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Person  Story Title  Issue Date  Award Type  Comments
Russ, Joanna  Initiation  1970 FEB  nomination no  an excerpt from her upcoming novel, And Chaos Died(1970), which was nominated for a Nebula
   Extraordinary Voyages of Amelie Bertrand, The  1979 SEP  nomination ss 
   Souls  1982 JAN  nomination na 
Sanders, William  Jennifer, Just Before Midnight  1999 AUG  nomination ss 
Schenck, Hilbert  Battle of the Abaco Reefs, The  1979 JUN  nomination na 
Schutz, J.W.  Maiden Voyage  1965 MAR  nomination nv  Joseph Willard Schutz, his 1st pub. story
Shea, Michael  Angel of Death, The  1979 AUG  nomination nv 
   Autopsy, The  1980 DEC  nomination na 
Shepard, Lucius  Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule, The  1984 DEC  nomination nv 
   Salvador  1984 APR  nomination ss 
   Jaguar Hunter, The  1985 MAY  nomination nv 
   Crocodile Rock  1999 OCT/NOV  nomination na 
Silverberg, Robert  Born with the Dead  1974 APR  award na 
   Stochastic Man, The  1975 APR-JUN  nomination no 
Smeds, Dave  Short Timer  1994 DEC  nomination ss 
Smith, Dean Wesley  Jukebox Gifts  1994 JAN  nomination ss  1st & only story in F&SF in Jukebox series
   In the Shade of the Slowboat Man  1996 JAN  nomination ss 
Spinrad, Norman  Age of Invention  1966 JUL  nomination ss 
Springer, Nancy  Boy Who Plaited Manes, The  1986 OCT  nomination ss 
Sterling, Bruce  Swarm  1982 APR  nomination nv 
   Maneki Neko  1998 MAY  nomination ss  1st trans. & pub. in Hayakawa S.F.
Sturgeon, Theodore  Man Who Learned Loving, The  1969 OCT  nomination ss 
Tenn, William  Masculinist Revolt, The  1965 AUG  nomination nv 
Tiptree, James Jr  And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side  1972 MAR  nomination ss  ps. for Alice Hastings Bradley Sheldon
   Only Neat Thing to Do, The  1985 OCT  nomination na 
Tuttle, Lisa  Bone Flute, The  1981 MAY  award ss 
Vance, Jack  Manse of Iucounu, The  1966 JUL  nomination nv 
Varley, John  Retrograde Summer  1975 FEB  nomination nv 
   In the Bowl  1975 DEC  nomination nv 
   Persistence of Vision, The  1978 MAR  award na 
   Pusher, The  1981 OCT  nomination ss 
Vukcevich, Ray  Count on Me  1995 OCT/NOV  nomination ss 
Watson, Ian  Slow Birds  1983 JUN  nomination nv 
Wentworth, K.D.  Tall One  1998 APR  nomination ss 
Wheeler, Deborah  Madrelita  1992 FEB  nomination nv 
   Javier, Dying in the Land of Flowers  1996 JAN  nomination nv  2nd & last story in West City series
Wilber, Rick  Ice Covers the Hole  1992 DEC  nomination nv 
   Where Garagiola Waits  1997 APR  nomination ss 
Wilhelm, Kate  Naming the Flowers  1993 FEB  nomination na  1st pub. by Axolotl Press in 1992
Williams, Walter Jon  Wall, Stone, Craft  1993 OCT/NOV  nomination na  1st pub. by Axolotl Press in 1993
Wilson, Richard  Eight Billion, The  1965 JUL  nomination ss 
Winter, Laurel  Sky Eyes  1999 MAR  nomination nv 
Wolfe, Gene  Tale of the Student and His Son, The  1981 OCT  award no  short story in F&SF, becomes part of novel The Claw of the Conciliator(1981), Book 2 of the New Sun tetraology, which won this award
   Cabin on the Coast, A  1984 FEB  nomination ss 
Wolverton, Dave  After a Lean Winter  1996 MAR  nomination nv  3rd & last story in 1996 MAR issue in War of the World ser.; to be pub. in Kevin J. Anderson(ed): War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches(1996)
Zebrowski, George  Heathen God  1971 JAN  nomination ss 
Zelazny, Roger  Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth, The  1965 MAR  award nv 
   ... And Call Me Conrad  1965 OCT-NOV  nomination no  was expanded slightly in 1966 & titled This Immortal
   This Moment of the Storm  1966 JUN  nomination nv 
   Dawn  1967 APR  nomination no  1st part of his novel Lord of Light(1967), which was nominated for a Nebula Award; a 2nd part, also a novelet, pub. in 1967 JUN(#2488)

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