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Author  Issue Date  Comments
Vonnegut, Kurt Jr  1975 APR  tongue-in-cheek criticism of "Venus on the Half-Shell" by Kilgore Trout, in 1974-75 DEC-JAN
Wade, James  1964 FEB  Seoul, Korea; more reprints of traditional fantasy
Walrafen, Verne R.  1981 SEP  Ozawkie, KS; praise for Neal Barrett Jr's "A Day at the Fair" in 1981 MAR; Ferman replies that Barrett is working on a sequel to this story
Warren, George  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article; praise for Budrys review in 1976 MAY, perhaps Ellison & Malzberg(from 1976 APR), "might read Budrys's piece & think on it a bit"
Weeks, M.  1980 JUL  criticism of Hilbert Schenck's "Buoyant Ascent" in 1980 MAR; "Mr. Schenck is so well informed, so verbally provocative, so able to deal with suspense & pathos, so why the hell does he have to screw it up with shithouse lingo?"
Wegst, Walter F. PhD  1983 DEC  Director, Research & Occupational Safety, UCLA; criticism for the Richard Mueller story "Cenotaph" in 1983 JUN; "I am surprised & disappointed that a reputable sf publication would publish such trash"
Wehrle, John  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article in 1976 APR; "F&SF is the only viable medium left for creative short fiction ... you are in the mainstream"
Weimer, C. Brian  1982 JAN  Bouckville, NY; criticism of Baird Searles mr/tvr of movie "Excalibur" in 1981 SEP; complaint that Searles "... ignored many of the fine things ... in order to capitalize on its far fewer weak points ..."
Wellman, Manly W.  1976 JAN  reply by Manly & his son/collaborator Wade to letters in 1975 SEP which challenged the argument that Sherlock Holmes and his landlady Martha Hudson were lovers
Whiteside, John M.  1983 DEC  strong criticism of FitzGerald story "The Vengeance of Nora O'Donnell" in 1983 APR; "In reading the story, one might be led to believe that the Irish people support the IRA ... (they) are not the saviors of Ireland, they are butchers"
Whitlock, Dan  1981 MAY  Modesto, CA; legal mistake in Harlan Ellison's "All the Lies That Are My Life" in 1980 NOV
Wolf, Eric C.  1977 JAN  complaints on female lead characterizations in stories, "A Stillness at Sordera" by Thayer Waldo in 1976 MAR, & "He" by Alan Dean Foster in 1976 JUN
Wright, Ross  1963 AUG  Berkeley, CA; love
Yermakov, Nicholas  1982 MAY  Merrick, NY; criticism of John Clute br in 1982 FEB of his novel Journey from Flesh; "Clute claims to see cynical commercial ambition lurking between the lines of my novel ..."
Zebrowski, George  1977 JUL  criticism of Algis Budrys br in 1977 MAR, concerning his review of John W. Campbell Jr's book The Space Beyond, & the afterword in the book by Zebrowski
Zelaya, Al  1990 AUG  Morristown, NJ; response to Asimov,s science essay in 1990 MAY; "if certain candidates had some of the fire, commitment & calm reasoned smarts that you show in that essay, the Democratic party would not be in the trouble it's in"
Zicree, Marc Scott  1981 SEP  Los Angeles, CA; the Special Marc Scott Zicree Issue of 1983 AUG
Zipperer, John  1983 FEB  Manitowoc, WI; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; a 14-year old who loves to read, instead of playing Pac Man; "I would give anything to have a bookstore such as A Change of Hobbitt in my city"

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