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No.  Issue Date  Person  Story Title  Award Type  Comments
51  1972 AUG  Ellison, Harlan  Basilisk  nomination nv 
52  1972 JUL  Pohl, Frederik  Shaffery Among the Immortals  nomination ss 
53  1972 MAR  Tiptree, James Jr  And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side  nomination ss  ps. for Alice Hastings Bradley Sheldon
54  1973 APR  Benford, Gregory  Icarus Descending  nomination no  was part of fixup novel, In the Ocean of Night(1977), which was nominated for a Nebula
55  1973 JUL  Bishop, Michael  White Otters of Childhood, The  nomination na 
56  1973 MAR  Ellison, Harlan  Deathbird, The  nomination nv 
57  1967 APR  Disch, Thomas M.  Problems of Creativeness  nomination no  a novelette in F&SF, story was revised & retitled "The Death of Socrates" for fixup novel 334(1974) , which was N-1974 NEB, best novel
58  1974 APR  Silverberg, Robert  Born with the Dead  award na 
59  1974 SEP  Grant, Charles L.  Rest Is Silence, The  nomination nv 
      Reamy, Tom  Twilla  nomination nv 
61  1975 APR-JUN  Silverberg, Robert  Stochastic Man, The  nomination no 
62  1975 AUG  Reamy, Tom  San Diego Lightfoot Sue  award nv 
63  1975 JUL  Malzberg, Barry N.  Galaxy Called Rome, A  nomination nv  pub. in a somewhat different & expanded version, as a novel, Galaxies(1975)
64  1975 SEP  Garrett, Randall  Final Fighting of Fion Mac Cumhaill, The  nomination nv 
65  1975 OCT  Cowper, Richard  Custodians, The  nomination nv  ps. for John Middleton Murry Jr
66  1975 FEB  Davidson, Avram  Polly Charms, the Sleeping Woman  nomination nv  1st story in series & in F&SF in his Doctor Engelbert Eszterhazy series
      Varley, John  Retrograde Summer  nomination nv 
68  1975 MAR  Leiber, Fritz  Catch That Zeppelin!  award ss  a novelette in F&SF
69  1975 APR  Grant, Charles L.  White Wolf Calling  nomination ss 
70  1976 APR-JUN  Pohl, Frederik  Man Plus  award no 
71  1976 FEB  Bishop, Michael  Samurai and the Willows, The  nomination na 
72  1976 MAR  Cowper, Richard  Piper at the Gates of Dawn  nomination na 
73  1975 DEC  Varley, John  In the Bowl  nomination nv 
74  1976 JUN  Grant, Charles L.  Crowd of Shadows, A  award ss 
75  1977 JUL  Ellison, Harlan  Jeffty Is Five  award ss 
76  1978 MAR  Varley, John  Persistence of Vision, The  award na 
77  1978 FEB  Bryant, Edward  Stone  award ss 
78  1978 OCT  Cherryh, C.J.  Cassandra  nomination ss  working name for Carolyn Janice Cherry
79  1979 FEB-APR  Disch, Thomas M.  On Wings of Song  nomination no 
80  1979 JUN  Schenck, Hilbert  Battle of the Abaco Reefs, The  nomination na 
81  1979 MAY  Dann, Jack  Camps  nomination nv 
82  1979 AUG  Shea, Michael  Angel of Death, The  nomination nv 
83  1979 JUL  Lee, Tanith  Red As Blood  nomination ss 
84  1979 SEP  Russ, Joanna  Extraordinary Voyages of Amelie Bertrand, The  nomination ss 
85  1980 AUG  Disch, Thomas M.  Brave Little Toaster, The  nomination na  1st & only story in F&SF in his Toaster series
86  1980 APR  Randall, Marta  Dangerous Games  nomination na  1st & only story in her Kennerins or Newhome seq., to be part of novel, same name, pub. in 1980
87  1980 DEC  Shea, Michael  Autopsy, The  nomination na 
88  1980 AUG  Bryant, Edward  Strata  nomination nv 
89  1980 APR  King, Stephen  Way Station, The  nomination nv  2nd story in Dark Tower/Roland the Last Gunslinger series
90  1980 MAR  Grant, Charles L.  Secrets of the Heart  nomination ss 
91  1980 MAY  Leman, Bob  Window  nomination ss 
92  1981 OCT  Wolfe, Gene  Tale of the Student and His Son, The  award no  short story in F&SF, becomes part of novel The Claw of the Conciliator(1981), Book 2 of the New Sun tetraology, which won this award
93  1981 MAR  Eisenstein, Phyllis  In the Western Tradition  nomination na 
94  1981 MAY  Bryant, Edward  Thermals of August, The  nomination nv 
      Godwin, Parke  Fire When It Comes, The  nomination nv 
      Tuttle, Lisa  Bone Flute, The  award ss 
97  1981 JUL  Florance-Guthridge, George  Quiet, The  nomination ss  also appears in F&SF as George Guthridge
98  1981 OCT  Varley, John  Pusher, The  nomination ss 
99  1982 SEP  Kessel, John  Another Orphan  award na 
100  1982 JAN  Russ, Joanna  Souls  nomination na 

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