a letters column, discussion of Aldiss's book Billion Year Spree, & Alexei & Cory Panshin's book review of it in 1974 MAR, & Aldiss's letter in 1975 JAN
Healy, Raymond J.  1978 OCT  North Sandwich, NH; announces the death of F&SF co-founder & editor J. Francis McComas on April 19, 1978
Hill, A.J.  1963 NOV  Wyomissing, PA; Ray Nelson's "Turn Off the Sky" in 1963 AUG, "atrocious"
Hirsch, Roland  1975 JAN  supports the Panshins' book review comments, in 1974 MAR, "regarding the misnamed John W. Campbell Memorial Award
Hlavaty, Arthur D.  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article in 1976 APR; propose that sf be renamed to something other than speculative fiction, "sounds like something the teacher makes you read"
Holmes, Mycroft  1975 SEP  London; tongue-in-cheek(?) letter from Sherlock's brother on the Wellmans' story "Sherlock Holmes Versus Mars", in 1975 MAY; "at no time ... has Sherlock been in love ..."
Horton, Susan  1981 JAN  Pickering, Ontario, Canada; praise for Marta Randall's "Dangerous Games" in 1980 APR, & Lisa Tuttle's "Bug House" in 1980 JUN; latter "one of the most truly horrifying little tales I've read in years"
Howe, Robert  1978 FEB  praise for Hilbert Schenck's story "Three Days at the End of the World", in 1977 SEP
Hruschak, Ted Michael  1978 AUG  "cry for justice against Baird Searles' tunnel-visioned opinions on SF in the visual media"; specifically his reviews of Space: 1999, & Logan's Run(1978 FEB)
Husock, Howard  1963 NOV  South Euclid, OH; bring back your editorials
Indick, Ben  1980 JUL  praise for Stephen King's Gunslinger series in F&SF(1978 OCT & 1980 APR, so far)
Ingerman, Peter  1981 JAN  Willingboro, NJ; praise for Isaac Asimov's "Death of a Foy" in 1980 OCT
Inksetter, Bruce G.  1975 JAN  criticizes Alexei & Cory Panshin's book review, in 1974 MAR
Jaschek, Walt S.  1979 MAR  praise for the Algis Budrys book reviews
Jeter, Fritz  1963 AUG  Norwalk, CA; praise
Johnston, Melanie B.  1976 APR  disappointment with Brian Lumley's story "Born of the Winds" in 1975 DEC; complaints on its plot, its narrator, etc; "... this is not the Master!(Lovecraft)"
Jones, David L.  1983 FEB  Kaneohe, HA; response to Tucker letter in 1982 SEP, concerning the proper use of the archaic English words "thee" & "thou" in George C.Chesbro story "Poems to Play on the Piccolo" in 1982 MAY
Jones, Paul  1978 AUG  1978 JAN cover art by David Hardy inaccurate - Uranus has a ring; brief reply by Edward L. Ferman; cover was redone by Hardy for the 1979 APR issue, depicting Uranus with rings & no Bhen
Karr, Phyllis  1978 AUG  praise for John Varley's "The Persistence of Vision" & Randall Garrett's "The Horror Out of Time", in 1977 MAR

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