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Author  Issue Date  Comments
Kline, Henry II  1983 JUN  Hollywood, CA; pleased with his lifetime subscription to F&SF
Knight, Damon  1977 JAN  criticism of Alexei & Cory Panshin br in 1976 JUL, concerning their review of his anthology Science Fiction of the Thirties
Kottmeyer, Martin S.  1978 OCT  comments on Baird Searles review of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in 1978 MAY; "CE3K avoided the dreary plotboiling ... by not taking the subject overseriously"; brief reply from Searles
Kujawa, Betty  1964 MAY  South Bend, IN; praise for fringe books in book reviews
Laidlaw, Marc  1977 JAN  translation of a personal ad in the 1976 SEP Marketplace section of F&SF
Lauderdale, Bob  1980 APR  Kansas City, MO; criticism of Lisa Tuttle's story in 1979 DEC; "... dismay at uncovering the odious piece of tripe titled 'Wives' ... (which) combines vicious excesses of the worst of the feminist writers ..."
Lench, Elinor J.  1980 APR  Sepulveda, CA; response to Russ essay "In Defense of Criticism" in her br in 1979 NOV; "Unlike Russ, who disdains the work of backing her critical assertions with any nasty old hard fact, I'll support mine, with two instances: ..."
Leonard, Thomas P.  1964 FEB  Kinross, MI.; 1963 SEP issue, errors & praise
Ley, Willy  1964 FEB  correction to note on p.23 of 1963 OCT issue, about his books Watchers of the Skies, & Beyond the Solar System
Linaweaver, Brad  1977 NOV  praise for Robert Silverberg bio "Harlan" in 1977 JUL; "the high point of one of your finest issues"
Lorenz, Mrs. John  1963 NOV  Manchester, MA; letters column should more of a forum, rather than comment on the stories
Lorenz, Mrs. John L.  1963 AUG  Manchester, MA; praise
Luoma, Michael  1983 FEB  Hudson, MA; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; a 16-year old who reads sf, says don't blame video games; "Perhaps the effects of TV are just now being felt indirectly in the second generation"
Mallow, Jeffry V.  1983 DEC  cancels subscription because Searles reviews in 1983 JUL & AUG "contain a racial sterotype so offensive ... (his) description of a character as 'a Jewish-American princess'"
Malzberg, Barry N.  1971 AUG  letter in response to Joanna Russ book review in 1971 APR, says she has gone beyond criticism to "mischief-making"
   1975 APR  criticizes book review critics Alexei & Cory Panshin, in 1974 MAR, & Joanna Russ, in 1975 JAN; see Joanna Russ reply to Malzberg's statements in her book review in this issue, 1975 APR
   1977 JUL  criticism of John Clute br in 1977 FEB, concerning his reviews of Alfred Bester's "They Don't Make Life Like They Used To", & Gordon R. Dickson & Harry Harrison's Lifeboat
   1978 OCT  Teaneck, NJ; retracts his negative comments, in his book review column of 1976 SEP, of Samuel R. Delany's books Triton, & Dhalgren; "I would like to apologize for those remarks and withdraw them"
   1981 MAY  praise for Eric Norden's "The Curse of the Mhondoro Nkabele" in 1980 SEP; says he is enclosing a new novelette, "The Slaves of Saturn," asks Ed Ferman if he is feeling nauseous, getting headaches?
Mason, Chandler L. ("Doc Channem")  1964 NOV  South River, NJ; Wizard mentioned in R.T. Gould: A Book of Marvels(1937), & 2 earlier books, Oddities, & Enigmas(in regards to Avram Davidson's editorial in 1964 JUN); a note from A.D.
Massey, Marshall  1980 JUL  comments on Budrys br in 1980 MAR; "in defense of the firm of Alfred A. Knopf ... it is only fair to begin by acquainting one's self with their full scope ..."
McClintick, M.K.  1983 FEB  Indianapolis, IN; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; "I don't read fiction very often these days. Why? Because it's boring. ... there isn't very much being written that's entertaining & well written"
McGarry, Lee  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article in 1976 APR; what do Ellison & Malzberg want?
