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Person  Story Title  Issue Date  Award Type  Comments
Kessel, John  Buffalo  1991 JAN  nomination ss 
Keyes, Daniel  Flowers for Algernon  1959 APR  award no  1st appeared as a novelette in 1959 in F&SF, was exp. into a novel in 1966, which then won a Nebula
King, Stephen  Way Station, The  1980 APR  nomination nv  2nd story in Dark Tower/Roland the Last Gunslinger series
Kirs, Alex  Better Than Ever  1965 MAR  nomination ss 
Kress, Nancy  Out of All Them Bright Stars  1985 MAR  award ss 
Laumer, Keith  Day Before Forever, The  1967 JUL  nomination na 
   Once There Was a Giant  1968 NOV  nomination nv 
Le Guin, Ursula K.  Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight  1987 NOV  nomination nv 
   Solitude  1994 DEC  award nv 
Lee, Mary Soon  Ebb Tide  1995 MAY  nomination ss 
   Universal Grammar  1997 APR  nomination ss 
Lee, Tanith  Red As Blood  1979 JUL  nomination ss 
Leiber, Fritz  Four Ghosts in Hamlet  1965 JAN  nomination nv 
   Ship of Shadows  1969 JUL  nomination na 
   Ill Met in Lankhmar  1970 APR  award na 
   Catch That Zeppelin!  1975 MAR  award ss  a novelette in F&SF
Leman, Bob  Window  1980 MAY  nomination ss 
Lethem, Jonathan  Hugh Merrow  1993 OCT/NOV  nomination ss 
Lethem, Jonathan & James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel  Ninety Percent of Everything  1999 SEP  nomination na 
Malzberg, Barry N.  Galaxy Called Rome, A  1975 JUL  nomination nv  pub. in a somewhat different & expanded version, as a novel, Galaxies(1975)
Marshall, Ardrey  Brain Bank  1966 JUL  nomination nv 
Martin, George R.R.  Monkey Treatment, The  1983 JUL  nomination nv 
McCombs, Larry & Ted White  Peacock King, The  1965 NOV  nomination ss 
McDevitt, Jack & Stanley Schmidt  Good Intentions  1998 JUN  nomination nv  events portrayed in story resemble their experiences as advisors at a unique program held near Syracuse every summer, The Asimov Seminar
McGarry, Mark J.  Mercy Gate, The  1998 MAR  nomination nv 
McHugh, Maureen F.  Virtual Love  1994 JAN  nomination ss 
   Lincoln Train, The  1995 APR  nomination ss 
McKenna, Bridget  Good Pup, The  1993 MAR  nomination ss 
Moffett, Judith  Surviving  1986 JUN  nomination nv 
Nagata, Linda  Liberator  1993 JUN  nomination nv 
Niven, Larry  Becalmed in Hell  1965 JUL  nomination ss 
   Bordered in Black  1966 APR  nomination ss  Tales of Known Space series
   Not Long Before the End  1969 APR  nomination ss 
O'Donnell, K.M.  Final War  1968 APR  nomination nv  ps. for Barry N. Malzberg
Oltion, Jerry  Abandon in Place  1996 DEC  award na  expanded into a novel in 2000
Patterson, Kent  That Cruel Pauli Exclusion  1997 FEB  nomination ss 
Pohl, Frederik  Shaffery Among the Immortals  1972 JUL  nomination ss 
   Man Plus  1976 APR-JUN  award no 
   Greening of Bed-Stuy  1984 JUL  nomination na 
Randall, Marta  Dangerous Games  1980 APR  nomination na  1st & only story in her Kennerins or Newhome seq., to be part of novel, same name, pub. in 1980
Reamy, Tom  Twilla  1974 SEP  nomination nv 
   San Diego Lightfoot Sue  1975 AUG  award nv 
Resnick, Mike  Kirinyaga  1988 NOV  nomination nv  1st story in Kirinyaga series
   For I Have Touched the Sky  1989 DEC  nomination nv 
   Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge  1994 OCT/NOV  award na 
Richerson, Carrie  Light at the End of the Day, The  1993 OCT/NOV  nomination ss  2nd story in Sheriff Doris Webster & the Returning Dead series
Roberts, Keith  Tiger Sweater, The  1987 OCT  nomination na  2nd & last story in F&SF in his Kaeti Fredericks series
Robinson, Kim Stanley  Black Air  1983 MAR  nomination nv 
Rogers, Bruce Holland  Lifeboat on a Burning Sea  1995 OCT/NOV  award nv 
Rohrer, Robert  Keep Them Happy  1965 APR  nomination ss 

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