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Author  Issue Date  Comments
Richardson, Dorcas  1983 FEB  Aberdeen, WA; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; get youth hooked onto books & reading by giving books as gifts
Roach, David L.  1979 MAR  as a member of the Coast Guard Nantucket Shoals Lightship Station, he says Hilbert Schenck's novelette "The Morphology of the Kirkham Wreck" was "amazingly accurate"
Robertson, Donald F.  1983 JUN  Sacramento, CA; response to the letters in 1983 FEB that were written in response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP about the decline of "Homo reader"; the 'Secret' in their family was to limit TV viewing to one hour per day
Robillard, Douglas  1979 JUL  criticism of John Clute's book review in 1979 JAN, of Samuel R. Delany's The Jewel-Hinged Jaw, which "does an important book quite an injustice"; Robillard in the English Dept. of the Univ. of New Haven
Robles, Mrs. Thomas G.  1964 MAY  Chimbote, Peru; displeasure at "non-books, non-paintings, non-stories", will no longer subscribe
Roller, Jennie A.  1982 JAN  Paris, IL; criticism of Searles mr/tvr of "Excalibur" in 1981 SEP; "I didn't like (his) review of 'Excalibur'"
Romer, Kathy  1983 FEB  Winchester, MA; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP about whether young people have stopped reading sf; Romer agrees that they have, & that "children are losing the ability to listen"
Royce, James P.  1982 SEP  Piedmont, CA; response to Skier letter in 1982 MAY concerning her criticism of the cover art for the 1981 NOV issue; "What is the peculiar neurosis that possesses certain women when they (this kind of art)?"
Runyon, Charles W.  1975 SEP  his views on Joanna Russ's book review, in 1975 APR, concerning Cliffs Notes
Russ, Joanna  1979 JUL  will reply to reader's criticisms in an essay, "In Defense of Criticism," which will be pub. in her book review column in the 1979 NOV issue
Russell, M.  1981 JAN  Los Angeles, CA; praise for Bob Leman's "Feesters in the Lake" in 1980 OCT
Sandberg, Robert W.  1990 AUG  Appleton, WI; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY; "disturbed" after reading the essay, Asimov "seems to be advocating a Communistic society"; believes the final straw that will collapse our society is overpopulation
Savatiel, Angela  1983 FEB  Louisville, KY; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; a 14-year old who reads sf; "I have tried to like the literature written for teenagers & have found it sadly lacking ... once you've read Herbert's Dune series, Judy Blume just can't cut it!"
Schenck, Roy J.  1975 SEP  finds Joanna Russ's book review, in 1975 MAR, of Ursula K. Le Guin's novel The Dispossessed, to be "extremely obnoxious"
Schulenburg, Joy A.  1980 MAR  praise for the 30th Anniversary Issue; nitpicks on the story intro to Shirley Jackson's piece, calling her "an amateur witch"; she says, "Ain't no such animal, Mr. Ferman"
Schwarzenbach, Eric  1981 SEP  Haskell, NJ; errors by cover artists Ron Walotsky for the 1981 MAY issue, the 1980 JUN issue(David Hardy), 1980 JUL issue(David Mattingly); "To err is human but editors are not supposed to be human"
Schweitzer, Darrell  1977 NOV  criticism of Harlan Ellison article "You Don't Know Me, I Don't Know You" in 1977 JUL; "anybody who's going to be an elitist must accept both the rewards & the tribulations of being one"
   1978 FEB  remarks on Baird Searles review, in 1977 NOV, of the movie Star Wars; "I have to regard the film as an overwhelmingly good treatment of a very weak script"
Scott, David  1963 NOV  Chicago, IL; Ray Nelson's "Turn Off the Sky" in 1963 AUG, praise
Searles, Baird  1978 FEB  reply to Darrell Schweitzer letter(#105) on Star Wars
   1978 AUG  reply to Hruschak letter(#116) about his reviews of Space:1999, & Logan's Run
   1983 DEC  replies to Mallow letter(#205), as to "the origins of the concept of the Jewish-American Princess, which was defined by the talented New York Jewish group of writers in the 1950s"
Sheehan, Robert D.  1963 NOV  Brooklyn, NY; on Davidson's intro to Paul Jay Robbins' "Sweets to the Sweet" in 1963 AUG, praise
Sieg, Ms. Barbara L.  1978 AUG  anger at F&SF; "I am heartily sick of reading story after story in F&SF where not only is there no female protagonist but no seriously treated female character at all"
Simonds, Alan  1963 AUG  Alexandria, VA; editorial subjects, sf & f not politics
Simpson, Angie  1983 FEB  College Station, TX; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; an 18-year old sf reader says lack of reading all too common; "sf is probably the driving force behind the small percentage of youth who do read regularly"