McMullen, Sean  1981 MAY  Melbourne, Australia; praise for Eric Norden's "The Curse of the Mhondoro Nkabele" in 1980 SEP
Mead, James  1978 FEB  on 1977 SEP issue, & praise for Hilbert Schenck's story, "Three Days at the End of the World"
Merritt, Jim  1983 FEB  Morro Bay, CA; response to Tucker letter in 1982 SEP, concerning the proper use of the archaic English words "thee" & "thou" in George C. Chesbro story "Poems to Play on the Piccolo" in 1982 MAY
Mickens, Muffy  1982 MAY  Hollywood, CA; slight nitpicking of George Alec Effinger's "Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson" in 1982 JAN, a correction on preppie language usage
Miyeh, Michael L.  1980 JUL  praise for Robert Silverberg's "Lord Valentine's Castle" in 1979-80 NOV-FEB; "it was masterfully written, exhilarating, and a joy to read"
Mosher, Chip  1977 NOV  praise for the 1977 JUL Special Harlan Ellison Issue
Moskowitz, Sam  1980 MAR  praise for the 30th Anniversary Issue; reminiscences of F&SF's 1st issue & of founding editors Boucher & McComas; background to his article "How Science Fiction Got Its Name" in F&SF 1957 FEB
Mumner, Mark  1976 APR  praise for book reviewer Algis Budrys, in 1975 NOV, who "puts more care & effort into his (reviews/criticisms) than most readers are willing to deal with"
Nance, Ron  1977 JAN  criticism of Barry Malzberg br in 1976 SEP, concerning his statement that Samuel R. Delany's works are glamorized at his(Malzbergs) expense, complaints of the "sf ghetto," etc.
Nicholas, Joseph  1982 JAN  London, U.K.; response to letters by Paulette Dickersom, Mark Zimmerman, & Ben Smith in 1981 SEP issue concerning the novels The Snow Queen by Joan Vinge, & City of Baraboo by Barry Longyear
Ogden, M.  1979 MAR  praise for the Algis Budrys book review in 1978 SEP; "It is a pleasure to see a reviewer of Budrys's quality & experience give Fritz Leiber that attention & credit he so richly deserves"
Olsen, Robert  1964 MAY  Orange, CA; "PLEASE! NO MORE PEOPLE STORIES!"
Paladini, Bill  1978 FEB  remarks on Baird Searles review, in 1977 NOV, of Star Wars; has encountered phenomena since the movie has been out: SF "Revival", Nitpicking, Cultism, & Appeal
Palter, David  1980 APR  Hollywood, CA; response to Russ essay "In Defense of Criticism" in her br in 1979 NOV; because of her opinion of fantasy, "perhaps she could be prevailed upon to review only SF (a genre which she does not seem to reject ...)"
Panshin, Alexei  1972 AUG  in response to Harry Harrison's criticism of his 1972 MAR book review(with his wife Cory Panshin)
Parkinson, Terry  1963 NOV  Columbus, OH; more comments on stories
Paskow, David Charles  1964 FEB  Philadelphia, PA; despise the cut versions of serials in F&SF, espec. Heinlein's "Glory Road" in 1963 JUL-SEP; long reply by Davidson about the need for cut versions to fit in magazines
Petras, David M.  1976 JAN  letter from a priest to Isaac Asimov about his sceience essay "The Judo Argument" in 1974 APR; Asimov's essay "avoids the real question of (God's) existence
Platt, Charles  1982 JAN  New York, NY; criticism of Barry N. Malzberg br in 1981 SEP, on his book Dream Makers, & Malzberg's comments that Platt "... doesn't care much for the writing of females"
Post, J.B.  1977 JUL  librarian at The Free Library of Philadelphia, a mock protest of Fritz Leiber's novel The Pale Brown Thing in 1977 JAN-FEB, in which a character steals a library book
Poynter, W.F.  1964 NOV  San Francisco, CA; doesn't like "trend toward sadism & the preoccupation with horror ... wish (Davidson) would restudy the works published during the tenure of Anthony Boucher."
Prange, Shari  1981 JAN  Boulder Creek, CA; praise for Eric Norden's "The Curse of the Mhondoro Nkabele" in 1980 SEP; "I was hooked on 'The Curse' from the first lines for several reasons ... the SF name-dropping & in-jokes ..."
Pundurs, Mark  1979 JUL  criticism of Joanna Russ's book review in 1979 FEB, using Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings as an example
Quittner, Joseph E.  1982 JAN  Cleveland Heights, OH; criticism of Searles mr/tvr of "Excalibur" in 1981 SEP; I think it's criticism - I don't read Gaelic
Raimondo, Dennis  1968 MAY  Yorktown, NY; comments on "Teeny-Bopper Science Fiction" in Judith Merril's book review in 1968 FEB
Richards, John Thomas  1990 AUG  Rolla, MO; response to Isaac Asimov's science essay, "Just Say 'No'?," in 1990 MAY; agrees to a degree with Asimov, but he would not like to live in NYC even if he could afford to, despite Asimov's "defense of life in New York"
Richardson, Debbie  1990 AUG  Montague, CA; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY; says if our tax money wasn't going to the "lazy, able-bodied" on welfare rolls, we could achieve more; we should be able to indulge in vices as long as we don't endanger others

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