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Pseudonym/Working Name  Author Name  Comments
Ferman, Joe  Ferman, Joseph W.  (1906-1974) publisher of F&SF from 1954 AUG - 1970 OCT, and editor of F&SF from 1964 DEC - 1965 DEC
Findlay, D.K.  Findlay, David Findlay  (1901- ?)
Finney, Jack  Finney, Walter B.  (1911-1995)
FitzGerald, Gil  FitzGerald, Gillian 
FitzPatrick, R.C.  FitzPatrick, Richard C. 
Florance-Guthridge, George  Guthridge, George  (1948- ) collab. ps. with his wife; in F&SF under his real name, George Guthridge, as well
Forester, C.S.  Forester, Cecil Scott  (1899-1966)
Frazer, Shamus  Frazer, James Ian Arbuthnot  (1912-1966)
Freas, Kelly  Freas, Frank Kelly  (1922- ) F&SF cover artist; also did interior illustrations in F&SF between 1954-1956
Friborg, Albert Compton  Foote, Irving 'Bud'  (1930- )
Friesner, Esther M.  Friesner-Stutzman, Esther Mona  (1951- )
Frost, Greg  Frost, Gregory Dee  (1951- )
Furnas, J.C.  Furnas, Joseph Chamberlain  (1905-2001)
Fyfe, H.B.  Fyfe, Horace Browne  (1918-1997)
Garcia y Robertson, R.  Garcia y Robertson, Rodrigo  (1949- )
Gaughan, Jack  Gaughan, John Brian Francis  (1930-1985) cover artist for F&SF
Gerrold, David  Friedman, Jerrold David  (1944- )
Gironel, Bertrand  Bretnor, Reginald  (1911-1992) also an anagram of Reginald Bretnor
Glaskin, G.M.  Glaskin, Gerald Marcus  (1923- )
Gold, H.L.  Gold, Horace Leonard  (1914-1996)
Goldman, E.M.  Goldman, Eleanor Maureen  (1945?- )
Gorman, Ed  Gorman, Edward Joseph  (1941- )
Gottesman, S.D.  Kornbluth, C.M.  (1923-1958)
Grant, C.L.  Grant, Charles L.  (1942- )
Grinnell, David  Wollheim, Donald A.  (1914-1990)
Gross, Gordon  Gordon, Eve & Harold Gross  collab. ps. for the husband/wife Eve Gordon & Harold Gross; their 1st fiction sale
Grundy  Grundy, Douglas  (1950- ) cartoonist
Haber, Karen  Silverberg, Karen Lee Haber  (1955- )
Haldeman, Joe  Haldeman, Joseph William  (1943- )
Hamm, Thelma D.  Evans, Thelma D. Hamm 
Harburg, E.Y.  Harburg, Edgar Yipsel  (1898-1981)
Harmon, Jim  Harmon, James Judson  (1933- )
Harris, S.  Harris, Sidney  cartoonist
Harrison, Harry  Harrison, Henry Maxwell  (1925- )
Harrison, Michael  Rohan, Maurice Desmond  (1907-1991)
Hartley, L.P.  Hartley, Leslie Poles  (1895-1972)
Hauser  Hauser, Frank  cartoonist
Haynes, Dorothy K.  Gray, Dorothy Kate  (1918-1987)
Heard, Gerald  Heard, Henry FitzGerald  (1889-1971)
Heard, H.F.  Heard, Henry FitzGerald  (1889-1971)
Heath  Heath, Mark  cartoonist
Henneberg, Charles  Henneberg, Charles & Nathalie  (1899-1959; 1917-1977) collab. ps. for this husband & wife team from France
Hensley, Joe L.  Hensley, Joseph Louis  (11926- )
Hewison, R.J.P.  Hewison, Robert John Hewison  (1909- )
Hickey, H.B.  Livingston, Herb  (1916- )
Hill, Hyacinthe  Anderson, Virginia 
Holmes, H.H.  White, William A.P.  (1911-1968) aka Anthony Boucher; H.H. Holmes, the alias of Herman W. Mudgett, the notorious "Torture Doctor", a 19th Cent. U.S. mass murderer
Hope, Anthony  Hope, Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins 
   Hawkins, Anthony Hope  (1863-1933)
Howard, Hayden  Howard, John Hayden 

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