Skier, Cynthia  1982 MAY  Cambridge, MA; annoyance, criticism of the cover art for the 1981 NOV issue, "another semi-clad female" who didn't bear "any resemblance to the heroine in 'Talisman'"
Slusser, George  1983 JUN  UC Riverside; response to Budrys review of his book Bridges to Fantasy in 1983 JAN; "The book is an excuse for a general attack on academics who teach & write about sf and fantasy"
Smith, Ben  1981 SEP  Kevil, KY; praise for F&SF, "you have the competition beat by a country mile"; not fond of Stephen King's Gunslinger series; Christopher Priest "somewhat envious" br of Barry Longyear's City of Baraboo, in 1981 MAY
Sneary, Rick  1963 AUG  South Gate, CA; Zangwill's "Satan Mekatrig" in 1963 FEB, mixed feelings
Somers, Jonathan Swift III  1975 SEP  concerning his story "A Scarletin Study" in 1975 MAR, F&SF's "printer seems to be out of umlauts"; Somers is a ps. for Philip José Farmer; editor replies briefly
Squires, Conrad  1964 MAY  Brooklyn, NY; what Zenna Henderson's The People feel
Sterling, Bruce  1990 AUG  Austin, TX; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY, "Just Say 'No'?"; "I'm in rough agreement with the line of his argument"; "if there's any blame ... for the patent decline of our nation, it clearly belongs to the rich & powerful"
Sussman, H.G.  1976 JAN  criticism of the book reviewers, in particular of John Clute in 1975 OCT; critiques "should be from the point of view of a reader, not an academic grading a student's submittal"
Swanson, Veronica  1983 FEB  Royal Center, IN; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; "S.F. & fantasy books are alive and well in the little town of Royal Center, IN. I hope I speak for a lot of other little towns across this nation, too"
Taviss, Michael  1983 FEB  Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; blames the lack of reading on "the outrageous prices now decorating the paperback shelves of stores ..."
Taylor, John W.  1983 DEC  from a linguist & professor of English, praise for the 1983 MAR issue, especially the Reaves story "The Tearing of Greymare House" & the Robinson story "Black Air"
Taylor, M.M.  1964 NOV  Toronto, Ontario, Canada; a set of papers about the Wizard was pub. in The Nautical Magazine, in 1934(in regards to Avram Davidson's editorial in 1964 JUN)
Taylor, Richard  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article in 1976 APR; "Malzberg desires to be a member of the literary elite ... being a member ... will not cause (his) work to improve"
Thomas, Pascal  1982 MAY  Paris, France; criticism of Baird Searles mr/tvr of "Heavy Metal" in 1982 JAN; says Searles "knows very little" of French SF; "what little (has) been translated is certainly not the best ... of the field"
Thurmond, John T.  1979 MAR  "a scum of nitpicking" on the Cretaceous Period flora & fauna in Sterling Lanier's cover story "The Syndicated Time" & Ron Walotsky's cover art in the 1978 JUL issue
Tidmarsh, A.  1981 SEP  Peterborough, U.K.; concerning Thomas M. Disch remarks about a 'Labor Day Group' of sf writers in his br in 1981 FEB; Ferman replies that a response to Disch's br is coming up by George R.R. Martin(in F&SF 1981 DEC)
Toll, Gertrude  1978 FEB  praise for 1977 SEP issue; believes she may be, at age 82, F&SF's older reader
Trout, Kilgore  1975 APR  tongue-in-cheek reply to Vonnegut letter on his story "Venus on the Half-Shell" in 1974-75 DEC-JAN; Trout is a ps. for Philip José Farmer
Tucker, David  1982 SEP  Alexandria, VA; criticism of George C. Chesbro story "Poems to Play in the Piccolo" in 1982 MAY; the word "thee" is used incorrectly in the story
Tucker, James  1980 MAR  praise for the 30th Anniversary Issue(1979 OCT); asks "What authors have most often pub. fiction in F&SF?"; A: Avram Davidson, 45; Poul Anderson, 44; Ron Goulart, 43; Robert F. Young, 38; Miriam Allen deFord, 31
Uhlenbrock, Bryan  1977 NOV  affronted by Harlan Ellison article "You Don't Know Me, I Don't Know You" in 1977 JUL; "when Harlan began his scathing attacks on the turkeys of fandom, he lost my sympathy"
Van den Broek, Willem  1968 MAY  Ann Arbor, MI; comments on Judith Merril's book review in 1967 SEP; reviews Damon Knight's book In Search of Wonder, & Kenneth Kenniston's book The Uncommitted
Vennema, Peter H.  1990 AUG  Lafayette Hill, PA; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY; "Phooie!"; "the failure of Liberals ... Liberal law has helped make our cities dangerous & unlivable ... Liberal welfare has created a permanent underclass ..."
von Toal, Prof. Paul  1964 MAY  Thiel College, Greenville, PA; praise for Zenna Henderson in 1963 OCT, Philip Winsor, Roger Zelazny in 1963 NOV, & Damon Knight in 1963 DEC-JAN

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