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Pseudonym/Working Name  Author Name  Comments
Charteris, Leslie  Yin, Leslie Charles Bowyer  (1907-1993) legally changed name to Leslie Charteris in 1928
Chast, R.  Chast, Roz  (1954- ) cartoonist
Cheney  Cheney, Thomas W.  (1954- ) cartoonist
Cherryh, C.J.  Cherry, Carolyn Janice  (1942- )
Chilson, Rob  Chilson, Robert Dean  (1945- )
Christie, Agatha  Mallowan, Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller Christie  (1890-1976)
Christopher, John  Youd, Christopher S.  (1922- )
Claremont, C.S.  Claremont, Christopher Simon  (1950- )
Clark, Curt  Westlake, Donald E.  (1933- )
Clarke, Pauline  Blair, Anne Pauline  (1921- )
Clayton, Jo  Clayton, Patricia Jo  (1939-1998)
Clinton, Ed M.  Clinton, Edwin M. Jr  (1926- )
Cockburn, Claud  Cockburn, Francis Claud  (1904-1981)
Cole, Les  Cole, Lester  (1904-1985)
Conner, Mike  Conner, Michael  (1951- )
Cooke, Catherine  Montrose, Catherine Cooke  (1963- )
Coon, Susan  Plunkett, Susan  (1945- )
Coppel, Alfred  Marini y Coppel, Alfredo José de  (1921- )
Correy, Lee  Stine, George Harry  (1928-1997)
Corwin, Cecil  Kornbluth, Cyril M.  (1923-1958) Cyril M. Kornbluth
Corwin, M.  Cosley, Miss M.C.  of Washington, D.C.
Coupling, J.J.  Pierce, John Robinson  (1910-2002)
Cowper, Richard  Murry, John Middleton Jr  (1926-2002)
Cox, Jean  Cox, Arthur Jean  (1929- ) also in F&SF as Arthur J. Cox & as Arthur Jean Cox
Crow, Levi  Wellman, Manly Wade  (1903-1986)
Cunningham, P.E.  Cunningham, Patricia Elizabeth  (1957?- )
Dalmas, John  Jones, John Robert  (1926- )
Damonti, Henri  ???  ps. for a lawyer who lives in Brussels
Dancey, Max  Grainger, Peter  (1916- )
Dawes  Dawes, Joseph  cartoonist
DeCles, Jon  Studebaker, Donald  (1941- )
Dee, Roger  Aycock, Roger D.  (1914- )
del Rey, Lester  Knapp, Leonard  (1915-1993) his real name was once believed to be Ramon Felipe San Juan Mario Silvio Enrico Smith Heathcourt-Brace Sierra y Alvarez-del Rey y de los Verdes; now many scholars, incl. Frederik Pohl, say it's Leonard Knapp
DeWeese, Gene  DeWeese, Thomas Eugene  (1934- )
DiChario, Nick  DiChario, Nicholas A.  (1960- )
Disch, Tom  Disch, Thomas M.  (1940- ) a working name he uses for his poetry
Dixon, J.P.  Dixon, Jeanne Parker 
Dorman, S.  Dorman, Sonya  (1924- )
Dunsany, Lord  Plunkett, Edward John Moreton Drax  (1878-1957)
Dyer, S.N.  Faber, Sharon N.  has pub. over 40 short stories & one collab. novel, all under various names
E.D.B.  ??? 
Edmondson, G.C.  Edmondson y Cotton, José M.G.O.  (1922- )
Elgin, Suzette Haden  Elgin, Patricia Anne Suzette Wilkins  (1936- ) well-known for her fiction & poetry
Emsh (also as Ed Emsh, & Ed Emshwiller)  Emshwiller, Edmund  (1925-1990) cover artist for F&SF
Engstrom, Elizabeth  Engstrom, Betsy Lynn Gutzmer  (1951- )
Exter, Maureen  Goldman, E(leanor) M(aureen)  (1945?- )
Exter, Maureen Bryan  Goldman, E(leanor) M(aureen)  (1945?- )
Faine, Djinn  Russell, Virginia Faine 
Ferguson, Brad  Ferguson, Bradley Michael  (1953- )

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